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vinny Jul 2016
i love hearing your lies
for their lack of ambiguity
i lap them up greedily
like ice cold water
from a mountain spring

i love hearing your lies
while i despise them utterly
inhaling them deeply
holding them in my lungs
until i choke

i love hearing your lies
for they are truth to me
i keep them in a locked cell
in the dark corner of my mind
23 hours a day

i love hearing your lies
for which i pay dearly
maybe if you keep saying them
they'll become reality
vinny Feb 2016
can't believe it held together
for awhile it was touch and go
pure perfect illusion of
complete control

no safe haven
and faith lacking
failure analysis revealed
severe stress cracking

on the other side now
somehow still whole
good ol' duct tape
*saved my soul
the harder you resist the more powerful it becomes
when the walls close in on you
throw down your sword

ya right
vinny Mar 2016
A Good Woman
Has many lessons
to teach a man:
(For a man
who wants to learn)
(For a man
that needs to learn)
A Good Woman
Can take me to school
*All day long
behind every man is a patient woman.  Thank you.
vinny Jan 2016
you’ll be here tuesday
a stop on your tour
already calling your stragglers
to line up at your door

the obscene and depraved
they're coming out in droves
to bow at your feet
and **** on your toes

your new photos look expensive
it must have taken all the money you saved in those jars
they really did a great job
airbrushing out the scars

i hope you’ll have some time for me
don’t need much
lunch and some laughs like the old days
before you lost touch

we can go back to that Cuban place
where the waitress was so rude
it ****** you off when she inquired
why you are always with a different dude?

the look you gave her was precious
definitely instilled fear
also cost effective-
she didn’t charge us for the beers
vinny Feb 2016
straight to the edge surpass light speed
full reverse thrusters
tractor beam

money exchanged
souls bought and sold
twist the tourniquet bleeding uncontrolled

satisfy thirst
bringin' the onslaught

don't know better
what they were taught

it's over now the good guys won
final scene moppin' up blood

surrender in droves
white flags wavin'

hands in the air
*these souls need savin'
surrender submit it's all *******
vinny Aug 2016
found a wildflower
all alone
on a plain barren and
drawn by it's brilliance
bent to caress it

reeled back in pain
as spikes pierced my skin
fingertips bleeding
warmth from within

beauty with fangs
designed for protection
perfectly adapted
natural selection

licking my wounds
pondering my next move
an antidote to her poison
must become immune
vinny Feb 2016
i made a salad for you
it had everything you love
all in one
even the simple dressing

but you never came over
so i ate it myself
and i have to say
*we love a lot of the same things
i made chicken parm too ur fave!
vinny Mar 2016
My armor was scarred:
impermeable burden.
It was fabricated by
generations of
Hard-core Sicilians.
Provided by birthright
to defend against
our own weakness.
The day came for me
to lay down my armor-
I obeyed my master-
still a warrior but
so much faster-

for now
I yield
*sword and shield
and the battle rages on!!
vinny Aug 2016
let you slip away
freedom now for my mind
you said selfish
i think kind

allowed to run a course
take a shape of it's own
then reality crept in
and our cover was blown

i still have your gifts to me
they are perfect illusion
sweet memories
of pure delusion
vinny Jun 2016
i have a backup plan my secret game:
a tinder nest
to nurture the flame

i have a backup plan to stop the bleeding:
protect the wound
and treat for shock
like captain kirk
and mr. spock

i have a backup plan for all i do:
even a backup to you
she's all i need maybe more
the tight red uniform looks killer on
lieutenant uhura

i have a backup plan if my truck doesn't start:
a mountain bike to ride to work
like mr. spock and
captain kirk

i have a backup plan for all i do:
beam me up scotty
i'm done with you
beam me up scotty was actually never stated in any episode of star trek
vinny Jan 2016
I was so happy for you
When you finally walked out the door
It was clear to me I was dragging you down
Now look at you soar

