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you never asked to read my poetry
maybe that was the sign.
i told you i wrote for fun,
you shrugged and moved on.
red flags went up everywhere, but i didn’t bother looking
There are words
Maybe paragraphs
That I wanted to scream
But I kept my mouth shut
And said ok
Because anything more
would mean tears
He says "Can we meet?"
And the drums of doom
the possibility of sweet sin
blur my eyes, make me dream in the daylight
But what about that?
I've been feeling wrong
so he turns up at the gates of my world

A certain drum roll inside of me
A song I know from years ago
I am not supposed to dance to it
I don't even like the beat no more
But God I am stuck
And I fantasize about his lips on mine
now it's drought time
about he would tell me
Dear I always loved you
I cannot keep to myself
all the things you make me feel
both heart and body

It's a male siren's song
It's my personal devil's call
But I light up and I fall
I'd better simply ******* to his thought
But it simply pops and stings with no content
yet he poisons my heart
Yet it is not their fault
I threaten to go dry again
But I will flood the doors open

He stirs the poetry in me
does he distill?
I got rid of him
but he is a cotton cloud, is he the Sun?
I claimed he was one

He was everything
now he is just something
and we are moving
towards something, whatever it is

He says "eat me"
like a cupcake for sweet teeth
I don't really want him
I am stuck
I needed poetry
to realize my luck

You are a fantasy
but you are deadly
You are a reflection of me
but the love and the days we shared,
they were ******* real
It's been awhile
since I've heard from you.
We kept in touch often
as lost souls are driven to do.

Hey, captain, can you hear me
or even someone from your crew?
The silence makes me uneasy
I'm worried about you.

And in the distance, I see a ship
anchored by an island.
Yet our cheerful cries soured in our throats
when we saw it all go up in smoke.

Up in smoke.
Part 2 of this little series
Part 1: "Uneasy Travels"
Part 3:
 Oct 2019 Robert van Lingen
they love words
distorting their meaning
 Sep 2019 Robert van Lingen
Can we be best friends in love dear
Can we grow old together?
I wanna be by your side for the years and years to come
Can we fall like feathers
Falling softly for one another
I wanna be here for you through the good and the bad my love

-Abbey Glover
i miss running around
the park
with the strong winds
blowing through the strands
of my jet black hair,
my smile so bright,
it could make anyone
smile instantly.
i miss dancing
without a care for the world
be it in a mall
or in a busy restaurant.
i miss reading books,
giving all my attention,
to every word,
every page,
until i reached the epilogue.
i miss visiting new places,
my eyes peering
through the window,
breathing in
all the sights & glories
now i think,
i just miss
being happy.

©️ Written by Viona Lauren 2019
Boy, this, really does not make
any sense,
you need to shout,to mark your
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