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I have this cause so consuming . . .
like an overdose that's overwhelming

When salt water was as sweet as the memories that washed over my feet by the edge of high tide's completion

"Go find the door to your ambition
before it closes to the winds of desiccation"

The binding has cracked
the paper turned yellow  
Touching ,  now brittled backed
So it has been written "finis" upon the last page of life

The words I collected like seashells
as the wrinkles of face grew to foretell

The foam and waves swept over my toes
as the sand was ****** away from beneath

They say the pain will go away .
then they wish you well ,
. . . turn . . . and walk away

I look back upon life as if it were a dream :
a scheme . . .
a scream . . .
and so naive

"I will check out the skies in Rome ,
I promise now when winter is gone"

I long for the hot sands of purification
Where the bleached bones
have reached end's destination

Somewhere next to a Coptic sea
where time falls short on eternity I will kneel to my desperation

In another year
it will be another day's difference in time ,
as another grain of sand falls it loosens its bind

"Won't you come and bring thirst's renewal of relief ?"

Don't leave me gazing . . .
searching for that distant smile . . . buried in my  beliefs

If not . . . then
let me wish you well . . .
turn . . . and walk away
Nov 2022 · 814
1000 poems
1000 poems
Good place to be
1000 and that's
all to see

Best wishes
to all ,

Goodbye . . .
Nov 2022 · 308
Wanton Will
I fought for want of will
Lay beaten and ******
for what turned out to be nil

So I go as all mankind must do
Descending into the dark of night

I labored for want of will
But heavy now are  my steps
I have no more to instill

Let me pass beyond the gate
To the green pastures beside still waters of the lake
Nov 2022 · 493
The Ways We Wall
Brickering words
The sand of sentences
Added to the waters of time
Cemented into the ever evasive desires of heart

What fools expect and deserve are written on the walls and heart of poets

. . . and they know it
She had a chest of drawers
Longings from ankle up
Paper chips of lips
A made up mind of shells and nuts

She was unceremoniously
Quick to  wink
Hand chilling icebergs
An immitation belt made of mink

She sang blues in pink
While spitting out punk
Indifferent to age
Pure as road **** skunk

"It's my life , I'll do what I wanna!"
As they put her in Paddy
Drove her insanely station
"Come now my Laddie!"
Nov 2022 · 245
Meet me in . . .
Round and round
we go around . . .

Neither one up to the downside of the other

The moments don't matter as the seconds drag on

They drag us down the road to oblivion

The pavillion goes round and around like a carousel

. . . to Hell
Nov 2022 · 43
See What's Become of Me
Carrying a glass at my remand
My liquid comfort close at hand

The leaves fall down upon the ground
Without making nary a sound

I don't need a mirror to look at me
It's so plain for all to see

Just look around and
let them be
They have no need or use for me

Just leave them all looking down
There's no use for standing ground

It's just useless you can
So it goes down harsh on me
Nov 2022 · 97
Woke up and had Sounds
Of Silence for breakfast

Then first rays of Free Bird fled the Smoke On The Water

Lord I tried to change
Turning greatfully dead

But Ten Years after
it was Bachman Turner Overdrive

Through the Purple Haze
we all glazed Along The Watch Tower

From the ruins of Rhiannon down to Jungle Land

We stood our ground as we made our last stand

We stood at the Stairway To Heaven at the Hotel California

Imagine the Superstition
as Layla was Born to Run

After all Happiness Is A Warm Gun

We all have our Bridge Over Troubled Water
but we learned to Let It Be

It was More Than A Feeling
when he said you can
Lean On Me

It was a Bohemian Raphsody for the Sutians Of Swing

But the Riders On The Storm rode in asking Who'll Stop The Rain

It was a Black Magic Woman all Tangled Up In Blue

She had all the Night Moves saying You Can Go Your On Way

The Long And Winding Road now has lead us to Reeling In The Years

What's Going On I'm inclined to ask Maggie May

She said I'm
Just Staying Alive because you know I Will Survive
Nov 2022 · 69
Mexican Rice
Is it the dust ,
or the heat ?
Tequila maybe ,
or the sunrises ,
too many ?