As you float in the stratosphere
And look down upon the collective
Please consider the start of your journey
A reference for perspective
vinny May 2016
I loved our time
before your demise
it was innocent and pure
more than we could endure
you would jump in my arms
wrap your legs around my waist
as I inhaled deeply
khali mist all I taste
I stayed in Seattle for you
left everything I knew
then our contract ended
and you chose not to renew
there was a glorious moment
trapped in your
thorns digging in deep
welcoming it
as I succumbed
peace overcame
I realized
I never
don't sweat it
vinny Nov 2016
where i long to be
a comforting familiarity
once again behind the 8
do the shadows dissipate?
close my eyes blind
fingertips travelling
the contours of your body
despite my tiny mind
beyond tire
until my passport expires
this isn't where i should be
an illusion of clarity
do i smell fear?
get behind the 8
threshold moments
determine fate
an advantageous position
vinny Sep 2016
If you've never burnt the candle
At both ends
You'll never know when to break
Or how far
You can bend
vinny Apr 2016
I want you to think
your in total control
As I witness your
belief in the
You've convinced
You're pulling
the strings
In fact
It's a perfect illusion
I'm bending your will
With my brain
And in your mind
your believing
the same
But ask yourself
if you think
i'm that that weak
and if in me that's
what you saw-
Here's a big fat juicy
clue to the truth:
*That's your fatal flaw
vinny Jan 2016
she's covered her windows
in cellulose sin
defended by amendment
nothing gets in

the layers so thick
nothing can penetrate
want ads cover the kitchen
living room real estate

years of isolation
with no interface
the walls close in
like the cheeks of her face

surrounded by the darkness
of literal insulation
she breathes damp moldy air
of daily circulation

one lung shut down first
followed by kidneys and brain
the heart kept going
fueled by pain

the stench of decay
gave her away
they found her eventually
clutched in her grasp
her own obituary

no details of the past
nor any memory
just 4 words:
*now i am free
vinny Jun 2016
tried to say goodbye
so many times
rehearsing the lines
defensive reflex
it's for the best
time to move on
but the bones in my back
shudder and crack
at the thought of you gone
vinny Dec 2015
I did everything I could
To rid her from my life
I changed my phone number
I moved 1000 miles away
I lied and told her I had done hurtful things to people she loved so she would hate me

Still she found me
Must have been the breadcrumbs
vinny Jun 2016
missing those moments
mourning their loss
when i held my breath
in between chaos

time is standing still
i'm bending it's will
until you command me
to breathe in deeply

it's a lie i suspect
designed to protect
but it's all i have
so i gratefully accept
vinny Jan 2016
The only way to defeat
Is to completely expose

Stripped to the bone
It has nowhere to hide

Exposure brings volatility
sinewy strength and lies

The host must be stronger
or be destroyed
#pain #hope #broken #lost
vinny Feb 2016
you can't take it back
what you gave me
it's mine forever

you don't want it anyway
have no respect for it
just give it away freely

i keep it cherished
warm and safe
even if you don't

i will guard and
defend it's sanctity
with my last breath

even from you
vinny Nov 2016
i have chronic fatigue
seems like forever
i can't waste my energy
on just any endeavor
but when we get to
my extremities begin
a tingling
muscle memory
takes control
forgive the past
and free your soul
so let's get buzzed
help with my dilemma
bring your red suitcase
let's tingle forever
vinny Apr 2016
I saw me
What I used to be
Not currently
Now look at me
I obey speed limits
What have I become?
vinny Jun 2016
there's no documented history
save for my memory
of us ever
being together
trying to erase the tape
delete the database
stab it in the heart
with a stake
watch as it squirms
in pain
but it won't go out this way
it can't be killed via
external devices alone
it has to die on it's own
vinny Mar 2016
woke up in a cold sweat flashback
thought it was real for a second

the time you jumped into bed
from the shower
still wet

held me down
as the world fell away
you took me to that place

and i shivered there alone
in a cold sweat flashback
vinny Jan 2016
i have to cut you off for now
we can't complete our mission
seems I've overindulged in you
and now can't pay tuition

I've been ******* up in school anyway
it may be too late to fix
I failed calc 2 and heat transfer
and avoiding thermodynamics

