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5.2k · Apr 2016
Seattle bloomed today
vinny Apr 2016
Long ****** winter and
Not over yet
Record rainfall-
Most since 99
By a little bit
But the suns been out
Ya old mistah screech
My former nemesis
Hangin round this
So like a short stout spring
In a full on compression
For about like a year
Let loose
And blew the lid off baby!!

Today was the day
SEATTLE Bloomed!
What a glorious day furiosa
2.6k · Feb 2016
gimme more petrichor
vinny Feb 2016
blood from Gods spill
soaks the forest floor
her Holy release
gimme more petrichor*

take a hit
lose control
your hardwired
dontcha know?

sweat it out
carried away
blood from stone
the hard way

slow mo
throttle it back
when the sky pours
mother absorbs

face down
one with earth
this sacred interface
our right from birth

blood from Gods spill
soaks the forest floor
redemption salvation
*my sweet petrichor
i couldn't figure out why i loved to ride by bike in the rain so much!  i thank my ancestors for this they needed to know when it would rain to exist!
1.6k · Mar 2016
vinny Mar 2016
My armor was scarred:
impermeable burden.
It was fabricated by
generations of
Hard-core Sicilians.
Provided by birthright
to defend against
our own weakness.
The day came for me
to lay down my armor-
I obeyed my master-
still a warrior but
so much faster-

for now
I yield
*sword and shield
and the battle rages on!!
1.4k · Aug 2016
perfectly flawed
vinny Aug 2016
your flaws make you perfect
in every way
i wanted you to feel
but you kept me at bay

i've seen what lies beneath
crooked teeth
curvy spine
hobbit feet
scar on your calf
blond tuft of hair
on your lower back

your flaws make you perfect
in every way
revealing their beauty
86,400 seconds per day
1.4k · Jan 2016
like sweet Thai Tea
vinny Jan 2016
Memories of you linger in me
Vanilla coconut perfect harmony
Like the sweet taste of cold Thai Tea

a straggler picked up along the way
wore out their welcome long ago
but you still want them to stay

a decadent treat
only allowed occasionally
we all know what happens with too much
of a good thing
better off with black coffee

they always come back at the worst times
in a meeting
they ask if everything is fine
of course just something in my eye

Memories of you still linger in me
Blazing orange brilliantly
Like sweet Thai Tea
1.3k · Jan 2016
the fix
vinny Jan 2016
all i needed
was to look at that face
and hear those words
yes you can love me

last night i rode my bike
in the rain 5 miles to see her
we met in the usual spot
i waited until the perfect moment
asked her permission
to love her once again
it was granted

she will never love me back
but i don't care
because when i dream
it is of her and i together forever

that little shot
is enough to keep that dream alive
through the toughest times

to see that face
and hear those words
yes you can love me
is all i need
it was great to see you again last night i gotta keep this dream alive
1.3k · Jan 2016
scaredy cat
vinny Jan 2016
skinny and starved
stomach growling
calm down honey relax
you're like a scared cat

even the ones
who have been around awhile
the have no feedback to provide
it's pretty straightforward:

you've been to the edge
with not much damage done
looking back with regrets?
better to have none

pick up the pace
light speed is way more fun
just be prepared to ask yourself
*what have i done?
if you don't face your demons they will continue to control you
hit them head on and have no fear
freedom is on the other side i'll see you there
1.1k · Feb 2016
vinny Feb 2016
elegant reciprocity
so contradictory
the more i ***** **** up
the more i'm presented with opportunity

i can't back down when it's placed in front of me
i have no voracious ego to feed
alpha male i will never be

the more i fail and subsequently succeed
the more at peace i am with me

and to fear i will never succumb
*when failure is a perfectly acceptable outcome
fear of failure can be crippling make it your partner to become unstoppable, it's a gift to embrace
1.1k · Dec 2015
poison presents
vinny Dec 2015
They came out in force
Out of nowhere
Ravaged the hillside
Stripped bones bare