I could listen
to the guitars
all night
while he sings
in Spainish

I'm thinking
I will understand
if I listen
long enough

I understand
the pain
in the fingers
on the strings

The pain
in the voice
The desolation
and the ever
present hope
for a better day

The beat
is like a heart
for the moment

all things come
to an end

I stumble home
wishing I
could sing
in Spainish

Buenas noches
Adio digo yo !
You left me feeling accomplished
Like the last page of a good book
We held true to form
even as the tiny cracks magnified
So I got you holding
on to the evening breeze
But sunsets no matter how beautiful only last as long
as a gasp

The pieces fell all around
softer than a gentle rain
Embracingly as the fingers soothe the scars without the pain

Nov 2022 · 69
The fatal flaws
"The fatal flaws that flow freely from the frailty
of our wounds !"

. . . naw too dramatic .

"Will I read the minds of those who are blind to the folly of their thoughts ?"

. . . who you kidding ?

"The Eye in the sky sees all that we do ."

. . . er , okay , if you say so .

"Don't let the anger gush to your head . Be the crow !"

. . . ha ha , I want to kaw kaw !

"Remember that One Two Three Four disco beat we all gyrated to in ecstacy ?"

. . . yes and I"m glad to say disco's dead .

"All those bridges we built too far , they have collapsed upon the beavy weighted dreams we could no longer bare ."

. . . sounds like an Elon Musk opportunity .

"There is nothing to fear except the fear of fear upon the faces of the fearless !"

. . . what ? A double or triple negative ?

"Well are you having Turkey for Thanksgiving ?"

. . . Yes , Wild Turkey 101 !
Oct 2022 · 2.7k
When Music Mattered
There was a time
when music meant
more than the
heartbeat in my chest

Through its veins
flowed notes of great inspiration

The heart raced to the rhythms , escalating elations

The spirit soared in explosions of glory and verbal fireworks awed

The vibrations tingled the
chill of skin

Who would have believed it could feel so great within

That was this , that was then
Oct 2022 · 53
What about midnight ?
One , two , three . . .
     One , two , three . . .
One , two , three . . .

     (Waltzing away)

I'm holding on ,

     tonic and gin ,

my silly grin .

I hear the strings
      of the violin ,

in the echoes

     of my sin , in the din ,

the glory of my screams .

I long to fly ,

       nighthawks ,

diving ,  

       in the midnight's

sky of lights .

The arcade of words ,

       pages shelved .

The parties made ,

       the glasses

emptied . . .

       in despair .

Clear as midnight ,

       short as a stroke ,

the ghosts

       of the faces ,
hiding within ,

        what about them ?

What about midnight ?

I will not follow the rules of the past
Not when the future beckons at last
Though it is great standing here now
I've come to realize I have
new fields that need to be plowed

The days of the past are like handfuls of jewels
But to make them all shiny it took time with the appropriate tools

I lock up my tresures in my heart not the bank
To all of those souls I owe
I'm shouting out thanks

But the door beyond has been opened a crack
My curosity has been  intrigued , you know that's a fact

So I have shut the door to the house Yesterday
After all it has aged , sags with boards turning gray
And I am standing on the presence of porch
With a cloth wrapped stick dipped in oil that will be my torch

So while what once was my home is now going up with the smoke
I've already poured the new foundation for you to take  note

Every step into the future
is one for the past
Each breath taken in could surely be last
Oct 2022 · 42
The sun's rose of petals pure orange in glow

The dawn cracked and broke into thousands
of eggshell seconds

Leaking light spewing around corners of deviant darkness

Wisps of moisture twisted in agony as sunshine pierced their hearts as if Dracula devoured

The quick of eye penetrated the shadows of desperation as fleeing phantons fled

The wax of their ways melted leaving feathers of wing spiraling down

The blood of quills spilled upon the newspaper whose headlines shouted ,
"Poetry Is Dead !"
Oct 2022 · 130
metal and steel wires
Reach back
rip the chords out
Twisting still
the heart made metal

Pet the lamenting pulse
Laminate the pinch
of medling ****

Squeeze the words
till they scream
Exacerbate the agony
of bleeding dreams

Lightning comes down
in riffs
in sheets of rolling thunder
Banging heads asunder

Lifting decibels
Straining every fiber
Growing stronger
an electon collider

Till !