The trip to Kauai we booked for spring break
it would have been 5 grand
I had to cancel that as well
hope you understand

maybe on the flipside
i'll take you on again
for now i'm laying belly up
allowing my brain to mend
I actually passed calculus 2 with a B
and eventually obtained my degree
vinny Jan 2018
i tried to colonize
your vast expanse
running low on oxygen
still took a chance

too long in deep space
living in zero g's
your bones became brittle
spine lost rigidity

screaming into the vacuum
but never heard your plea
the sad old tales
of self loathing and pity

or maybe you always knew
it would fall on deaf ears
your stronger than you think
but crippled by fear

still trying to colonize
your vast expanse
poised for the moment
given the chance
vinny Jul 2016
air and fuel
spark the flame
burn clean
play the game

i bled for you
you sweat for me
never achieving
peak efficiency

hot exhaust
burning hate
keep it tight
out of the gate

she bled for him
he sweat for her
too much work
for one cylinder
vinny Feb 2016
fell to earth came apart in the stratosphere
been searching for the wreckage many years

don’t resent me i know it seems like forever
sifting through sand a painstaking endeavor

came in so hot i hope there’s something left
If His angel stolen will revenge this theft

smell the burning rubber hole in the ozone
feet first destination unknown
broken a thousand ways
never put back together the same
brutally but lovely
kept at bay
vinny Nov 2016
as of late
i have been maintaining sanity
organizing my addictions
where you seem to fit
perfectly among my other
bad habits

i take you out
when i'm at my weakest
ridden with guilt and entitlement
i must admit
you are by far my worst habit

but to tell you the truth
you're getting a bit long in the tooth
so I'm gonna inhale a large bag
of gluten free quinoa brown rice
multi-grain tortilla chips
mix up a special batch
of sriracha and hummus
spicy avocado dip
temporary replacements never work out long term
vinny Feb 2016
i'll never be who i once was
not sure who i am currently
confused by who i will be
hope to figure it out eventually

but i know who i am with you
you made me your king
as complete as i've ever been
and without you nothing
this may be a pretty good valentine's day i'm hoping
vinny Jun 2016
things haven't been going my way
for awhile now
so i'm letting it roll
see where it goes

not giving up the fight though
learned the hard way
to know when it's time
to give up control
vinny Jan 2016
The night you fell asleep in my arms
by 4 am you were long gone
burning up and shuddering in the night
a violent battle raging on

I held on tight listening to every mumbled curse
projecting images of your past
I need to meet those demons you locked horns with last night
after the wormhole collapsed
vinny Dec 2015
Coughing up her lungs in the shower
Not so delicate
She will rip your face off
If you don't worship her
In accordance with her expectations

Why the torment
If I am nothing to you?

Here's a fresh towel and your robe.
I'll be right back with your slippers.
vinny Jan 2016
she's gonna get them all back
for what they did to her
yes sir

daddy doesn't want to show his face around
momma's spewing her scorn
What did I do to deserve that?
Get Born?

head like a matchstick
itching to hit the pipe
What did I do to deserve that?
Live Life?

Back bent can't get straight
spiraling out of control
What did I do to deserve that?
Grow Old?

Now you want me to assume the burden
of all mankind

Sorry I'm not sure we're aligned

yes sir
she's gonna get them all back
for what they did to her
vinny Jan 2016
I completed your customer feedback survey
circled all the 5's
hoping this will earn brownie points
and move me to the front of the line

I'm not like the other monsters
you are quite safe with me
even though you don't believe it
just give me a chance you'll see

even though i don't bring you cheesecakes
and filet mignons for your freezer
I always bring you my heart
a tiny black spec at the tip of a tweezer

If this is how you were taught to love
could I please meet your mother?
it is so sweet the blade rips sharp and warm
i always need another

and when you're bored and need your fun
you will ask how high to make me jump
be cautious when you reach out next time
you may pull back a stump
vinny Jun 2016
love your sense of humor
when you say you're sorry
for torment
you don't act like you care
but i'm sure that's what you meant
it's more of a haunting
to depict accurately
a ghost hiding in the shadows
a shell of what used to be
your red suitcase is packed
constant state of readiness
waiting for your day
in the sun
it will come
we all have
vinny Jan 2016
No one ever comes down my road
they don't even know it exists
so well camouflaged
not on gps

I know how to blend into my surroundings
developing the skill set
from many years of being beat down
constantly a target

