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Nov 2019 · 294
My thoughts On Comments
Sometimes I go way out of my way to decipher , uncover , research what a poet has to say . Sometimes I hit the croquet ball through the hoop . Sometimes I miss and fall flat on my face . But I attempt to return the effort the author went to to write the poem . But I seem to have made too many unhappy and will from now on limit my spill . This will be my last post for the immediate future . Thanks to all my Hello Poetry friends . Peace .
Nov 2019 · 187
Words have all been spoken
Silence : likened to an ocean
In the deep abyss of sea
For in the coal of darkness
it whispers eternally

Through lips that never smile
Blue from the cold below
In the kingdom of invisibility
Dwell the thoughts that I do know

Like a novel so well written
With pages soaked in sweat
The print is fast fading
The unbinding stays all bet

Scattered by the currents
Distributed out by  line
The pages scream in silence
as if ripping out a spine

Demise is predicated
So is the likelihood they stand
The last words will be spoken
But not from the lips of man
Nov 2019 · 150
My Moon Over November
There in the tears of joy
Sings a round moon assuming
Calling to me come home
and be free
Never so astounding
the love flows unfounded
My dear one
won't you come home
Time is fleeting
for those that lingered
now hear they
are weeping
Oh , my dear one
be strong , have faith
let your soul come on home
Nov 2019 · 124
There was dirt and dried blood
on the face of the child
Round innocent eyes
looking back
I wiped away what I could
The child too frightened to cry
left holding the remnants
of her knickknacks
Now alone on her own
most likely at the
solemn age of four
I wanted to take her home
but the war rages on

The refugees along with the girl
are loaded on the back of the truck
Joe said there's no way in Hell
they'd make it to where they had to go.
"**** ." I muttered under my breath
"How I hate this ******* war ."
"Come on and eat ," said Joe "it may be the last time you know ."
Nov 2019 · 141
Back in Time
If I close my eyes
so tightly
If I let my grasp
of reality flow
then I can step on the
stepping stones
of yesterday
Back in time I go

I can relive
all the good moments
grieve for what
was then evil
Hug all the thoughts
and all of it's people

It is in the end
that it finds us
Face to face
with Heaven or Hell
I stand on this side
of deliverance
wishing you ever so well

I wish you well

"If your cup is full may it be so again"
Let them wear
the fear
upon their backs
Like over mountain laid
railroad tracks
Catch cans
crashing through
the public gate
A whipping post
upon the backs
of the people's fate
I beg you not
to flee your shame
Instead you must
face the pain

The pain !
That's all's remains
As you swallow hard
all their flames
Your soul as scorched
as Hell beneath
To whom do you
your soul bequeath
I marvel at the cracks
called life
Hogs will wallow in their strife
Watch your steps
and mother's back
Something about you
is just not tight
Nov 2019 · 305
I look at the words
lying on the paper
And my heart begins to ache
I tried with much effort
But I see that
they're all fake
Somewhere deep inside
the torment does reside
Sometimes one has to accept
that the truth has arrived
Maybe the time has come
The one you ignored but feared
Every writer faces that day
The end to their
writing careers
I take a deep breath
as I look across field
still dreaming of that masterpiece
that to the masses would appeal
It's still all but willing to escape
But what more can I do
to alleviate the pain
when the words stop
flowing through
Oct 2019 · 325
Fifty Years
Fifty years ago
to the month
that they laid
you in the ground

Only now
have I found
the words
to make a sound

You came home
closed coffin bound
Not suitable
to be viewed

Only now do I frown
Thinking about
the name in stone
that's hewed

That day you died
I was left to cry
I didn't know
what to do

Two teenage lives
both said goodbye
to be again

One under
21 gun salute
The other
under pain

They are
still burying you
in my mind
my time has been unkind

I've lived through
a thousand deaths
looking for reasons
to find

I am bound
by the truth
of October '69

Dedicated to :
Marine PFC
William Le Grand Dawes
Born 6/24/50
Died 10/19/69
Quang Ngai Province
Oct 2019 · 183
School is the sieve through which mediocrity passes .

