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Nov 2021 · 207
Tupelo Nov 2021
Today, like most days since you left
my bed lies empty
The summer of this room has faded to winter
your smell has slipped from these sheets
I still think about you when bodies come to visit
Mistaking their longings for your own
and their moans for your sweet songs
Hoping that one day you will be the one
opening the door returning to bed
In the meantime I still have my dreams
all of them laced with memories of you
What was once, I know can never be.

I am currently switching my poems to bc I have issues uploading here as well as just general site navigation. Love you all. I am on there @Konreg
Nov 2021 · 365
Handle with care
Tupelo Nov 2021
Somedays I wish to be held
Not by a lover or in lust
But to feel the warmth of another
To hear the beating of their chest
To know that these arms are wrapped
around another body longing to feel alive
Nov 2021 · 122
Tupelo Nov 2021
Tonight I listened to your story
Heard the path you have walked
How you took flight with angels
And how you came crashing back to earth
If I could
I wish I could take all the hate in your heart
Bury it in some forgotten chest
and set it out to sea
You say how you've become a shell
Battered and bloodied
The king of nothings
Shackled to a spiteful god
who will never know your name
You say they only thing you ever loved
was the way she made you feel
How she flooded your veins and
claimed your body like a battlefield
And how everyday without her
leaves you more hungry than the last
Oct 2021 · 213
Tupelo Oct 2021
The morgue is filled with all
the dead faces I once wore,
I am no mortician ,
The bodies have begun to rot,
The men I once claimed to be
can no long pass for the real thing,
I wore their faces like masks,
Played the role that was asked,
Encores were demanded,
I was not prepared for this,
I am no mortician,
The bodies have begun to rot,
I guess the show goes on,
Even with broken things
Tupelo Oct 2021
1.) It is possible to love something more than you could ever dream of loving yourself

2.) Life without you is getting easier
Almost one year clean
Oct 2021 · 309
Tupelo Oct 2021
If the body had seasons
I'd say that this sadness is winter
The garden has wilted
The creatures have gone
Sought shelter and slumber
No longer can I hear the rivers
They've all frozen over
All that remains
Are these gods of malice
False prophet kings
Picking what's left of me
To keep their bellies full
Oct 2021 · 74
Tupelo Oct 2021
I'm not even sure what I am writing anymore,
A poem? A warning? some fleeting memory?
Penning the things inside of me
that demand some sort of release

How I cried on my drive home
as the sky above me melted into
a finger painted sunset
The shades and shapes there for but a moment

The way I heard the words of woman tonight
That brought me to my knees
Stories that ripped at the fibers of my heart
Saying all the things I have
tried so desperately to put to page
In such an ease that left me reeling

The man who stands on his pedestal
crying out for the world to listen
Knowing he is nothing more but
background to those on their morning commute

The kiss of a young couple
shared along the seawall
I wonder if they could
taste the salt in the air
on each others lips

These are things I take for granted
These moments in between
just some thoughts
Oct 2021 · 308
Bubble Gum
Tupelo Oct 2021
On that day
The two of us
Sitting beside another
On a pier over some river

Henry says to me:
"Do you ever wonder why there are fish
and birds and you and me?"

I took a moment
Then I said:
"No, I don't."

And there was silence
followed by laughter
And more silence

So we stayed on that pier
on some unimportant river
Watching the birds and the fish
and doing anything but wonder
How they could be
Oct 2021 · 223
Old Haunts
Tupelo Oct 2021
Cut me open
Watch my insides drain
Saltwater flooding the room
Making and island of this bed
Poems folded and floating
Like little paper ships
Destined to sink
Back to the floor
To rest with the fishes
As it once was
And so it shall be
Oct 2021 · 113
#Song challenge
Tupelo Oct 2021
Write a poem with a song in mind. The thoughts, people, places, feelings, that come to mind whenever you hear it. #songchallenge in the tags so we can all read and share. Don't forget to say which song it is too! Love this community, hope you all are well.
Oct 2021 · 220
Tupelo Oct 2021
I died today
In that quiet place we shared
Where the sun trickled in
between the cracks in the blinds
Like dawn through the trees

In that place where we took
shelter from the storms,
Listening to the rain fall heavy
above our heads

I died today
In those moments in between
Where the leaves fall softly
And the insects still sing
like leaves in the fall
Sep 2021 · 94
Tupelo Sep 2021
In those moments,
Those times in between
Where the world slowed
And our guards began to lower
I could feel every breath
Every second we shared
The feeling of your touch
Nothing short of electric
From the longing in your eyes
to the holy of your smile
Made every hour golden
Like autumn afternoons
Sep 2021 · 536
Last Fall
Tupelo Sep 2021
I just want to feel the way I did
In that little cabin in the valley
Surrounded by the safety of your arms
And the comfort of your words
When all the world lay before us
And our hearts drummed free
Sep 2021 · 49
Tupelo Sep 2021
For years I said hollow prayers to a god I never believed in
Begging for some sort of rescue from all the hurt in my heart