I left them poison presents
Embedded into flesh they consumed
They retreated back into their bunkers
Then died a horrible death
1.1k · Apr 2016
master of fantasy
vinny Apr 2016
our dream died
even i
the master of fantasy
couldn't keep it
it needed to be nurtured
but you power fed
and it grew to
unhealthy proportions
a tumor that had to be burned off
so all the roots
are destroyed
and it will never grow back
1.0k · Mar 2016
In between (space-time)
vinny Mar 2016
I can't see you anymore
in this dimension
Being with you in public
draws too much attention
I'll warp speed
times we meet
a deep space pilot
Transporting illegal cargo
Secrets we can't let the empire
There's my wormhole
gotta go
i'm looking into your eyes
your whispering what i need
to hear our sweat intermingles
*galaxies disappear
999 · Aug 2016
vinny Aug 2016
found a wildflower
all alone
on a plain barren and
drawn by it's brilliance
bent to caress it

reeled back in pain
as spikes pierced my skin
fingertips bleeding
warmth from within

beauty with fangs
designed for protection
perfectly adapted
natural selection

licking my wounds
pondering my next move
an antidote to her poison
must become immune
956 · Jan 2016
customer feedback
vinny Jan 2016
I completed your customer feedback survey
circled all the 5's
hoping this will earn brownie points
and move me to the front of the line

I'm not like the other monsters
you are quite safe with me
even though you don't believe it
just give me a chance you'll see

even though i don't bring you cheesecakes
and filet mignons for your freezer
I always bring you my heart
a tiny black spec at the tip of a tweezer

If this is how you were taught to love
could I please meet your mother?
it is so sweet the blade rips sharp and warm
i always need another

and when you're bored and need your fun
you will ask how high to make me jump
be cautious when you reach out next time
you may pull back a stump
930 · Jun 2016
vinny Jun 2016
i'll never leave the place
with gray cloudy skies
threatening to rip open
at any time
and the sun sometimes shines
just enough to know it's there
intense brief glimpses
then disappears
and the girl i love more
than anything before
always and forever
never together
nothing is innate
life's cruelest ironies
always testing my fate
at night i'll sit on my back porch
and smoke an Amsterdam ****
listen to the world unwind
and dream of what i'll never have
it's all in my mind
the constant battle
who am i kidding
i'll never leave
home.  finally.
922 · Jan 2016
cupcake's revenge
vinny Jan 2016
she's gonna get them all back
for what they did to her
yes sir

daddy doesn't want to show his face around
momma's spewing her scorn
What did I do to deserve that?
Get Born?

head like a matchstick
itching to hit the pipe
What did I do to deserve that?
Live Life?

Back bent can't get straight
spiraling out of control
What did I do to deserve that?
Grow Old?

Now you want me to assume the burden
of all mankind

Sorry I'm not sure we're aligned

yes sir
she's gonna get them all back
for what they did to her
861 · Jun 2016
vinny Jun 2016
lived in the shadows
far too long
hiding from the truth
hating and believing
i was something i'm not
afraid of being discovered
a fraud
now the smoke has cleared
the flames now breath
licking and stinging
ashes now the mess i made
fearless and
845 · Feb 2016
scapegoat's beach
vinny Feb 2016
i'm tired of being everyone's punching bag
learning to defend against the left jab
can almost predict the back stab*

my tyrant boss so incompetent*
unable to lead

peers who feel the need
to boast of themselves
voracious egos to feed

as i receive a mere stipend
for my efforts sweat and bleed

i'm bailing from this race
far from your lecherous reach
i stashed away a nest egg
built a fishing hut on the beach

there with my marked comrades remain
away from your weakness and condescension
we will all have our day
when you are called to account for

your sins
beyond mention
devoted to those who feel the need to condescend and build hierarchies to feed their sickness- you know who you are.
831 · Sep 2016
vinny Sep 2016
they all became numbers
with no distinctive features
it's how your brain learned
to differentiate creatures

kept a few hanging around
as long as they were able
a small collection of bulls
mulling in your stable

now even the stragglers gotta bail
i'm the last without fail
maybe the best curve fit
more than a digit

a quadratic equation
expressed exponentially
fading into infinity
a non linear *****
resembling lost hope

   reduced to a few  
secrets well kept:
parallel lines
never intercept
827 · Jan 2016
cold turkey
vinny Jan 2016
i have to cut you off for now
we can't complete our mission
seems I've overindulged in you
and now can't pay tuition