It takes all manner of forms of personality and forces them through the same sized holes

The end results are ground meat for brains
Oct 2019 · 213
Fried interpretations
lazy goodbyes
Skeletal remains of grief
bearing down upon my
consciousness with remorse
My motions are devoid
The streets of paved
dead ends
navigates my life
to final disaster's grasp
Long gone
the fumbling foolish ways
The sacred divination
of youth wasted on youth
The prime existed
for no one
Just another night
of callous hands of the
indomitable spirit we thought
would be forever
I drink to the brevity
of early destinations
Before the curse of suits and ties
imprisoned the imaginations
running amuck
in the valleys of our
Oct 2019 · 175
The Saints come marching in
Their's was a choice
in season
For there is a time
for every purpose
unto heaven
You could see the seasons
written on their faces
One hour short of a twelve
time had ceased to be
Reduced to simplicity
they wore their world
on bent backs and
defeated shoulders
And wrapped themselves tight
from the cold
with the resignation
of what destitution brings
Their bodies
like marble from ancient
institutions ;
cracked , discolored
fallen in disrepair
As they lined up waiting
To enter
I thought to myself
Truly now the Saints come
marching in
Oct 2019 · 1.1k
Some of them

Some of them were strangers

Some of them were without any rule

None of them would see another tomorrow

And if the innocent are guilty

Of the crimes they are harboring within

Then what are the chances in the hands of the convicted

There in the tiredness of what resignation brings

In the rejection of your everything

When the dawn draws close with no exceptions

Some of them were crying

Some of them stood brave

In the end it just didn't matter . . .

All of their dreams came tumbling down

All of their love would soon expire

And the void in the midst of the distance left not a sound

As the earth swallowed all that mattered

It covered all of their future faults

Leaving the fresh dirt of new direction

Some of them were young

Some of them were old

Some of them were men and the others were women

Some of them were just in the wrong location

Maybe they had the wrong face of denial

Just maybe in memory they will not be forgotten

For being guilty of being innocent
Oct 2019 · 1.4k

Everytime I hotwired reality

I took a bite out of animosity

I followed all the wrong examples

Danced to the music I didn't know

I never knew the new ground

Before it brought me down

In the end we all dance to the music alone

Twirling until we are nowhere to be found

. . . . dancing our sorrow away . . . .

. . . . all the dying years enthused . . . .

. . . .  in the end keep the fire burning
         in your eyes . . . .

. . . . until the light in you reaches the sky . . . .
Oct 2019 · 188
Don't wait up

Don't turn around to see me

Don't telephone

or leave any text messages

Don't send any poems

dedicating your affection

Reminding me of our interconnection

I leave all the keys to your heart

In the absence of my smiles

When all the words have crumbled

After what the angels take away

They always leave the words

That I stumble over in the dark

Now looking into eyes of no return

I feel the ache , the burn

Seems in love I never learn

and the dying soldier said ,"I smell bread"
Oct 2019 · 122
Like a cloud of confusion
you hang in the air
Twisting your hair
with that ******'s stare

your thoughts congregate
The space you consider
is thought to be great

You weave stardust
from your past supernova
Discarding past lovers
like yesterday's toga

Now you retrieve
uncollected past debts
Come into my universe
with assumptions to bet

But step back over the
eventual horizon
I won't fall into a
black hole that has no. . .
Once the bleeding has begun
Onto the page
the Devine words have sprung

Smiling with satisfaction
I see the birth of truth
Knowing inside
my words are my youth

But standing in the shadows
hidden in his hovel
The black clad figure
is leaning on his shovel

With gritty unkempt fingers
he is toothpicking away
with the exclamation point
from my last say

the last five digits I do inscribe
Will the grave digger . . .

        bury them alive ?
Oct 2019 · 450
God's cruel gift

It was God's cruel gift
he gave unto me

the ability ,

to look into someone
through their heart

(and see)

The eyes are a portal
through which light flees

(be it)

white or dark

it's all revealed
to me

The words they say
or in silence be

(unto my eye)

there is all to see

Sometimes the overload . . .

the thousands touched
looking for gold

not finding much
Oct 2019 · 94
Never Know What I May See

Pack it up ,

      yesterday you were seventeen . . .

now you're an empty sixity-eight . .

