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ymmiJ 11h
silly kid dreaming
a beauty like you my queen
watching you sleeping
ymmiJ 17h
light on the edges
highlight mountain tops of gold
morning alpenglow
ymmiJ 1d
serenity comes
passing through your  starry gaze
green eyed serenade
ymmiJ 1d
wrapping serpentine legs
arms clinging, constricting breath
tongues hissing whispers
ymmiJ 1d
time never stopping
only thing that ever will
old body aching
ymmiJ 1d
I really hated loving you
don't miss feeling blue, it's true
was lost on your one way selfless ride
you robbed my heart and left nothing inside
like an evil drug I quietly begged you too
ymmiJ 1d
my Mona Lisa
treasure getting lost in you
such beauty enchants
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