I've been ******* up in school anyway
it may be too late to fix
I failed calc 2 and heat transfer
and avoiding thermodynamics

The trip to Kauai we booked for spring break
it would have been 5 grand
I had to cancel that as well
hope you understand

maybe on the flipside
i'll take you on again
for now i'm laying belly up
allowing my brain to mend
I actually passed calculus 2 with a B
and eventually obtained my degree
815 · Mar 2016
gentle cycle please
vinny Mar 2016
you and me
is not reality
and its getting
away from me
i'm just a trick
your mirrors and smoke
bring me a schwarma platter
and a diet coke
if i am nothing and
never have been
then how come
when you do my laundry
you get your vs
and my dress shirts
all mixed in??
807 · Sep 2017
those flowers
vinny Sep 2017
those flowers died
still i tried
to water
Something more
And wondering
Why i bother
788 · Mar 2016
vinny Mar 2016
saw it coming
*long before

rancid flesh
hard to ignore

cast away
tossed to the wolves
among the canis lupus
the depraved rule

far below
a dark
network of caves
await his knaves
patiently plotting and
oh so wise
for they are destined to pose
as sheep
in disguise
777 · Feb 2016
restare bella
vinny Feb 2016
i don't know where you are
just need 2 words:

i'm ok

if i don't hear soon
2 words for you:

*stay beautiful
i hope you are taking good care
776 · Mar 2016
cold sweat flashback
vinny Mar 2016
woke up in a cold sweat flashback
thought it was real for a second

the time you jumped into bed
from the shower
still wet

held me down
as the world fell away
you took me to that place

and i shivered there alone
in a cold sweat flashback
770 · Jun 2016
vinny Jun 2016
things haven't been going my way
for awhile now
so i'm letting it roll
see where it goes

not giving up the fight though
learned the hard way
to know when it's time
to give up control
727 · Nov 2016
the mark
vinny Nov 2016
the perfect mark
underbelly exposed
a man-sized target
be patient must wait
begging teasing tempting
as i draw you closer
to take the bait
what are you searching for i ask?
everything and more you reply
but there is one exclusion
you must believe my lies
704 · Jan 2016
vinny Jan 2016
she has this crazy tattoo
dynamic luminous brilliant
majestic octopodinae
chillin' in the sea

when she's ******
iridescent blue rings appear
all over the creature's body

that's so amazin'
i'd like to hear your story
sit right here next to me brother
it gets pretty gory

the story is my own
i must be predisposed
can't break the pattern
here's how it goes:

i was once swimming in a warm pool
the tide went out
i lost all my friends
i was so vulnerable exposed
strangers tried to get close
i lashed out at them
because i felt threatened
**now they're all dead
the blue ringed octopus doesn't even need to bite it's unfortunate victims for them to succumb to their deadly tetrodotoxin
688 · May 2016
out of stock
vinny May 2016
you mastered the art of
selling your goods
not a bargain to be had
that was understood
yes and they bought in bulk
like you knew they would

when you ran out of stock
they identified alternative suppliers
to pull out their fingernails
with needle nose pliers

supply and demand baby
straight up for all to see
you thought you had it handled
i told you to get a business degree

please don't kid yourself
your not unique
now stripped of your powers
twitch and tweak

as you come crawling back
seething in denial

take a load off

maybe stay
with me
663 · Apr 2016
Note on a Windshield
vinny Apr 2016
You told me the story
When you first met your Dad
You were 18
There was a note on a windshield
and a friend in between
It was the most intimate moment
You had ever shared with me
A moment to behold
I felt like I was there
watching it unfold
It is such an honor
to be a part of that
through your
eyes and
644 · Jan 2016
over the threshold
vinny Jan 2016
They are all clawing at her now
Everyone wants a piece
She's at the peak of her powers
A few years left in her at least

Keep your taser in your nightstand
the new one with laser sights
things are bound to get heavy
the way you spend your nights

I'd say keep me on speed dial
but i know you never will
walking on the high wire without a net
provides your needed thrill

I lost you to those animals
I fear this may be the case
My love only was never enough
Your preference a wider fan base