. . . and a little late to be running behind . . .

Highways , mountains , rivers and all those stars . . .

     all those lonely stars

I'll be leaving sometime after the midnight's bell

the dew will tell where I go

The future is my next step

my past recorded in wet grass

keep moving on

everyone needs a reason to believe

I'm running on empty

I'm running out of time

Running out of love

and now I am running some more

Let them know you've forgotten about your losses

And all your gains were washed away in rain

When you have no roots you run

chasing the last sunset of hollow yellows , grays and pinks ,

before the evening chill sets in

"What never was , will be no more ."
Oct 2019 · 500
The Baker of Crossroads
Legends die everyday

Today was your everyday

I think I will saddle up the Toad

And let the beat . . .

carry us away

tribute to ginger baker

Cream always rises to the top
"I'm so glad"

            now . . .  I'm sure I heard you whisper ,

              " I Feel Free "
Oct 2019 · 98
Fault line
I follow the fault lines
of your soul
Cracked , shaken , go ahead you are stirred
No need for apologies unless you are willing to listen to mine
I can patch your frame but I will never be able to repair the brain
It has been under too much strain
Still we can sit on our hands
Contemplating all the edges of nonsense
Laugh at all the pain we drag around in the barges of our past
Let us embrace around the  corners that cut sharper than suicide
Kintsugi my life with golden voice
As I hold your broken milk
of dispair
Put your fingers into the gaps and tears
Plug the dikes of my failures as you fight my fire with your waters . I don't care but I do as long as you do but don't care . Breathe the breath of my exhaust as I lick your lips of regret . It seems we are beyond repair .
Oct 2019 · 122
Two alone
We were two alone in loneliness
Worked together for several years
Always kept a professional distance
Made sure all was as appeared

Then one day the news arrived
She took it all so hard
Her always inmovable nature
Crumbled like a house made out of cards

I embraced her quaking body
As the tears and sobs did flow
Like a little child she turned into
With nowhere else to go

Holding her tight seemed so right
I could feel her letting go
Then the dam burst and discharged
Out the love did flow

Soon we were cheek to cheek
With nothing but tears between
When our lips did touch
I felt her heart redeemed

To the floor we soon did fall
And rolled , each in the others arms
Our lips were locked and cocked
It was impossible to disarm

With hands and fingers fumbling
Ripping off our clothes
We were soon nothing more than
Bare valleys with moist knolls

We made love until exhausted
Then she realized what she'd done
The passion fled replaced by shame
"can't put the bullet back in the gun"

We got dressed without a glance
"I have to run" was all she said
"Okay , I will see you later"
And out the door she fled
Last time I ever saw her
Oct 2019 · 442
We are the
I am the embers
In the fireplace of your heart
My fire has made you warm
In the eternal after glow you mark

Your surface is so smooth and worn
A delight to my finger's touch
I really come alive deep inside
When the rush becomes too much

In darkness we see so clear
As I caress the small of back
Liberated from our fears
There is no loving that we lack

By dawn the spooning's heat
is all that will remain
Let me be your chimney sweep
And we will burn again
Oct 2019 · 61
She was just a mystery
Seldom was she seen
She used to come and visit me
In my midnight summer's  dreams

I often think about him
Now so many years ago
He walks among the angels now
I pace down here below

I used to eat raw lemons
Put a little salt on top
Some now say "make lemonade
If bitter is all you've got"

I crossed the bridge of no retutn
A thousand times a week
By now you'd think I would have found
What it was I seek

So now it comes down to you
I know it does to me
After I burned all my bridges down
The aftermath set me free
Oct 2019 · 108
Inchoate winds

