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”You going away with no word of farewell
Will there be not a trace left behind
Well, I could've loved you better, didn't mean to be unkind
You know that was the last thing on my mind*”
Tom Paxton

the lyrics get caught in my throat,
of Tom’s guilty confessional,
so instead of voice emitted,
the letters and words
fall to the ground en-
capsulated in tears
the salt & &pepper
coloration of sad regret
for the multifold mistakes
recalled in black & white graydations
of reflections of loves lost that yet haunt
and now honored, at last, 
 with their very own
words of
Our needs are boundless -
our wounds sensitive -
better not to bare them
- lest we invite opinion,
debate and comparison,
or worse yet, sympathy (euuww).
Songs for this..
Musta Been A Ghost by Próxima Parada
Everything goes my way by Metronomy
If You’re Too shy (Let me know) - Edit by The 1975
george collects baby doll heads

my guestion to george,

do you cut the baby doll heads
off the dolls?
.......Death just takes us.....
Our virtues and our vices
                So long!
Have  you ever felt the days
                Go by so fast
Dare yourself to dream
Clear your mind
You never know
What you will find
Stay on the ground
Don’t be bitter
Fill your heart
With glitter of hope
Deliver the words of our savior
Sometimes we are afraid
Expand your life
Demand to love yourself
Clear your mind
You never know what
        You will find
Say bye to hazy days
At this point of my experience,
I am very content with my reality.
Happiness is being alive, I came here to live a good life and know love from an individual perspective.

Why are you here?
Traveler 🧳 Tim
subtle personal agendas;
flies in the spiders web.
to have escaped, is rare.
one wanted to live by the sea
within wooded retreat

one does not know how it happened
but it happened to me.
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