So proceed down your path
a prisoner of the rooms
at least your fate is predictable
you will be consumed
644 · Feb 2016
time to move on long ago
vinny Feb 2016
failed to yield
had to make a move
we collided in the middle*
you had something to prove

they couldn't separate us
even with hydraulics
fatally conjoined
locked at the lips

we were scared to be alone
so we endured great pain
never truly happy
suffering in vain

we both took a toll
decades in motion
i saw it in your eyes
you blocked all emotion

i don't have those skills
i must feel to live
you do what you need to
*i still have something to give
some hold on to things hoping it will be great again
must be the taurus in them
641 · Jan 2016
the dropout
vinny Jan 2016
She said she came from Phoenix
her full back story she ain't tellin'
but she can't get a passport or firearm
so I'm guessing she's a convicted felon

she asked me if i had a room to spare
and offered to pay a small rent
that was six months ago
I haven't see a cent

I asked her to do some dishes
vacuum mow the lawn or any small chore
she said she's writing a song in her head
and can't handle much more

so now i have a live in maid
who doesn't clean or cook a meal
but i know one day she'll sing her song
and her wings will be revealed
635 · Mar 2016
unwavering enabling
vinny Mar 2016
please block my number
when i call to ask for help
you've always been there to save me
and because i'm so lazy
i never learned to help myself

fell down a rabbit hole for a need to explore
thought i hit bottom but found a trap door

so don't respond when i text wassup

this time you can't save me
with your emasculating and
unwavering enabling

so cut me from your cordelette length

for now i must find
my own strength
632 · Jan 2016
the box
vinny Jan 2016
I have a little space my own
it's 10X10X6
i can only visit there a few hours a day
cause it's a really tight fit

how i arrived i couldn't say
the convenience of it was strange
on those cold rainy nights
she was a short walk away

she would meet me outside
where we blow a few bowls
then go upstairs
where i would give her my gold

Those moments so intense
Could they have been real?
Are we supposed to have this?
Are we allowed to feel?

I asked her this question directly
At least a hundred times
Sometimes she says of course it was baby
other times no you must have been high
626 · Jan 2016
vinny Jan 2016
Veered inadvertently
struggling with consequence
a creative solution presented itself:
transform Shame into something tangible
to ask said manifestation a pressing question

As I felt the burden of its physical presence,
I turned my head 180 degrees
and tactfully inquired:
Could you please move over a little to make some room for Guilt?
622 · Jun 2016
double dipping
vinny Jun 2016
i see your double dipping
from multiple straws your sipping
he's buying you mikey kors
as my texts are ignored

you know i'm a sucker
for secret victoria
34B mediums all day long
i'll get some more for ya
pulled pork sandwiches
with orange cream soda
yoga pants from lemon loulou
if it's just me and you
even though you spread the love
all over the PNW
when i gave you my extra key
it wasn't for a rendezvous
with you know who
and eat all my steaks
with your favorite fan base

it's true your double dipping
though i'm not tripping
but i think i'm done
contributing to your
*retirement fund
618 · Jun 2016
backup plan
vinny Jun 2016
i have a backup plan my secret game:
a tinder nest
to nurture the flame

i have a backup plan to stop the bleeding:
protect the wound
and treat for shock
like captain kirk
and mr. spock

i have a backup plan for all i do:
even a backup to you
she's all i need maybe more
the tight red uniform looks killer on
lieutenant uhura

i have a backup plan if my truck doesn't start:
a mountain bike to ride to work
like mr. spock and
captain kirk

i have a backup plan for all i do:
beam me up scotty
i'm done with you
beam me up scotty was actually never stated in any episode of star trek
617 · Mar 2016
pineapple habanero
vinny Mar 2016
you're a sweet
weekend treat
with spicy hot overtones
and lingering aftertaste of
guilt and
lasting into Monday
for now at least
610 · Feb 2016
vinny Feb 2016
can't believe it held together
for awhile it was touch and go
pure perfect illusion of
complete control

no safe haven
and faith lacking
failure analysis revealed
severe stress cracking

on the other side now
somehow still whole
good ol' duct tape
*saved my soul
the harder you resist the more powerful it becomes
when the walls close in on you
throw down your sword

