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BlackHeart Mar 26
Headed to a city that I think I’m not ready to go back to
Last time I was there was with you
Not long ago
Very recent actually
The laughs, the smiles the stolen glances
This city reminds me of you
And I don’t know how to undo that
In fact I don’t even know if I ever want to
BlackHeart Oct 2018
Until you can fully forgive
Is when you can truly move on
BlackHeart Sep 2018
I come across something that reminds me of you
I stop and smile
Visions of you
Your eyes
Your smile
Your laugh
Your voice
Just everything about you
I let myself feel you then I get the blues
Because it’s all a dream
A dream that’s too good to be true
BlackHeart Sep 2018
“Could you ever be ashamed of me?
Sometimes I ask how could you ever want me.”
Lyrics so loud and clear hitting me
Triggering these inner demons that take control of me
I ask myself could you really?
I’d like to think that you could want me
But my demons tell me differently
You’re out of my league
I hope one day I’ll get over these insecurities
Because I’d like to think there could be a you and me
BlackHeart Jul 2018
I just want to vibe to good music with you...

If it ain’t you i’d rather vibe alone...
BlackHeart Jul 2018
You know that feeling of addiction?
Imagine an addiction to a soul who gives you the right kinda feels..
Great right?
Now imagine an addiction to a toxic soul..
One that you know is not good for you but you still crave..
***** DEADLY..
Get your *** to rehab..
BlackHeart Apr 2018
find the one who will

build you
support you
encourage you
and push you to become a better version of who you already are

find the one who will
seek to understand
and continue to fight for you when things get rough

and when you find that one
don’t let go
cause they don’t come around often
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