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BlackHeart Aug 2020
I will always say “I heart you”
Without saying “I heart you”

I steal glances and kisses out of the blue
And grin just by simply looking at you

“You’re beautiful baby”
Something I tell you everyday
Because after all the days and months that passed
You still turn my head and always make me think back
To our first date
**** you’re my soulmate

You still make me blush by your compliments
And give me butterflies all over again

Seeing your name pop up on my phone never fails to make me smile

I kiss you goodnight and good morning
Without even thinking twice

You get up early to get ready for work
And I get up too even when I don’t have to
Because I refuse to miss watching you get ready
It has become one of my favorite things to do

You sit at the edge of the bed
You look so tired but so adorable
You tell me you’re tired
I get up and start making your coffee
But I never add your milk and creamer
Because we both know why

I like picking up your favorite anything
Even when you don’t ask

You’re my muse who brings out my creative side
and I enjoy little projects I do for you

“Just because” flowers and edible arrangements
Because you deserve flowers without any reason or occasion but simply because I heart you

“How are you feeling? Emotionally, Mentally and Physically?”
Things I genuinely want to know on a daily
Because we’re a team and I always got you

I will always say “I heart you”
Without saying “I heart you”
BlackHeart Jun 2020
I have these demons that I can’t seem to get rid of. They’ve attached themselves to my mind, my heart and my soul and I’m tired.
BlackHeart Jun 2020
A year that everyone wishes would be cancelled
So much death, hate, pain, racism, etc.
As much as I’ve been feeling the impact of all that’s been happening you somehow keep me grounded. You’re my peace, my favorite person, my best friend and lover. You’re my blessing, my queen and the best gift of 2020.
BlackHeart Mar 2020
My heart is an unpublished book that I allow only a few to get a glimpse of
BlackHeart Dec 2019
My mind is in a million different places
My emotions are struggling to feel it’s highs and lows
But one things for sure
I’m more at peace than I’ve been in awhile
The thoughts and emotions that flow through me are needed in order for me to fully connect with myself
And I have you to thank for that
You’re my lesson
No hate, no anger just blessed for what the future has instore for me
Because now I know my worth and now I decide to put myself first not last
BlackHeart Nov 2019
I woke up sad....

But I woke up...

And that right there is a blessing
BlackHeart Mar 2019
Headed to a city that I think I’m not ready to go back to
Last time I was there was with you
Not long ago
Very recent actually
The laughs, the smiles the stolen glances
This city reminds me of you
And I don’t know how to undo that
In fact I don’t even know if I ever want to
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