Now I spend all my mornings in church basements
Sipping coffee with strangers and ragtag friends

Telling them about all the pain in my chest
And how grateful I am to still be here
Sep 2021 · 232
Little Wars
Tupelo Sep 2021
Tell the reaper I don't need her
I can lay myself to rest
Just write my name on my tombstone
and that I always tried my best

I'm sick of all the goodbyes
The letters I never sent
Addressed to yesterday's lovers
with words I never meant
Sep 2021 · 319
Tupelo Sep 2021
We are both exiled angels
Heaven a bit too holy for the likes of us
Cast out, we fell into one another
Our best chance for survival
and the most wonderful accident
Breathing out our final words
as we plummet to the surface
Waiting for the ground to catch us
But it never came
Wings caught wind
and we baked in the sun
Skin turned red as the orchards
And you laughed all the while
Sep 2021 · 161
Tupelo Sep 2021
I needed all the days I dreamt of dying
To remind me I was still alive

and that sometimes breathing is hard

But I'm not ready to lose to a coward
That won't show it's face
Aug 2021 · 152
Tupelo Aug 2021
We walked through halls of bones and ancient kings
Tucked away in tombs of glass
amongst the hushed chatter and huddled crowds
Our hands collided in some excuse for a reason
The chatter fell to a silent stillness
My insides fluttered like the guests of spring
And the world came sputtering to a halt
In that moment I remembered what it was to be held
Arms stretched out like that of a child
These longings I have not felt for so many moons
Flooded to the surface with wide eyed wonder
How long has it been since this heart sang it's song
Pouring out the secrets hidden within my chest
You made me alive again
After so many years of slumber
Aug 2021 · 402
Root and Stem
Tupelo Aug 2021
These longings in my chest
They grow like the weeds
Wild and relentless
Searching for ways
To push through the surface
Even when plucked
They always return
Searching for the sun
And a garden to rest in
Aug 2021 · 107
Summer Storms
Tupelo Aug 2021
There are songs I will never choose to sing
Words that echo the halls inside my chest
Scars made monument to pain of the past

Most days begin with quiet mornings
The air rising to a slow boil by noon
Sweat tracing the curves of my spine
Like fingers of forgotten lovers

Storms draw near over crashing tides
Racing with the wind as if they had a destination
Beauty and sorrow thick and heavy
Like roses laid on cherry caskets

I will sing songs of forgiveness
To all the men I once was
Remember the chains they carried
And the cruelness in their hearts
Aug 2021 · 327
Tupelo Aug 2021
Come all you sinners and saints
Just as you are nothing more or less
Rest your weary bones inside for awhile
Just for a moment we can make holy this
basement, hall, or parking lot
No priest or preacher needed for these hymns
Just hearts filled with hurt and souls looking for salvation
Look around,
All crooked halos and broken wings
Serpent tongues and crocodile tears,
Lay down your arms
Surrender for a little while
Make your words worth it
Hold tight to these stories
Remember from once you came
Come and go like summer storms
You saint or sinner
Or someone in between
May 2021 · 174
Tupelo May 2021
I love you like Neruda
You cornered dark thing
Take me away
Back to that heaven of a place
Where you held me so dear
All the good in this world
Dripping from your lips
May 2021 · 171
Tupelo May 2021
I know that I hurt you
I know I made mistakes
But please hear my words
I just want you to laugh
I just want to see your smile
Maybe hold me for a moment
Just like you used to
I see you everywhere
From apples to asphalt
I know that words cant fix
All the hurt in your heart
But please
Give me a chance
To love you once more
if you read this, I love you. I miss you.
May 2021 · 143
Tupelo May 2021
I hate that I love you
I adore everything about you
Your frame, your smile
The way you held me
Its all ashes now
Parted like the sea
A shell of what was
Tidepool memories
Come and go like the tides
currents like conversations
May 2021 · 282
Tupelo May 2021
Your back arched
All shoulders and hips
My mouth
learning your secrets
Exhaling our wants
Your skin feels like fire
Setting the room aflame
May 2021 · 160
Grapes and Graves
Tupelo May 2021
Oh how did we get here
I guess the sidewalk does end
My mask has begun to crack
and all the mirrors look like liars
This shadow is unfamiliar
and my dreams are filled
with places I've never been
My head is filled with paragraphs
all of them end with your name
So I sing songs of yesterday
Sip on memories like wine
drunk on the thought of us
to make me feel fine
May 2021 · 131
Tupelo May 2021
I wake to birds
Their songs make symphonies of morning
I wake to hurt
tremors throughout my bones
I wake to wind
The breeze whispering across my face
I wake to need
These vices that I can't seem to shake
I wake to hope
That today will be better than the last
I wake to loss
Another battle lost to these demons
I sleep to forget
All the choices that I made
I sleep to remember
The time before all of this
I sleep to wish
That tomorrow will be different
May 2021 · 146
Tupelo May 2021
Dear ex lover,
I see you everywhere
Your name etched on the insides of my life
everywhere I look there are traces of you

