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ymmiJ May 11
may rises
flooding rivers
burst forth
ymmiJ May 8
safe inside
silent liquid world
mothers voice
ymmiJ May 6
silent reflection
rocking upon a moon crescent
sway in pools below
quiet by the slacking tide
right before the rooster crows
ymmiJ May 1
ease winter tensions
soothing spring songs serenade
warbler therapy
ymmiJ Apr 30
floating in my canoe
on this quiet flowing stream
screaming past go jetboats
racing to see the end
my attention goes back
to that odd looking creature
who slapped his flat tail
as if to simply say hello
I continued to watch
a little time longer
as the sun slowly set
off in the distance
a bullfrog asked
how do?
ymmiJ Apr 27
rooster crows
eggs fry sunny up
morning breaks
ymmiJ Apr 23
fear binds
cripples minds
leaves you blind
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