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living in a way to
avoiding the word failure
in your epitaph,
for a foreseeable reward in heaven,
is like walking on eggshells
without ever breaking out of your own shell.
The fear of failure is worse than actual failure. Failure teaches you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have another shot.

The context seems rather relevant now with what has happened this year.
Here's to hoping you never give up and find the strength to start again.
 Sep 2020 Allison
 Sep 2020 Allison
My heart needs some sorting
to relieve it of its clutter.
I'm afraid once sanitized
it may lose its vibrant colour
 Aug 2020 Allison
 Aug 2020 Allison
All the words unspoken,
were wrapped in conceits
******* in scarlet twines
Sealed well
Like golden joineries
or bamboo’s crease
Inside, two’s secrets

Unwrap each carefully
Press your ear to hear:
Wind, memories,
And Peach Blossom Spring
Randomly wrote this one, and it flowed from my finger tips
 Jul 2020 Allison
Jessica Golich
Dancing to the universal chorus
Exploring the depths without drowning in them
Rituals feeding the mind, nurturing the body and spirit
Flushing the body of sickness; breeding increased levels of synchronicity
A renewed sense of empowerment; mind void of thought revealing a soul full of wisdom
Growing a heart full of love and a mind to explore within this human encasement
Rejoicing in the music of its existence echoed through the realm of eternity
Ascending to a higher vibration; the light of a new world
Creating heaven as a state of mind
Wondrous journeys ahead for those walking the path within
Soaring through all dimensions along the frequency of love
Exquisite, enriching experience; into the quiet of morning, radiating like the sun, the transformative journey has just begun.
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