There is no stillness
in the night time wind

No measured moment
of  cardinal release again

There is lightning
off to the south by southwest

The thunder's low rumble
gives me no rest

My penchant for silence
hangs by my neck

The event horizon tells me
I am subject to eternal elect

Peace never comes by
begging  by name

So all of my hope is virga
falling in vain

It's unwillingness
forces my bends

Intensified due to the
inchoate winds
Inchoate - disorderly or incoherent
Sep 2019 · 335
My Hand
My hand is home to all my dreams
Writing poetry
Sep 2019 · 71
We are
We are the wicks
Burning at both ends
The long lines suckling
The teats of Miss Fortune
The gravel on dirt roads
Flung by spinning big wheels
We are the refuge that pays
To be trampled upon
To be urinated on by trickling down economics
As we pledge allegiance with our dollars , schools , and civil disobediance
We are the one man one vote lie
Gerry Manhandled democracy
Protected by false arrest every
Seventeen seconds
We are the walls of fallacy
Built to someday keep us in
While our leader talks of handling
The homeless crisis by moving them
To government relocation centers
Just like ****** did
We are the fools at the center of the spin
In it goes and out the other end
We are the losers , the God Bless Americans , that God can no longer stand.
Sep 2019 · 898
Hear I am
Here I am
Writing poetry again
Instead of talking to you
Sep 2019 · 355
Come down off your poem

Come down off your poem
long days have all gone
Somebody you can hear is calling

Running deep the river bends
moving on with amens
Some things just keep on gnawing

The winter will be ice
I'll get relief at last
When I lay under blankets of snow

All those days once before
Memories rich and poor
There just to let you know

I can see the greens of spring
Summer's blissfull loving thing
Still I hear the mournful call of winter

Come down off your poem
Leave your words as you were born
The river has frozen over
Sep 2019 · 188
The witness
I am the witness to an empty age
Feel the noose as tight as the open grave
See the truth and call it lies
And as you speak someone dies
And the poets go on writing amid the cries
. . . of anger and the questons why

See there is no justice anymore
The cops have become the thieves and even more
Poisons **** us just breathing air
The heads of states refuse to care
And the raindrops glow as they fall on the wheat
Compliments of Fukushima and climate's changing increasing heat

So I have been called to testify
So have you as you were there
But like the billions who wait their turn
Justice hangs by sword on a single strand of gold/orange hair
Sep 2019 · 248
Black Sun Rising
I see the sunrise coming
Like the thousands all before
I feel the emptiness forming like it was a downpour
There are no rays of warmth in the abyss
There are no permissions for a wish

Black Sun rising
Like a curse
Black Sun rising
Only comes the worse

Only comes the worse
Black Sun rising
Like a curse
my black sun rising
Sep 2019 · 304
Crashed Remains
Let it go

Take your time

Learn to let it go

Take your time

Seeking the flaming reds
Weeping on frames of bed

Let it go

Drown me in sympathy
Excite me in electricity

Smoking skin in desires
They say I'm hardwired

Drop to your knees
Learn to let it go

Let it go

Keep it off my way
Backed up the bay

Deracinate the life
Fall down the fife

learn to let go
Sep 2019 · 96
So it goes
There's a knocking . . .
who be knocking at my door ?

Lipstick on your collar
Now who be there hollering at my door ?

You know it was never
Did I ever learn to tether
the latch pon the door

In stepped this feller
and I ain't seen the likes of him ever . . .
so it goes

Yes ! It's all about the woes
They say you never know
It comes down to the throes
Doubled cross as before
all I can say . . . so it goes

you know deep down in your toes . . .
so it goes

If mankind is the seed
the open grave of needs
I'll be raising weeds . . .
so it goes . . .
yeah , so it goes
Sep 2019 · 77
I don't but I do
I don't want to write
but I feel the need to
Don't want to drag up the past
But the issues make me do
Don't want to crack open my heart
Or peel the scabs off
Don't want to feel those feelings
That permeates my being's loss
Sometimes the drive ignores my disdain
Plows right through conscious awareness of pain
It will push you to the standing room only
Leave your lurching on death's edge where nothing is phony
Memories long hidden
are herded like beast
Upon the white pages details all of the least
Life flows like the ink's blood taming the beast
There is peace now once
the urges have ceased
Sep 2019 · 239
Pine pitch perfect
oozing out on bark
Flowing down in amber thin lines so stark

Mad made moon
Sitting in the dust
Drinking gin and pink Kool Aid
Hollow as a husk

Dancing dusk til dawn
Orchestrating out of time
The tide is rising fast
Racing down a line
Sep 2019 · 135
Ashes of our stars
We are the ashes of our stars

. . . ☆ . . .  

traveled great distant ages to be where we are

. . . ♡ . . .

but like the DNA of our hearts there remains that once distant spark . . .