ya right
597 · Mar 2016
A Good Woman
vinny Mar 2016
A Good Woman
Has many lessons
to teach a man:
(For a man
who wants to learn)
(For a man
that needs to learn)
A Good Woman
Can take me to school
*All day long
behind every man is a patient woman.  Thank you.
589 · Mar 2016
the stench of burn
vinny Mar 2016
firestorms raged
and spewed wretched fumes
of burning stucco
as their homes were consumed
Some stood strong
armed with a garden hose
to defend their legacy
The motels were overwhelmed with
displaced refugees
I wore a bandanna
on my face like a mask
rode my bike close to the fires
until I could smell the stench
of my bicycle tires
And drank Newcastles
until the smoke cleared
the wildfires in socal were crazy in 2007/2010
571 · Feb 2016
a little cleaning up to do
vinny Feb 2016
straight to the edge surpass light speed
full reverse thrusters
tractor beam

money exchanged
souls bought and sold
twist the tourniquet bleeding uncontrolled

satisfy thirst
bringin' the onslaught

don't know better
what they were taught

it's over now the good guys won
final scene moppin' up blood

surrender in droves
white flags wavin'

hands in the air
*these souls need savin'
surrender submit it's all *******
569 · Jun 2016
vinny Jun 2016
this day is full of possibilities
by which i determine my fate
i can choose to take these chains off
but i secretly enjoy their weight

can't come up short
miss by just a smidge
burdens are a gift
my only privilege

so i shift into neutral
let the engine idle
these words mean nothing
so i leave them untitled
560 · Oct 2016
rally the bulls
vinny Oct 2016
rally the bulls
with crimson capes
blood will spill
there's no escape

you told me of the matador
who gave you his word
that was his curse
felled by your sword

rally the bulls
you have been warned
there's no montado
the taurus scorned
552 · Jan 2016
hobbit feet
vinny Jan 2016
she had these little hobbit feet
on her lower back a patch of hair
i offered to shave them both off
but she preferred to leave them there

when we ordered take out Thai
she always asks for extra spice
i send her in to pick it up
because they never charge her full price

The owner always winks at her
she says it's kind of creepy
i say baby just play the game
as long as he's giving you freebies

but since you left he always asks
so i told him you moved on
i woke up one morning and found a note
she found some better honey walnut prawn
548 · Nov 2016
destination unknown
vinny Nov 2016
scoffing at this world
rules and expectations
laws are for suckers
you never pay taxes

your a cash business
run by a ceo
with a libido
that never relaxes

listen to the voices
we pay for our choices
they beg to ask:
is your soul intact?

like random coordinates
punched into navigation
once a promising future
now an unknown destination
537 · Jul 2016
how to love a pixie
vinny Jul 2016
the thing about pixies
that soon becomes clear
they tap into your instincts
playing on fear

the thing about pixies
they keep changing their needs
you are welcome to try
but impossible to please

the thing about pixies
they all carry guns
never to defend
only for fun

the thing about pixies
that soon becomes clear
you never know where they are
but sense when they are near

the thing about pixies
you soon realize
when you hold too tight
they vaporize
534 · Jan 2016
hidden hand
vinny Jan 2016
now is time to play your game
i can read a mile away
but i caution you to test me
i have a hidden hand to play

don't dare to try and hide your flaws
i've see them all before
the stretch marks and acne
make me love you more

its not my problem you don't love yourself
that's not on me
i love you enough for both of us
why can't you feel worthy?

so pull me in close
where it's safe to hide
put your hand in my pocket
i have nothing to hide
532 · May 2016
vinny May 2016
In all your chaos
I realized serenity
The ultimate humility
Loving something so much
and knowing it will never be
you'll never know how much of a gift you were to me
531 · Jan 2016
just sayin'
vinny Jan 2016
I want my ring back
its clear we're not moving on
you don't even wear it anymore
did you sell it to a pawn?

that ring was my Grandmother's
it came from Sicily
i am the first born grandson
that's why she gave it to me

there's already a lot of blood on that stone
so the story goes
my Grandpa broke his back on the railroads
to pay for it in gold

it was supposed to go to my one and only love
that ain't you for sure
so please return what isn't yours
or be prepared for war
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