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 Oct 2021 Tupelo
I talked
 Oct 2021 Tupelo
I craved leaving like the sea begged the shore to come to bed.
I craved not moving a muscle like exhaustion rattled my bones.
For once in my life I was content in the standstill.
 Sep 2021 Tupelo
Not really into necrophilia
But my kink's you

Not breathing.
 Aug 2021 Tupelo
Autumn is kissing the swamp maples
and God it feels like foreplay
The air is hinting at the frost to come
and it dances on my tongue
and crawls down my throat
The breeze grips me
like fingernails down my spine
My toes curl and my breath fogs
as I drink down the taste

Possessing a lover can be a feeling so addictive
and I've never know a lust like this
 May 2021 Tupelo
Watch me come and then you go...
Why I hoped I'll never know.
Your smirks were sick,
Like it was a game,
Like after your ****
I'd never be the same.

You knew I was desperate for someone to care.
Yet you'd please yourself and make me stare.
Why cradle rob and share dreams of ****?
Why lie to keep me, not letting me escape?
I guess I let myself be your toy,
And made you into mine.
I was already destroyed,
What were more fines?

My debts to pay were already so steep,
I guess I thought I deserved it, letting you leech.
I dared to dream though.
That was my mistake,
Ever wanting you
To be more than a snake.

You speak like the words are blood letting, you say I ruined you.
Well I'm sorry you sick **** that you didn't get to ruin me too.
This world makes us savage, doesn't it
 Jul 2018 Tupelo
holy roller
 Jul 2018 Tupelo
sacred water
doesn't drip from
in between my legs
when you read me like
post fornication
you didn't
walk 9 miles through
the desert
to find me in the
middle of nowhere-pa
to ****
me under the
notions of your religion
my words are not the italicized-
of all the people that existed before
worship me
like moses' interpretation
of jesus on the third day
rising up like hot air
and pinned arms on
 Jun 2018 Tupelo
then i remember i am
the sun
and the earth
loved me for the nectar
i shed through my
the woman before and after
you existed
large breasted wide hipped
brown woman
men (boys) have bought me pastries
from new york
and pancakes from diners
whole bottles of malibu coconut
*** and adoration
even held
me on
the warm days
i will always crave
the sound of your
voice on the quietest
of nights
but you are not the sun
please ignore me, i am so high.
 Jun 2018 Tupelo
Poetic T
Gravity now limps aging parts,
once firm tools of arousal  
        now dulled
             scrapping on the floor.

But each holds the others up,
                dignity with a hand
                         and string.
Gravity cant dull their love.
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