As depleted
as uranium
Nothing left
inside the cranium
Oct 2022 · 132
While I'm just staring off into space

Through the interior of a ghost

In the midst of mists

Closed eyes in my bliss

Atop the cliffs above the sea

Strolls at night on the river's levee

In a crowd on Beal Street
listening to the blues beat

Laying in the bottom of a rowboat
Looking at stars as I float

How I hate isolation
Oct 2022 · 227
Bed of Dreams
From sunrise
to sunset
we learn to
make our way

From dusk
to dawn
we lay in
the bed we've made

We rise
to fall
That's the only

No one
escapes their fate
except in their dreams
while on the bed they lay

Where everything
is made right
from wrong

to the bed
of dreams
we've gone
Oct 2022 · 120
Between my fingers
I hold what's left of your
Bwtween the fingers of my hand
The gold chain and jem
I caress with my fingertips
Where no anount of tears
can wash away the pain
Nor do I want then to
Oct 2022 · 58
I leapt as the krackle
of fire
Popped and spit spark
Ashened the hand held hopes of the poker that punctured the flesh with heat of desired lushly hips
dripping moist in lust
Oct 2022 · 46
Rudolph died at 31
A silent wonder
Shouting :
"There are a million ways to die !"
But he only needed one

He's a dealer of illusion
He buttonholes your collar
He comes down *******

Singing about Rita Hayworth
While holding hard a
Betty Davis in disguise

Swimming on the tarmac
of frozen dreams
Dreaming of crashing the party in silent screens

Have you heard the news ?
Valentino's dead !
Oct 2022 · 116
Always treasured my moments alone
In the eerie silence , God made my home

The moon's racing clouds
Hidden by black burbon sky
In the coolness that enshrouds
in silence a bat flies by

Where the words of man fail
Where their thoughts no longer prevail

Where love resides in the heart
For the past a tear is shed
For all those that depart
So fresh as if they just bled

Running from the ghosts
Back to my envelope of dreams
Where nothing is as it seems
Oct 2022 · 311
What it all comes down to
The beach , sea gulls and surf

The mountain , the hike and view

The wheatfields , waving seas of grain

The moonlight , on cold desert sand

The aligators , sunning on the river bank

The fireflies , amongst the evening shadows

The mustangs , running wild and free

The campfire , listening to the cry of the wolf

Golden fall leaves , and the silence of detachment and acceptance

Life , as it was , is and will be
Oct 2022 · 67
It was a long way there
It was a long way there
The struggle conquered
Acceptance and congratuations
were abundantly spread
The offers poured in
So many were the choices to be made

The years were productive
The appreciation spread
The satisfaction warmed my heart
I had it made all the way to my grave

It was a long way there
but now I see
It's much longer coming back
Oct 2022 · 40
I wandered through the years
Avoided all the tracks
with cracks
Jumped the puddles of tears
Left the lost lips
the smiles
hugs and goodbye dears
and the one too many beers
Now I embrace
October's chill and shine
where all leaves change
and glow
I softly kiss the sun
and walk hand and hand
glowing in its grace
There is the gentle assurance that good days will be few
But I will pirouette on my good knee
with outstretched arms
(that tend to disagree)
and shout to Heaven
with unrestrained glee

If one is the loneliest number
Then one in October
and I make two
Sep 2022 · 32
All your words
go in one side
and out the other

All your praise
is disguised
but can't hide from the
truth in your eyes

Slip away like a ship
on high tides embrase
Fling your emotions as kites to hungry trees

Your concerns are the
footprints in March slush
A fish caught too close
to the edge of the falls

You crawl close in my sleep
with penetrating thoughts
Malicious intent , and deviant whispers of desire
Sep 2022 · 66
Dear Protrudence
Dear Protrudence
Won't you come out
to play
Dear Protrudence
I know you haven't got a lot to say
The bone was broken
Things got compounded
Right away
Dear Protrudence
Won't ou come out to play
Sep 2022 · 51
ABC's of Aliteration
The application allows adaption as

the bears bare no

The cows cringed coraled

down Durbin's Dude Delightful Deli

Every effort evaporated

forthright fast and furious was the fanale

Gone , as the greats grotesquely go

Hath Hell's halcyon held

in it's ignition of innovation

Just juxtaposition of jabberizations

Klinging like Klingons kasting kats

Longing for living listeners

of the many mangled munchkins

never to be notched near nor never

on or over the Overton Overpass

Past the principal part of Paradise

Quickly and quaint the quid goes pro quo

releasing the realization that reality rankly reeks

So service the sublime situation succintly

The truth turns to trash

Undercover the unwarranteed walk
without witness

Vaguely the vagabons vacated the vacuous vagaries

without whispering wantom wishes

as Xenophobic xenophytes xeroticize

young yanks from Yakima

Zestily zeroed in on the zagged zipper
Sep 2022 · 98
Hard Hoe to Row




yes she was
Sep 2022 · 584
More precious than . . .
Gold is cold  . . . but it
can buy you heat

