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My mind is my biggest enemy
Hey,will you come,if I stay,
I do not want u to go away
I, do wanna know, who, am I,
but please do not ask me why
If,now, you wanna go,
So,my dear,let it be so
मेरी मैं में,राज़ भी तू शामिल है,
अब ये ना पूछना क्यूं शामिल है/
I'm not perfect today,
I'm not better now,
I'm not on the criteria yet,
But i am practicing now.

I have not too much to write,
I don't have much knowledge,
But whatever i know,
I am satisfied now,
Because i am just practicing.

I have to know more,
I have to learn from you,
Yeah  i have to gain a lot,
Because i am just practicing.

Like a bird learn to fly,
I also have to learn.
I also have to rise,
Like a shining star in sky.
One day it might come true,
As i am practicing now.
Come,friends have gone,
Please,I am now all alone/
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