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Tala Feb 2018
You desire the Purity of lakes 
the Lightness of clouds 

She's the naked truth
the war soldiers give up on
she is the Heaviness of black clouds
the Rain inside

You recklessly dance on her hips
step after step
where ships once were wrecked

Mind your dancing steps
mind the landmines
some might Viciously explode
some into rainbows never Explained
Tala Dec 2017
He is the sinner, the lover, the truth I knew
He is the right and wrong combined
I want to write till the ink in my pen dries
Drown in his arms... left abandoned without saving
Drown in safety, peace, in forbidden dreams.

Say my name 
Wipe my tears 
kiss my thoughts 
Leave me hanging wishing for more 

Leave me to drown
Disapear between yours arms
Between the blurred lines
Get lost in vagueness never defined
Tala Dec 2017
Should I Break the silence into pieces?
shorten the Distance?
Three little words
would they Fill the void?
would my heart Beat again?


Can you Hear the whispers?
the waves on Mars
the sun Kissing the sky 
can you Hear the clouds missing the rain?

Three little words 
breaking my Silence into pieces 

Tala Dec 2017
You instigate the rattlesnake
the storm within, under the bones

You feed on my fears then
under the rain your mouth you open
your thirst you quench

You smile when I cry. think about that
the guilt you hug away
in the pieces of my broken spirit, you search for her

I am not her
I am not her

Keep your scars at bay
it's time to love & headway
Tala Dec 2017
Do you believe in signs 
in the colours I breathe
can you read my lips
see the rainbows around my hips

Take a step, hold my hand
hear the braided notes in the air
it's time to dance, to the melody of joy
above the clouds, dangling from the stars 
Sing out loud 
Hold my hand 
Can you see the sun 
Can you see the moon
The love, the passion coloured in maroon

Do you believe in signs 
in the colours I breath 
can you read my lips
Tala Dec 2017
It disappears, gone 
into particles it dissolves 
lighter, flowing

To suddenly return 
into the rotten cracks of her soul 
HEAVIER yet again 
into the cracks
it dissolves with the darkness it unites

Let it slide, let it slide 
till the next season, let it slide 
to the bottom 
It Hits and Hides
secretly whispers into her mind
counting the days till it's "cherry blossom" time
Seasonal Depression
Tala Nov 2017
Dear lover, friend and foe

Sprinkle some of that denial
on my open wounds.
Prevent them from healing -
stir my past traumas;
mix them with my present sorrows...
Stir well till my -
inner peace boils eagerly
for a splash...
of your confusing behaviors.

Your exit plan -
smartly chops your goodbyes.

Take a sip and try the taste
of your drama
of your intentions
and future karma

- Bon appetit
Sometime my pen takes darker directions. Hope you enjoy it!
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