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Tupelo Feb 2016
Tupelo Nov 2014
Oh sweet temptation,
Do not be a fool,
The pills are paradise,
Payment is cruel,

Oh how I crave you,
All your seduction and sedative,
Take me to heaven's gates,
My failures have been repetitive,
Tupelo Dec 2014
One time I lost my way,
Two times I accepted your apologies
Tree times I threw away too much of myself,
Four times I forgot the name I once carried,
Five times I loved far too well,
Six times I wrote poems for forgiveness,
Seven times I produced false promises,
Eight times I shared nights with empty bodies,
Nine times I gave away everything,
Ten times I let myself remember
Tupelo Sep 2015
I’ll pray for nothing but lead
Hope somehow i’ll end up in crossfire
Tupelo Mar 2017
Who am I to want
from a heart which has
nothing left to give
Tupelo Dec 2016
I've dirtied these palms
Mistakes from before
I've killed off my demons
They all ran like the wind
I've buried myself in bodies
Hoping to find something again
I've never been so lost
Such a gallery of faces,
none of them mean anything
Tupelo Oct 2016
I'm drowning in a sea of faces

With no lifeboat to keep me going

And not a clue on how to swim.
Tupelo Sep 2015
Withered Innards
No beauty in the beast,
Where is the medicine?
Do not be some savior,
When something is broken,
It is easier to find a new one.
Tupelo May 2020
There are no words
To describe
The person you love
You can give them
libraries of words
Symphonies of sonnets
But nothing can replace
The sincerity of one's chest
Tupelo Feb 2019
Back to love poems
Been so long now
So many months of winter
So many barren harvests
Until you came like spring
The water to this sandbox of a chest
Breathing life back into
what felt like a funeral
Tupelo Apr 2018
To be honest
I miss my home
The absent minded drives
Back to the street I grew up on
The nights on the pier
The smell of a twilight
To be honest I miss the people
The quirks and the oddities
I miss the way they speak
The comfort it all can bring
I miss the way she looked at me
So much has changed now
Maybe I have too
But certain parts of me long
for the way it once was
But what I know can never be
Tupelo May 2017
The warmth of our bed
The taste of you
The feeling of your touch
Tupelo Aug 2015
I am strung out,
I am sun in chest
I am august all over
I am euphoric youth,
I am too ****** up for this
I am probably going too far
I am falling for her touch,
I am taking it as it comes
I am loving every minute
*I am 30 hours in
I am clawing at eyes
I am kicking the habit
I am counting seconds
I am gnawing on cheek
I am shaking in palms
I am freezing in july
I am hating myself
I am trying to find god again
Tupelo Aug 2014
Do you remember when we sat on your roof and listened to Wu-Tang?
The kush smoke filled my lungs but burned in the most wonderful way.
Put our conversations into the rolling paper so I can inhale that night over and over again, and get high on the memories.
Tupelo Dec 2016
The divinity of your body
Leaves my heart trembling
The warmth of your touch
Makes summer of a room

Tupelo Sep 2015
This back and forth,
The static on the screen
‘In rainbows’ on repeat,
Hoping this videotape,
Will roll the credits,
Waiting to hear the words
The hero never spoke
No need for a response
Tupelo Nov 2015
Don't know how we got here
Got lost on some side street
Forgot all about the freeway,
Tell me your address
I will send you postcards,
All the places I touched
The ones that touched back
The intersections are all green
So proceed with caution upon this heart
Tupelo Apr 2016
Ive written my best poetry
When my arms were wrapped around your body.
I didn’t even have any words to give
It just simply was.

And my spine has been an out of tune violin for so many years
That when your fingers ran themselves across it
I didn’t even recognize the sound.
Tupelo Jan 2018
I drink so much now I just wanna forget
The mistakes I made the previous night
Due to too many glass bottle companions
Tupelo Sep 2015
I do not crave this chase anymore,
only it's prize.
Tupelo May 2017
Smoke on my bedside
Fires beneath my pillows
Sleeping with the demons
Minefields for dreams
Crosshairs by morning
Bells ring by noon
Tupelo Sep 2017
As simple as the seasons
I'll say this how it comes
I'm dying to hold you
I want to taste your skin
Caress your body
and tell you about this love
This quiet simple thing
Tupelo Jul 2014
I kept all your secrets in a jar,
put them on the shelf next to our memories,
locked them in the room filled with your smile,
left the house that we called home,
and threw away the key.
Tupelo Jan 2017
There are days upon days
where I have slept under the pale birch trees

Evenings where the sun made love to the earth
as it lowered it’s warm embrace upon it