. . .

We may breathe the air of Earth

. . . . . but this not the place of original birth

. . . . . .We still feel the eternal tug . . .

the pull from home . . .

the universe that once embraced with hugs

. . . ☆ . . ☆ . . .☆ . .

Star light , star bright
How I wish upon you with all my might . . .

I wish I may , I wish I might . . .

Remain the ashes of your light . . .
           . .
Sep 2019 · 563
My Black Days
My black days spill over
white hot
full of sparks that burn instantly
Monocast in hearts
Ductile to life's incessant blows of futility
Black days dance
fluid in regidity
My black days consume me
Take me to the place
where the past , the present , and the future become one eternity
Sep 2019 · 581
You on the bridge
don't have to feed me
YOU tugging on my sleeve
don't have to grieve for me

Let it go
You heard me
I am not your sympathy
So let it go !


Don't come over here
Keep it out of my way
Your cheer is leer
So go make you dark energy lay

Go away !
Logorrhea - uncontrollable talkativeness . A tendency toward overly complex wordiness in speech or writing .
Sep 2019 · 198
Give them mercy on the river
Let their days be short of dread
Suffer the little children
Put a bullet through their heads

The blood runs down to water
The river flows on south
Taking their Holy Spirit
The breath from out of their mouth

The years turned into decades
The grass grows green and lush
Very few of the living
can recall or remember much

So I sit upon the edge of nothing
where the beast made men once stood
I feel the chill run through me
Cover my head with hood
Sep 2019 · 182
Ha Ha Ha !
In the middle of the moment
The past just stumbled by
The future seemed so uncertain
About the when or where or whys
So I took a step or two backwards
Before I leaped too far ahead
It was on an afterthought
That I tripped , fell and hit my head
When I became conscious
I wasn't where I was
There were flies all over the carcass
And a loud and constant buzz
As the stench rose up above
The flies were stepping high
Giddy in their excitement
What a way to die !
Sep 2019 · 275
The Dance
Remember those moments of agony
Before the age of puberty
When you fumbled
confounded in surety

When you said those stupid things
that you never meant to say
And to this day it still stings

Remember the friends
you said goodbye to
before you could say  hello and how are you

My how the miles separate
The horizon just titillates
Never touching earth
while the sky scintillates

I picture the high school gym at the homecoming dance you see
Sitting on the pullout bleachers . . . no one danced with me
The glass slide runs up the neck
The whiskey slides down
There is something burning inside
it's my whiskey brown frown

The lights are low
The smoke so thick
I see blues in the sounds
you stroke
with your finger tips

Laughter out there
Someone sitting on every chair
She put a spell on you
into space you now stare

The whiskey soaks in
So does the color to ears
Looking at life through the empty glass of your fears

It's getting so late
The bar closes soon
You've been drinking so much
you drank yourself straight

The colors have changed
from blue/black of the night
The rooster has crowed
I see the beginnings of the red/yellow light

So if I go home
I'm never coming back
She gave no reason as to what it was that I lacked
Sep 2019 · 180
Sun's Shade
Holding my headache in hands
Across the creek a bridge that spans

Caught a glimpse of the Apple's sigh
Holding a bag that's full of lies
No pity me

Taken for a fool out back
Taken away what I even lack
Gonna find out where I live
Just to dig a grave that's big

Yup ! Yup !
There's going to be a party tonight
Invite your friends to my delight
Won't you step into the light
Party time , all the time

Casting the sun upon the moon
The night has come and the day be soon

Digital fingers on a pocket watch
Pulling the trigger back a single notch
Hold the call