If you squint hard enough you may catch a glimpse
while you look through the trees
I can see you perfectly
but you can't see me
vinny Jul 2016
said goodbye in a dream
so there you can no longer haunt
although we will never be
i have a better idea of what i want

i'll be standing by
but not holding my breath
got a gut feeling
it will come when least expected

learned to watch for traps
the like i've never known
hard lessons gleaned
while worshipping at your throne
vinny Nov 2016
scoffing at this world
rules and expectations
laws are for suckers
you never pay taxes

your a cash business
run by a ceo
with a libido
that never relaxes

listen to the voices
we pay for our choices
they beg to ask:
is your soul intact?

like random coordinates
punched into navigation
once a promising future
now an unknown destination
vinny Aug 2016
you're a badass
but i'll take you on
my physical endurance *****
but i take mental pain all day long

ask for an ultimatum
one i can't deliver
understand who you're dealing with
i'm a taker not a giver

i don't believe in failure
it doesn't exist to me
i have nothing to lose
but another
development opportunity
vinny Apr 2016
I dug a hole
to fill it in
and dig again
I dig my holes
Deep and wide
To fit your promises
The ones that died
You told me
In room 216
Comfort Inn
I was your trick
you were my sin
We lied to each other
Things I can't say
As my debit card was abused
by the ATM across
the way
vinny Apr 2016
I know when you haven't been around there's money in my savings account upper cut sucker punch you owe me lunch make it schwarma
love the greek deliver to your room get a sneak peak wish you'd just leave me alone but you know i'm weak when your out of control so move on give someone else a turn your a distraction i need to burn
vinny Jan 2016
don't apologize for giving me
precious memories

i knew what i was getting into
from the start
but you said two things that i can't shake:
at the Cuban restaurant you said you never know
what the future brings
and just now you apologized that things went beyond
what you can offer me
at this point in my life

i don't know maybe it's wishful thinking
or just a game
but you never really *******
always straight up
for the most part

don't apologize for giving me
precious memories
either way we are still friends i think that's how we left it so please let me know when you're back
vinny Jun 2016
i see your double dipping
from multiple straws your sipping
he's buying you mikey kors
as my texts are ignored

you know i'm a sucker
for secret victoria
34B mediums all day long
i'll get some more for ya
pulled pork sandwiches
with orange cream soda
yoga pants from lemon loulou
if it's just me and you
even though you spread the love
all over the PNW
when i gave you my extra key
it wasn't for a rendezvous
with you know who
and eat all my steaks
with your favorite fan base

it's true your double dipping
though i'm not tripping
but i think i'm done
contributing to your
*retirement fund
vinny Jan 2016
do you remember when I caught that guy checking you out
and i asked him
Do you like what you see?

He said of course who wouldn't
But I'm married happily

But tonight when I embrace my wife
I will start a new trend
For it will be with a renewed vigor
As I envision your lady friend
vinny Jan 2016
when i swallowed your pill
it scorched my throat
i couldn't swallow for a year

my voice was hoarse
i couldn't speak
and i realized my greatest fear

i decided not to revenge myself
no that's not my style
i concluded you needed my help
to relieve some earthly burdens for awhile

the next time you ask for a light
from the ranks of anonymity
i will belch fire per your request
into the general proximity

you won't have to wax your upper lip anymore
and those tweezers can be retired
just consider it a kind deed from a friend
no thanks required
vinny Oct 2017
dreams can deceive
distort reality
exposing weakness
for all to see

dreams can inspire
if properly controlled
nurture with respect
a seed well sown

so follow your dreams
false promises bluffing
see how far it gets you
or end up with nothing
vinny Dec 2017
you were at once, both
cure for all that ailed
and ultimate destruction
my coffins last nail

you lived, didn't exist
in a conventional sense
when i caught you in the act
guilty of innocence

always, never
loyal and true
this can't be fixed
with duct tape
and crazy glue

all i ever needed
but so much more
until you asked me to stay
then showed me the door
vinny Jan 2016
up all night
loud music playing
Nervous laughter with friends
Not real
Life in a box
Robbed of her childhood
The baby cries
house arrest
Couldn't break the cycle

I've seen enough
Their stories are told on their faces
You can only take so much before the weak break
Or you just accept your fate
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