Dear ex lover,
I hope you are well
The angel that you are
took me, a broken thing bruises and all
plucked me from hesperides and brought me back
to the land of the living
Just to hold me close and whisper all the good into my ear

Dear ex lover,
I know that on the surface I was silver and strong
but the devil never liked a quiter
and those demon's arms have a long reach

Dear ex lover,
I used to love the grocery store
Linoleum and fluorescents
The way you moved so effortlessly

Dear ex lover,
I used to love the grocery store
But my aisles are filled with ghosts
and my pantry is a tomb

Dear ex lover,
I know I hurt you
My decisions were not the best ones
This body has felt so heavy for so long
and these demons scratch at my skull

Dear ex lover,
I hope you are well
I hope you laugh
I hope your belly is full
and you have a warm bed to come home to

Dear ex lover,
I wish you well
Nov 2020 · 164
Tupelo Nov 2020
It has been a year now
Since my vices ran rampant
I flew like Icarus among the clouds
Saw god or whoever resided there
Fell to earth in a crater of who I once was
Burned for days amongst tubes and doctors
Sweated out the best of me
prayed to whomever would listen
Reminded myself of what I was
And chose to be different
Demon in the drink demon in the mind
Jun 2020 · 106
Tupelo Jun 2020
I am hurt.
This heart aches.
I have painted myself
for far too long.
These bottles age me
to a point i do not know
alcohol is a fickle beast
my most holy of mistress
May 2020 · 486
Tupelo May 2020
There are no words
To describe
The person you love
You can give them
libraries of words
Symphonies of sonnets
But nothing can replace
The sincerity of one's chest
May 2020 · 203
Club XO
Tupelo May 2020
When Atlas shrugged
Tears were left in the wake of you
Monuments made of your mountains
Such a sensual embrace you gave
Such caring to this heart
I have loved you for seasons on end
The leaves came and went
But your seasons never withered
You are my river
My most holy of baptisms
Keep me in your graces
For forever and more
I love her so much words do not express.
May 2019 · 387
Tupelo May 2019
An instinct
This animal desire
So close to your chest
My blood moving like a freight train
I need to be close to you
Your skin meeting mine
My most tender of loves
Holding your frame
As if it is all that ever was
Let me love you dearly
Let me kiss every inch of your skin
Oh how this heart aches
To be close to you again
Long distance is difficult
May 2019 · 183
Tupelo May 2019
How this journey has unfolded
The paths we have chosen to take
I remember back to the beginning
Back to those years in Maryland
Where the coast was my most holy of churches
Those springs filled with cherry blossoms
falling from limbs like sweet cherub tears
I remember the southern chapter
That blanket of a place they call the south
Louisiana was a wild and untamed beast
The songs ran with the wind
as the rains came and went
I fell in love with a woman cradled by the mountains
Solace in the sweat that deep heat can bring
Today I am still writing
Just as I was in the beginning
Penning these chapters like a letter to a future self
Documenting this journey as if every step
was a foot in an uncharted land
Apr 2019 · 469
Tupelo Apr 2019
Oh this love
Let me explain this love
She is from the Rockies
Free as the sun
Strong as the river
Kissed by the mountains
She curves like the bend won’t break
I am from the ocean
Timid as the tides
Subtle as the moon
Awkward as the birds
She is my rock
Solid like the lines
Sharp as a tack
I am but guest
In her most sensuous
of shows
She is all there is
She is all my love
My most timid of hearts
My most delicate flower
In this garden of woes
Apr 2019 · 181
Tupelo Apr 2019
You turn these afternoons to songs
These mornings to symphonies
Those nights to crescendos
All the music in the wind
Stems from the simplicity in your smile
The contagion of your laughter
The sunlight in your chest
You are all that is
and all there ever was
Apr 2019 · 361
Tupelo Apr 2019
Like an angel
With clipped wings
You've fallen so far
Down to this menial life
Touching the same ground as I
Breathing the same air as me
Crossing paths in a whisper of a morning
Catching the eye of all that was
You are such a beauty
Like an angel
With clipped wings
Mar 2019 · 195
Tupelo Mar 2019
My dearest friend
You from the mountains
I from the sea
Crossed paths in a foreign land
Each of us unsure of what time may hold
Neither of us knowing which direction to travel
Found comfort in the company of each other
Years filled with smiles and laughter
The stitching to the wounds
My dearest friend
Was this love an accident?
Did our midnight temptations leave a thorn in our sides
All I know is it felt right
So much easier than most
You brought the mountains to the sea
And I responded in the most caring of tides
Feb 2019 · 148
Tupelo Feb 2019
Oh how simple of a love this was
Curiosity from such a young age
You with your age and experience
Years of captivating hearts and minds
I fell victim to your narcotic charm
Your empty frame a reminder of the nights
You came and went like lightning
Only leaving long enough
For me to convince myself of just how much
I needed you to put laughter back into my life
Feb 2019 · 305
Tupelo Feb 2019
Back to love poems
Been so long now
So many months of winter
So many barren harvests
Until you came like spring
The water to this sandbox of a chest
Breathing life back into
what felt like a funeral
Jan 2019 · 156
Tupelo Jan 2019

