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truth begets Truth
trust begets Trust
Life begets seed
seed begets life
Life begets Life
life begets life

like attracts like

there is no versus
no againsts
what is created here
is matched
whether perceived right or wrong

Like attracts Like

as a child grows
and develops
so its soul allows
when guidance is missing
or when it isn’t

like attracts like

give your heart to God
follow His Heartsong
then all the titfers
become only Tats

c. 2024 Roberta Compton Rainwater
the answer to your unasked question
is always and ever
can’t quit you
you are planted in my heart
growing in the soil of Love given me
by our God Father
won’t quit you baby
ever and always

you ask your unasked question
in many ways
phrasing it differently each time
you un-ask it
my answer is as unchanging as God
because it comes from Him
can’t quit you
won’t quit you
ever and always

the richness of my Love’s Soil
spreads into my answer
drowning the doubt in your unasked question
lifting our hearts both
don’t wanna quit you
can’t quit you
ever and always
whispered on the Breath of Love
by the Breath of Love
to you
ever and always
in the Breath of Love

ever and always
always and ever

c. 2024 Roberta Compton Rainwater
a habit comes to its end
when mirrored - if you let it
if the distress of keeping it
nurturing it
doesn’t **** you first
the brain doesn’t let go easily
produces obstacles
forcing a reckoning
a picking apart
a loss of what was

when the releasing ends
justice floods in
pushes the habit off its mooring
crashes it into the prison walls
breaking it apart to make
a puzzle of it and
sorting begins:
does any of it fit anymore?

justice completes the reckoning
sorts the habit’s habits
into piles
and crushes them to dust
dust to dust to nonexistent
who is this being now?
no one
as a child is potential
while the glory of the habit
of the Ichabod
becomes anonymous
and the Heart takes over

c. 2024 Roberta Compton Rainwater
Ichabod: Biblical Hebrew word meaning ‘no glory’.
sitting in a space surrounded
by rain, I become rainish
I puddle up with distopia
gather rainish-soaked bitter memories
into my heart as though they’re precious
and necessary
my brain acting as rainish gauge
tracking un-data for the un-stats
for making claims like presidential

the heart knows Truth, knows Love
and never falters nor complains
the heart rests in comfort
like a baby rests in cradling arms
ignores rainish thoughts
and bittered memories
surrounds me with treasured ones
gently leading me back to center

hearting me back to God

c. 2024 Roberta Compton Rainwater
ride the pain to
the center of your heart
where Wisdom lives
where Loves our Savior
ride the pain
into your soul’s core
where Wisdom grows
and sings the hymn
of your life eternal
ride the pain
to your hymn of Life
and let your heart and soul
float in God’s precious blood
so freely given
Ask and you shall be given
Seek and you shall be found
ride the pain
as Sacrifice for errors
carried by your heart
in humble surrender

c. 2024 Roberta Compton Rainwater
stripping the large leaves from the stalks
starts the process
sorting and carrying green tobacco leaves
to the barn
where bundles are created and tied
then mounted on the hanging sticks
readies them for the cooking fire
farm hands balance on narrow boards
twenty feet up from the floor where
fifty feet up, rafters wait
for the bundles to be hung, carefully placed
to allow warmed air to circulate among them
fires are carefully started at floor level
and cooking begins
for days, the bunched leaves are dried
while a farmhand checks them daily
braving one hundred eighty degree heat
high in the rafters
making sure air flow remains steady over all
and tobacco is cooked

preparing and cooking tobacco
seems much like human courting ritual
creating a curing space
feeling heated
allowing feelings to move as they must
over, under, around, and through
until the relationship has cooked

c. 2024 Roberta Compton Rainwater
cloud sandbars resting above scudding
cloud-puffs racing northward
anchor the skypath as
guideposts to their next assignment

layered winds move cloudish air
from there to there
as crows caw and dogs bark
while dry leaf-fall skitters on concrete
to seed the moving air with praise song

the clouds steady march along the skypath
as though intent with purpose
listening to the songwinds
taking no credit themselves
giving it all to God

c. 2024 Roberta Compton Rainwater
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