Nights to whom I’ve heard songs of absolution
ring out from the bar stool seats of confession

Such is the way of the world
As routine as the tides
Tupelo Mar 2017
My favorite music
Is the way your body sings
Caressing the strings
Of our echoing desires
Passing secrets
With the collision of skin
And for a time
The clock stands still
And this world falls silent
Tupelo May 2021
I wake to birds
Their songs make symphonies of morning
I wake to hurt
tremors throughout my bones
I wake to wind
The breeze whispering across my face
I wake to need
These vices that I can't seem to shake
I wake to hope
That today will be better than the last
I wake to loss
Another battle lost to these demons
I sleep to forget
All the choices that I made
I sleep to remember
The time before all of this
I sleep to wish
That tomorrow will be different
Tupelo May 2016
I showered in the storm
I drank the nectar of a dream
Feathers grew between my shoulder blades
I took flight with the angels
Let the sun burn its embrace upon my skin
I once believed heaven stood above the clouds
That if I flew high enough the gates
would be somewhere amongst the birds
Now I wait for the clouds to come
Their figures hanging heavy
Something to give the earth a drink
I’ll collect the left overs in water glasses
And pour them out for all my dead friends
So they too can be content in paradise
Tupelo Sep 2014
I never considered myself one for the books,
A pen felt clumsy in my hands,
Something too delicate to touch,

You introduced me to my first romance,
Tales of rivers and sweet words of Hughes,
Pages were my optics, my eyes danced in the light,

Nights turned into highways of jazz and beat poet longings,
Kerouac and Ginsberg whispering into my ear
of corrupted ivy manifestos,

Maya told me to sing, I did.
My love for her still echoes in her passing,
Set sail to the open waters where Neruda lies,
sonnet 17 afloat upon the tides,