The allure of your body
was merely an excuse
to see the beauty of your mind

Jan 2019 · 133
Tupelo Jan 2019
In nature
Reptiles shed their skin
This signifies growth
Ridding their bodies of all the parts
no longer suitable enough for use
In some occasions gorging
themselves on the remains
Feeding the body with these parts
no longer suitable enough for use
Some days I call myself a reptile
I recognize my shortcomings
I've outlined each and every one
So i've begun feasting on this body
Gorging myself on the parts of me
no longer suitable enough for use
Because in order for the soul to grow
I must rid myself of these left overs of demons
And begin tomorrow anew
Dec 2018 · 179
Tupelo Dec 2018
Such soft intentions
Shrouded by wholesome words
All of them addressed to you
All of these hidden in sight
Yet you are so blind
To all these soft intentions
And all of these wholesome words
it is what it is
Oct 2018 · 350
Tupelo Oct 2018
Raise your glass in celebration
For this harvest was a bountiful one
We worked the earth for all she could give
Sweat dripping from every pore
Gave thanks for her maternal gifts
The fields are all seas of gold
So we finally rested our bones with
bellies full and our minds at ease
Oct 2018 · 201
December 3rd 1997
Tupelo Oct 2018
This is it
No revisions
My mind has been racing
But at a steady pace
Almost as if we are shooting
for our best possible time
in the yearly gym class mile run
Maybe if I finish first
The class will shout my name in celebration

My heart
It is in pieces
All scattered along the shore
On this island of a body
So lonesome at sea
Fighting off the waves
praying for someone
to venture to these shores
and stumble upon the
fractured parts of me

I've wandered for years now
All through neon streets
and past rainy day storefronts
For a warm bed and a hot meal
Something to fill my gut
As the sirens howl down
interstates and byways
I remain wandering on the shoulder
Thumb out hoping to
be taken by some strange angel
To a paradise of a place
I am so lost some days
Oct 2018 · 171
Blue Bird
Tupelo Oct 2018
It was so beautiful
Angelic in the light
Stories dripped from leaves
Songs sputtered in the wind
Poems bloomed from the earth
And my eyes danced with words
All in merely a moment
Forever lost with time
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
Tupelo Sep 2018
Locked and sealed
Where the dust chose to settle
The most hidden of feelings
Began to tremble as you stuck around
The lock on my chest warping
to the thought of you
My skeleton key
Sep 2018 · 428
Tupelo Sep 2018
This city is so silent at night
The rain of a northern sky
These lights that burn bright
Lulled me to sleep
I got lost on streets
Forgot my worries
I'm trying to feel myself again
Maybe this is what I've been searching for
This feeling of adventure
This feeling of want
I miss you
Your limbs and your laughter
The way your frame moves in dim lights
You worry too much
You love too hard
I just want to be
Jul 2018 · 204
Tupelo Jul 2018
Wild hearts
Dance to sounds
Of these troubled times
Because time stands still
When the sea is hushed
And the soul is at ease
Jul 2018 · 236
Magic City
Tupelo Jul 2018
I flew to Miami in the early of dawn
Watched the sun rise above south beach
Made my way to the bar to take it all in
Planned out the days to come
Felt the breeze against my neck
The sweat beginning to roll down my spine
Quenched my thirst with *** and sugar cane
Fell in love with a Cuban beauty
Watched the moon from a rooftop
Cried the stars
Slept all the next day
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