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Her hair glittered and shone
like glinting strands of gold
or her hair jet black
in a deep sheen of ebony
Ah, witness the Creator's creativity
in beauty's rich variety

Her eyes a shade
of sparkling jade

Or her hazel brown eyes
in all the hues of sunrise.

Her cheeks had a blush
of the red of rubies
Her arms shimmered
as does diamond dust
Her skin was radiant
as mother'o'pearl
Her neck and figure
so sinuous and slender
as the diamond back snake's

The coy quiver of her lips
like blossoming tulips

Her nails one could fancy
were pink sapphire
Ah, she could be a man's desire
set his beating heart on fire

But miss terrific might be waiting for heart throbs to marry
and not just any Tom **** , Bobs or Harry

So even if you may be a lady killer
meet your match
for she may be a femmefatale!

But whether we lasses are blessed
with glamorous obsidian jet black eyes
or eyes in shades of bronze sunset skies
Or our complexion is fair or dark, or our tresses blonde or black
The credit goes to their Creator, the Fashioner, the Wise.
As each is winsome in someone's  doting adoring eyes
A woman is a graceful thing
She is a bird with golden wings.
She is a kite with rainbow tail
She's a tall ship in fullest sail.
She's like clouds of nebulae
She's a moon in Martian skies
She's a kittens purring sigh
She's the Black Swan as it dies.

If a lass you wish to woo
A lithesome lady, eyes of dew
Stroke her when the day is new
Let your promises be few
Action! It is what you DO.

If she's a lady you should win
She wants an engagement ring!
What she craves is simply this
'Tis NOT just how you spoon & kiss
After love's beatific bliss
'Tis holding hands when you grow old
She's looking to your very SOUL.




Catherine Jarvis
So you've stumbled and fell
I say get up at once
I know you don't feel well
You felt like this for months

Yet is time to get up
And dust off your doubts
We could start up a club
Me and you, we'll gather facts

There are so many reasons,
To smile and be thankful
Don't mind the rainy season,
They're hidden and they're bashful

Our challenge is to find them
They're all around us
What could be inside them
Won't ever let anything drown us

So get up at once
Dust off and open your eyes
I know you felt like this for months
You have yet to find life's precious prize
I keep your flowers there,
in the back corner of my
Dark Heart
They wilted long ago
I water them with saline tears
an ever waiting heart
You crept up
from that secret place
Fake Bright
in my black space
If I wrote a book,
you will be my central character.
Million copies later,
I may write through your impeccable knowledge.

If I wrote a poem,
you will be in every word.
A couple of views later,
I may speak through your poetic silence.

If I acted in a play,
you will be my audience.
A few applauses later,
I may act out a monologue of glorious affection.

Say hi,
Say hello,
Say no more,
When words stop,
I will understand,
That we are where we need to be.

If I met you in real life,
you will be my soul mate.
A few decades later,
I may seek a second life with you.

So, meet me now! :)
Even when life hurts, it is better to live.
Even when life hurts, it better to Praise him.
Even when life hurts, it is best to love others.
Even when life hurts, it better to keep moving.
Even when life hurts, I shall keep thanking him.
Even when life hurts, I shall sing him Praises too.
Even when life hurts, it is better to give than received.
For if Christ who is God came here hurting for Us.
Then can't we do the very same thing for others here.
When you lose an family member it always there.
In your heart, an piece that has been ripped out.
It matters not what others might tell you about it..
That eventually you get over it, for that is not true.
You never get healed on losing someone you love.
It has 34 years since my father went away in death.
It still hurts even worst than the day that he had died.
Actually I believe that I was in shocked at the beginning.
But it still hurts really bad especially the anniversary of his death.
My mother, sister, and nephews hurt really bad as well too.
generally gain true great knowledge from one who knows better than you & I
A higher knowledge of truth that's beyond the human scope
cannot  originate from mere mortals BUT from THE IMMORTAL &OMNISCIENT ONE who knows more than any human being.

Eternal life is the life of GOD revealed through CHRIST, intent on gifting those who follow the life of truth & holiness as personified by CHRIST-THE WORD OF GOD

GOD is neither silent nor imaginary
but has spoken since the beginning of time
& keeps speaking to those who
are open to the truth
humbly aligned with HIS love
and goodness of heart

HE has revealed what's beyond any human scope
through JESUS -The LOVEofGOD that came down from Heaven
who also is the ICON & MODEL of eternal life evident through  His death & resurrection, bringing forth GOD's salvation to the entire human race &the radiance of the AFTERLIFE-the greatest hope in glory for humankind
A brief insight on the afterlife, a revelation shown through CHRIST and a supreme gift of GOD for those who live by HIS word of life
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