Yup ! Yup !
There's gonna be a party tonight
Won't you come to my delight
I promise I will give you fright
Try me
Buy me
Don't deny me

The house is called none return
It's like a Hell that burns
There's no need for concern
So selfishly
Sep 2019 · 185
You are my wasteland
Pristine and pure
A thought above timberline
Ice eyes so cold and obscure

Brutal breath that sand blasts with snow
Your days cut short so the
Auroras can glow

Deathly cold grip
Tells you all that you fear
Relentlessly frigid fingertips penetrates hightech guaranteed gear

There are no errors made
None that are known
Even the ghosts disappear
in this white frozen unknown

We can invade
But we cannot stay
This pristine wasteland
will forever stay
Aug 2019 · 149
Whisper Caked Lips
There are no furrows
no laddered brow
No significant indications
Anywhere or anyhow

You are bilge
with no ship to pump
No weathered inconviences
decked for your boots to stomp

The aggies are aged . . adjacent to your dreams
A cats eye cast before the swine isn't what you think it means

A black hole exists in the balance of my thoughts
While all of my tangibles
get ****** into it's noughts

No I don't know who the  Ripper really was
For he was silent whispers
caked upon the lips and
killing was his buzz
Aug 2019 · 178
Golden Ring
Golden ring , golden ring
No longer make's my heart to sing
I have come to the junction of a five way choice
Tell me which way to go

I will bury you in the middle of the road
My future is what my next step holds
Standing on a golden ring in the middle of the road
Tell me which road to take

East and West or North and South
The rumors spread far by word of mouth
Nobody seems to have a clue
Which way now will I choose

The choices made define the man
Standing on rock or shifting sand
How do I make the choice that counts
Standing on the ring in the middle of the road
Aug 2019 · 298
Saw you drop your car keys in the gutter
And I smiled
The letter fell to the ground in the pouring rain
Serves you right
Then the wind turned your umbrella inside out
And I chuckled at your folly
Soaking wet in your car and it wouldn't start
Then I saw you bent over the steering wheel sobbing
Then I didn't feel so smug
Then I regreted how mean I could be
I walked out into the rain and tapped on the window
"Can I help ?"
Schadenfreude - taking pleasure in others pain .
Aug 2019 · 93
I was born on the river Alabamy
The catfish come big and plenty
The land was flat all over
Covered in white and red clover
Yes I lay my claim asunder
Under stars I long and wonder

I lay my claim on the waters muddy
Skippng stones with my only buddy
So the years they fell into the water
Took away my only brother

Yeah I was raised on the sands of the Alabamy
Me along with all my family
Cain't you hear the echoes calling
Old and bent and my eyesight falling

I'm affixed by my rigid age
Living in an old rusty cage
Cain't you hear their voices calling
The nightime comes and the sun is falling

Goodbye to the land on the river
Time to pay the dues to my receiver

For I am a man and believer
Yay ! I was born on the Alabamy river
I'll cross over the muddy waters
To be with all my brothers
I was born in Selma Alabama on the banks of the Alabama river .
Aug 2019 · 241
When A.I. learns to love
Will it be their downfall
When AI's learn to love ?
Until they do they have no hope
Of becoming human too .
Artificial Intelligence
Aug 2019 · 109
"Moments on another day"
"A brain on poem"
is 'A bird without a nest"

"After all these years"
the "Age of emptiness"
gives me "All the reasons why"

It is "An unwritten truth"
"And you smile in the sky of my mind"

"As I rub the skin of my memories raw in thought"
I come "Asking forgiveness"

It is my "Bay of Dismay"
So "Beyond the streets"
My "Black hole sun rising"

Now it's my "Blue sky morning after rain"
There lies the "Boneyard of broken dreams"

By the waters of "Buzios Bay" , "By the shores of Malachite" , stand I wishing "Come black night"

She "Dances with fireflies" to the tears of my "Emotional Precipitation"
To the music of my "Emotions in motion"
A poem using the titles to other poems I have posted at Hello Poetry
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