You knew my addiction before I ever got high on the ink,
Drifting across the sentences in the midnight hours,
A prayer in thanks of what you gave to me
Tupelo Jul 2016
We build fortresses around our ribs
Put armies between our hearts
Light fires on the bridges we once crossed
All to protect the tranquility of our waters
To stop the waves from crashing down upon us
But the sooner we learn to swim
The better off we will be
When those storms choose to come.
Remember this when the clouds begin to show
Tupelo Mar 2019
My dearest friend
You from the mountains
I from the sea
Crossed paths in a foreign land
Each of us unsure of what time may hold
Neither of us knowing which direction to travel
Found comfort in the company of each other
Years filled with smiles and laughter
The stitching to the wounds
My dearest friend
Was this love an accident?
Did our midnight temptations leave a thorn in our sides
All I know is it felt right
So much easier than most
You brought the mountains to the sea
And I responded in the most caring of tides
Tupelo Apr 2015
It's hard to tell the difference
Between fighting for what
You believe in and fighting
for the sake of causing chaos
Tupelo Jul 2015
Sun swept like father's knowing gaze,
Burned every bit of my body that showed,
Left me all red and pulsing
Felt like a fire underneath the skin,
It blazed for weeks than months,
Boiled the insides to the surface,
Left ash like december across my body,
Covered in all the scolding of summer,
And I still don't feel a thing
Tupelo Feb 2015
Come along you silent poets,
Tell the tales of your faithful fallings,
All the demons you have battled,
Every rainstorm that left you to drown,
Share with us those hidden pleasures,
Whatever lends your lips to curl into a smile,
And the medicine for all the aches
Tupelo Jul 2014
Airplanes felt like church to me
The height made me feel closer to god
The clouds could hear my silent sins
Reflecting upon the ground below
Rows of fellow travelers all with the same hopes for final destination
Tupelo Oct 2014
You told me to swallow my pride.
I did, it played pinball inside my chest
Left me without a sound or a shudder,
No map to find it or you again,
Now I'm strung out trying to wrap you again in my arms,
This fight be not one I know how to win
Tupelo Aug 2014
Pour one out for me,
I got lost in translation,
Old english is nothing new,
We have our own words now,
Dreamt in the four a.m confrontations,
morose in morning glory sun,
destined to bloom another day
Tupelo Oct 2014
Warmth passed between our bodies,
Your skin was soft and wet,
Let me breath out your name
bury it into your chest,
sweet sensation of touch,
oh how you ****** me,
gentle lover, silent sinner,
I have never craved the taste
of anyone as much as yours
Tupelo May 2015
All these pent up frustrations,
Banging on my insides,
Playing their anthems on my bones,
Waving a flag for news of the fallen,
Take back my morals,
Return me to my bed,
I'd trade my soul for pocket change,
Sick of the tongues knotted in nooses,
Tired of the silence used and useless,
These pens done gone and run out on me,
Dried themselves of all that is left,
So slit my wrists and write with blood,
Because that's all this really is anyways
And I wasn't even in my body anymore
Tupelo Oct 2016
Tonight I met a child with a
mouth full of band aids,
Something about his joy helped
to lessen the hurt in others,
The kid had a smile like spring when all the tulips come back from their
long winter slumber,
And that boy sang as if the whole world was his audience and he was the only spotlight,
I pray that someday i too can have a mouth full of band aids,
And a smile like tulips in the spring.
Tupelo Aug 2016
**** a love poem
Or those love to **** poems
I don't care about my heart
Or the desires in my bones
This is neither of those.
I met a woman last night
With a laugh that sounded like spring,
Eyes that smiled when she blinked
And the allure of a goddess.
I've never known such charm
But ******* you made me come alive
And every single person there that evening
Felt the same way
Tupelo Nov 2014
Paper, Pencils, and Pens
tools of my murders,
A nice ball point is my preference,
Bloodbaths in notebooks,
Body outlines in black ink,
Homicidal verses roll off the tongue,
Cuff my wrists,
I can't bare to witness anymore,
all the tombstones at the end of these sentences,
Grave digging across the pages,
Nobody said poetry was pretty.
Tupelo Oct 2014
I will not
tell you
all the
I did not
last night.
Many of
them are
and most
whiskey and
as answers.
Tupelo Nov 2015
My body is an orchard
Pluck the fruits of my labors
Feast on the life i have grown
They were raised with water and light
And the cool of the earth
Waiting for someone like you
To steal from me like a child
Wide eyed and searching
I have no remorse, all i can do
is grin wide from cheek to cheek
I'm thankful for you
Tupelo Apr 2019
You turn these afternoons to songs
These mornings to symphonies
Those nights to crescendos
All the music in the wind
Stems from the simplicity in your smile
The contagion of your laughter
The sunlight in your chest
You are all that is
and all there ever was
Tupelo Aug 2015
Somewhere along the Mediterranean shore,
Snug between page white cliffs,
Lies the shore we gazed off upon,
Looked out into the distance,
Passed that gem of a sea,
The soft of evening approaching,
The sun shedding its rays,
Painting the sky pink or purple hues
This sand, quiet as my god,
Western winds nudging the earth,
Begging to inch up beside you,
I knew life in this place, nothing more,
The reflection i’ve been fleeing from,
Confronted my most pure of places,
All the thoughts of the night,
Were washed with the tides
edited and reposted, apologize about that
Tupelo Dec 2014
Walking down the sidewalk,
We locked eyes,
Not knowing each other's names,
But both craving the same oh so much,
And we both can agree,
that neither of us is one for prayer,
Neither an angel nor sinner,
Punished in paradise,
Aware that you and me are 2 of a kind,
Stuck somewhere in-between,
I nod my head, you nod back,
Than we continue on this journey,
Knowing that it must be trekked alone.
Tupelo Oct 2015
She is in love with the stars
All the unknowns, the expanse of the sky,
Tells me about the everything and nothingness,
Most times I don't really understand
Too infatuated with her eyes, wide and gleaming,
Twin Orions,

I try to explain to her my love affair with words
The everything and nothingness they hold
Recently her skies have been flooding my pages,
All the blacks and blues that hang high above
Staining my notebooks cover to cover
This study of celestial bodies
Tupelo Apr 2015
Everything I love is blue,
The ocean holds my heart,
Gave me puddles of itself for eyes,
Told the sky to hold back the rain,
The waves crash heavy along my sides,
And the tides creep up to my knees
You are not blue, but you still hold seas in your palms.
Tupelo Aug 2021
We walked through halls of bones and ancient kings
Tucked away in tombs of glass
amongst the hushed chatter and huddled crowds
Our hands collided in some excuse for a reason
The chatter fell to a silent stillness
My insides fluttered like the guests of spring
And the world came sputtering to a halt
In that moment I remembered what it was to be held
Arms stretched out like that of a child
These longings I have not felt for so many moons
Flooded to the surface with wide eyed wonder
How long has it been since this heart sang it's song
Pouring out the secrets hidden within my chest
You made me alive again
After so many years of slumber
Tupelo Sep 2016
And with the window went the frame,
The pictures of the past years
flew from the exhibits they slept in
Everything from you to the attic
boxed itself in cardboard
And the road lay before us.
The south was resting her sleepy eyes
in the backseat while the rest
of us became mid winter chimneys.
And somewhere between
lexington and Baton Rouge
I forgave myself of my past
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