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 Jan 2018 vinny
I taste death
in every food I eat
I see beauty
in every face I meet

It all once lived
before it died
One day maybe
nothing will need to die
for mankind to survive

I see beauty
in the face of every  person I meet

The public world
of shopping malls
Working's pall

Inside while primitive
still reside
Rageful tides
Spiderwebs blowing down hillsides

Carrying  on a private conversation
in a public gathering
"a little privy please"
There are no walls
in the outhouse
The outhouse is lined
with mirrors and windows

The rules are the rules
even for desire
tho sometimes we all do
a mashpit at the opera

Everything has a taste
make a mistake
it's back to the wild
Food for fodder
fodder for thought

Still seeing beauty
in every face I meet
Tasting death
in every food I eat

Makes water in
the desert
so so sweet.
the weight of seven
hummingbirds -- 21 grams --
is what leaves the body
after death

on that hummingbird breath
the soul leaves
a wispering whisper
of seven tiny, winged cavatinas

being sung back
and singing themselves
into the chorus

to enter again
a melody -- in
the Eye Of God

wings beating
the rhythm of Love

c. 2018 Roberta Compton Rainwater
 Jan 2018 vinny
Jonathan Benham
I patiently catastrophize
the boisterous morning that will follow.
A day, like today, mourning, in a tentative morning.
I knew they were there, but,
how much can they deny me sensation before they
clamor and destroy what is left inside?
An ego idealized by the being of passion.
Driven, to a harrowing morning.
Polish the idea that this is safe,
that this is meant to be.
Crumble into insanity at night.
Mourn the morning afterwards.
This is existence?
A mind incapable of compartmentalization.
 Jan 2018 vinny
Jonathan Benham
The unequivocal master,
who is not a captor,
wishes to those
acts of eternal blows.
Racing through their own
desperate thoughts,
written down on stone.
The master loses virtue as they
stifle the black and white into grey.
Forever alone!
God is nothing but stone!
Altruism fades as reality
becomes fantasy that
enters endless facades
of harrowing applause.
Weakness strives for repression,
but manages to remain obsession.
All is lost in eternity of recluse,
tantamount to abuse of self.
The master has ended their reign.
The fires of passion blend in with rain.
Control comes as a reckless attempt
of a serendipitous increment.
You thought you were powerful!
What are you but seeking the joy
in thinking you are masterful?
Audacity blends in with omnipotence
that is mauled with its essence.
A fake.
The setting sun bores no more surprise than its sudden demise.
 Dec 2017 vinny
Dimitris Sarris
It feels good to give, to help, to encourage
selflessly, to see the smile on their face
knowing that what you did for them was
truly meant. But...
But sometimes a simple thank you would
be nice...
 Dec 2017 vinny
You know those talented Poets,
the ones that perform vanishing acts
Just like a ghost

Wonder why those poets
up and left HP?
Did they find a place better?
Did they find a place more

Perhaps they lost their muse,
their pen, their flow
Or perhaps they await for spring
when beautiful things begin
to grow

Well anyway, I just wish to say
I miss those talented poets
Whose every word turns into
glittering gold
Some very talented poets are missing
 Dec 2017 vinny
Come Hither
 Dec 2017 vinny
Oh, Winter...
She says, “Come hither...”

She is an alluring *****
with her pure and virginal whites,
chaste as an egg.  Mm hmm.

Her flash frosts,
her intricate, fleeting diamonds,
her dew when she warms
drips and drops into ******* spears...
She pulls you in.

She pulls on you,
draws you,
milks you to the core.

She whispers “Come hither...”
in her squalls,
but she leaves only shells.
Such small feathered things,
stiffened and dead,
touched by Winter’s hand.

But she is beautiful,
and you...
You can not help yourself.
 Dec 2017 vinny
Surbhi Dadhich
Diamonds pierced by sunbeams
From the jewels of love
Fusion of states filled with dreams
From the cups of thoughts
Donation of the sweetest smiles
From the hearts of gold
Reckoning of decentness
From the fields of mistakes
Codes never deciphered
Secrets never told
Diamonds pierced by sunbeams
From an unknown crown..
 Dec 2017 vinny
Under Water
 Dec 2017 vinny
Living underwater
with no sign of light
it is way better
There is no such
to not be in dark's touch,
no changing situation.
Surviving to survive
no pretense
live or die  
because nobody can fly.
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