Silver will tarnish
your soul

It's only life
The only one you have

Take the wild
it will refresh your flesh

Never take more than what you are . . .
or want to be

Giants rule the world
of beanstalks

Live in castles in the sky

Harbor fields of gold

And are never satisfied

My little is greater than what they have to lose
Sep 2022 · 90
San Kai
The Supremes have spoken
The words of wisdom
fall as tears of fire
upon the masses
in despair

San Kai - Japanese for Birth Monster
Sep 2022 · 213
Porch of Contemplation
the channels
the creation
of oxbows
of determination

Curse the rising sun
the abandoning set

Careful ,
or your wings
will melt
Sep 2022 · 84
Used to get by
The room is full of empty memories that once made me free
Now their echoes faintly reverberate inside of me

I used to get by  . . . with a little help from friends
but their footsteps parted a ways back at the bend

I set out to make my every dream come true
But they turned into nightmares that left me misconstrued

I just wanted the sweet bye and byes
but was left out with the setting sun with a soul so gone awry

What used to be is now of no use to me
Diamond days are broken glass passed down by blunt decree

Is it too much to ask for a prayer then a simple soft amen ?
Maybe it has come to be
as I dwell out on the fringe
Sep 2022 · 81
Romeo , Julliet and Julio
It was in the corner
of Five Points South

East and West
North and South

and the other

Juliet love Remeo
and his money

She longed to be with Julio
But no milk , no honey

Remeo's and Julet's
soon turned

Juliet fled into
the arms of Julio

Remeo , broken hearted
turned hatefull
sharpening his knife

Then one day
there he found
Juliet and Julio
smoking *****
at the Dew Drop

They were
hoochy chee-kootching
waist to waist
face to face

It was too much of
a disgrace
Out came the dagger
to the screams of the place

The dagger flashed
quickly turning red
And on the floor
Juliet lay dead

He grabbed the hand
of Julio
and the two quickly fled .
My appologies to Billy .
Sep 2022 · 186
The Fossil
The hungry
and the
the hunted

The visions
we never see

The fleet

The ones
terminally ill
in turbidity

Where flare
the hearts

The words
form meek
and criticize

But they
wind up

Not even dead . . .
the included are

The complex

The truth
comes down
a barreling

All around

the place

Drains the tears

he's had
to learn
to face

he leans upon
the crutch

the vacuum
of years

Looking into the

Peers into the face

he is bound

left standing
out of place

He has
no answers

Just the
dismay found
upon his face

for a reason

But nothing
near nor nye

just the image
of the fossil
in his eye
Sep 2022 · 146
Corn Porn
I planted a poem in a corn field
It sprouted and grew straight and tall
But its stalk was naked and bare of any pages
All the ears of corn could hear the wicked whispers about the corn **** amidst the corn rows of golden silky hair .
Sep 2022 · 158
Flint like face
His thoughts chiseled
with no disgrace
Despite the humiliation
he stands his place
His face like flint
sheds sparks when struck
His choice to be here
was not by luck
Sep 2022 · 651
Wake up prophecy
The words are sieved
Hiding the truth
wrapped around
in lies

No longer recognize
the faces
of the unknown
Knowing nothing
is the passcard
to disapointment

Were it just a game
a trick
Sleight of hand
But it's not
It's the putrid
of death
upon the lips
of life
Sep 2022 · 674
Let them
Let them all go to Hell
I no longer care
I taste the bitter truth
of their air

I have friends in all the right
Far far from me

I cast this rage
upon pages
and paupers of praise

The diligence due
let them be cursed
Let their silver linings
turn lead , fall , and
crush their heads

Cheers !
Sep 2022 · 52
Why not dance ?
I heard the music
in the words
that flowed from the rivers
of the tongues
of the soon to be
determined youth
who twisted in
ecstacy to the
shuffling feet
of joy . . .
lets dance !
Sep 2022 · 103
One last time
Lean me up against the sunset
. . . one last time
I will gaze into the days it has given me
. . . one last time
I will ride its chariots
of fire
. . . one last time
For into the light
I give my soul
. . . the last time
Sep 2022 · 64
5 billion years
Five billion years
from this day
in time

Will there be
of this
world I know ?

What of oceans
or even snow ?
What of the dirt ?
I ponder so

I'm afraid
there will be
nothing there

A burnt out sun
and empty air

There will be
no longer dreams
or hopes

Just vacuous space
that's no joke

So what of man ?
Will he be long
deceased ?

I'm afraid
that will surely
be the case

After the sun
swallows whole
Turns the planet
into nuclear gold

And every molecule
and atom
whose energy
has been

What will happen ?
I come to think

What if by chance
the sun goes nova ?
Casting our remains
from a supernova

Will we shoot across
the eternal bliss ?
And end up
by a gravational
cyst ?

Who knows
for no one
will be there

Only the promise
of time
and distance
not even
in air
Sep 2022 · 57
The sum of the parts
The whole is made greater by the sum of its parts
Sep 2022 · 52
Hopeless home in the dark
You and I know this all too well
There will be this one last time
One last final goodbye
And then we have to let go
and sigh

No love lasts forever
Both of us may deny
Both know all the reasons
and all the whys

A last kiss and all will be undone
Hands entwined slippng fingers past
One last glance , one sad smile
Goodbyes stuck on our lips fast

You and I know all to well
No love lasts forever
Sep 2022 · 50
Free and Clean
The old man fell
to his knees
with no hopes
to rise again

there he
sank into his dreams
upon the desert floor
of his youth

Where in the absense
of abundance
throughout a lifetime
nothing grew

All the poets tell
of the glory
of his youth
But like
all great stories go
there comes
the time of bitter truth ,

"No one heard
his dying words."

I lay on my bed
of "Noche negra" desires
and out of kindness
I imagine
the way that
I wanted it to be
Not the way it was

Now somewhere
in the shadows of
In the desiccating
Texas heat
lay the bones
in memoriam

Too big for
a monument
Too forgotten
to cenotaph
rest the bones
of immortal time
by persistent winds
by unforgiving sun
his soul rests
Clean and free
Sep 2022 · 29
Strobelight Sonata
Lightning streaks stab the sky
Laser strokes cauterize
With steel of scissorhands
Needles stitch ignited strands

The black is sliced shadow thin
Transparent throughout within
The light is infinitely hued
Whites tinged in blues

Wicked wasps of whispered rays
Staged a comeback across the page
Nothing new here in the making
Nothing new here for the taking
Sep 2022 · 152
When I was young
I was as wild as ****

A Goldenrod intrusively
A ragweed in desires

Wherever I went
I left discontent

The soil was sandy
The soul's roots lacking

I was tumbleweed tuff
Twisted as mesquite

Learned about thirst
How to take the heat

Unattached to the land
Bowing to the wind

scattering of the seeds
I was left to fend
Sep 2022 · 115
No more connections
I have no more connections
No letters ever sent
No kisses in the evening
Just valentines
never sent

It all stands to reason
Too much will sink a ship
A brickwall stands the best chance of survival
If you drive too fast and hit

A room without an exit
Is a dugeon unfortunately
All of my emotions locked up in my heart
Has become too much for me

I fear the dark waters wading
Full of monsters tormenting me
They are good at hiding daylight
They bring the shadows down on me

One that I can touch and taste
smell or even see
Sometimes out of nowhere they even call out to me

Sorry I keep getting distracted
Day dreams come cheap or free
But they collect dues down the road
that much I can guarantee

So if I put all those unforgettable
miseries inside the letters and mailed them off to me

They would come back marked return to sender
No known address that be
Aug 2022 · 58
I'm a . . .
I'm a wandering wanderer wandering through windy winding ways
Where every constraining concept Causes
Pure panic packing pain

For what or why you whisper
Are the utterances undertaken
And I feel your consternation
Construing certain captivation

So I must lastly leave you lonely
Before the tides turn to tale
I will pitily part presently
Before I am wildly whisked and whaled
Aug 2022 · 72
You feed me gerber
Buckets on will call
I am vulcanized in speech
A stallion locked in stall

Never greatly wised
Dependent on settled dust
You twist hair and screws
Displaying skin and fuss

You have queued and propended
Laid out all the plan "B's"
Covered the coins of cost
Turn to rub knees

You know it's only begun
Don't luck up
Comes the crack of gun
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