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2d · 299
You on the bridge
don't have to feed me
YOU tugging on my sleeve
don't have to grieve for me

Let it go
You heard me
I am not your sympathy
So let it go !


Don't come over here
Keep it out of my way
Your cheer is leer
So go make you dark energy lay

Go away !
Logorrhea - uncontrollable talkativeness . A tendency toward overly complex wordiness in speech or writing .
4d · 77
Give them mercy on the river
Let their days be short of dread
Suffer the little children
Put a bullet through their heads

The blood runs down to water
The river flows on south
Taking their Holy Spirit
The breath from out of their mouth

The years turned into decades
The grass grows green and lush
Very few of the living
can recall or remember much

So I sit upon the edge of nothing
where the beast made men once stood
I feel the chill run through me
Cover my head with hood
Sep 10 · 163
Ha Ha Ha !
In the middle of the moment
The past just stumbled by
The future seemed so uncertain
About the when or where or whys
So I took a step or two backwards
Before I leaped too far ahead
It was on an afterthought
That I tripped , fell and hit my head
When I became conscious
I wasn't where I was
There were flies all over the carcass
And a loud and constant buzz
As the stench rose up above
The flies were stepping high
Giddy in their excitement
What a way to die !
Sep 6 · 204
The Dance
Remember those moments of agony
Before the age of puberty
When you fumbled
confounded in surety

When you said those stupid things
that you never meant to say
And to this day it still stings

Remember the friends
you said goodbye to
before you could say  hello and how are you

My how the miles separate
The horizon just titillates
Never touching earth
while the sky scintillates

I picture the high school gym at the homecoming dance you see
Sitting on the pullout bleachers . . . no one danced with me
The glass slide runs up the neck
The whiskey slides down
There is something burning inside
it's my whiskey brown frown

The lights are low
The smoke so thick
I see blues in the sounds
you stroke
with your finger tips

Laughter out there
Someone sitting on every chair
She put a spell on you
into space you now stare

The whiskey soaks in
So does the color to ears
Looking at life through the empty glass of your fears

It's getting so late
The bar closes soon
You've been drinking so much
you drank yourself straight

The colors have changed
from blue/black of the night
The rooster has crowed
I see the beginnings of the red/yellow light

So if I go home
I'm never coming back
She gave no reason as to what it was that I lacked
Sep 3 · 156
Sun's Shade
Holding my headache in hands
Across the creek a bridge that spans

Caught a glimpse of the Apple's sigh
Holding a bag that's full of lies
No pity me

Taken for a fool out back
Taken away what I even lack
Gonna find out where I live
Just to dig a grave that's big

Yup ! Yup !
There's going to be a party tonight
Invite your friends to my delight
Won't you step into the light
Party time , all the time

Casting the sun upon the moon
The night has come and the day be soon

Digital fingers on a pocket watch
Pulling the trigger back a single notch
Hold the call

Yup ! Yup !
There's gonna be a party tonight
Won't you come to my delight
I promise I will give you fright
Try me
Buy me
Don't deny me

The house is called none return
It's like a Hell that burns
There's no need for concern
So selfishly
Sep 1 · 154
You are my wasteland
Pristine and pure
A thought above timberline
Ice eyes so cold and obscure

Brutal breath that sand blasts with snow
Your days cut short so the
Auroras can glow

Deathly cold grip
Tells you all that you fear
Relentlessly frigid fingertips penetrates hightech guaranteed gear

There are no errors made
None that are known
Even the ghosts disappear
in this white frozen unknown

We can invade
But we cannot stay
This pristine wasteland
will forever stay
Aug 30 · 113
Whisper Caked Lips
There are no furrows
no laddered brow
No significant indications
Anywhere or anyhow

You are bilge
with no ship to pump
No weathered inconviences
decked for your boots to stomp

The aggies are aged . . adjacent to your dreams
A cats eye cast before the swine isn't what you think it means

A black hole exists in the balance of my thoughts
While all of my tangibles
get ****** into it's noughts

No I don't know who the  Ripper really was
For he was silent whispers
caked upon the lips and
killing was his buzz
Aug 27 · 146
Golden Ring
Golden ring , golden ring
No longer make's my heart to sing
I have come to the junction of a five way choice
Tell me which way to go

I will bury you in the middle of the road
My future is what my next step holds
Standing on a golden ring in the middle of the road
Tell me which road to take

East and West or North and South
The rumors spread far by word of mouth
Nobody seems to have a clue
Which way now will I choose

The choices made define the man
Standing on rock or shifting sand
How do I make the choice that counts
Standing on the ring in the middle of the road
Aug 23 · 265
Saw you drop your car keys in the gutter
And I smiled
The letter fell to the ground in the pouring rain
Serves you right
Then the wind turned your umbrella inside out
And I chuckled at your folly
Soaking wet in your car and it wouldn't start
Then I saw you bent over the steering wheel sobbing
Then I didn't feel so smug
Then I regreted how mean I could be
I walked out into the rain and tapped on the window
"Can I help ?"
Schadenfreude - taking pleasure in others pain .
Aug 22 · 68
I was born on the river Alabamy
The catfish come big and plenty
The land was flat all over
Covered in white and red clover
Yes I lay my claim asunder
Under stars I long and wonder

I lay my claim on the waters muddy
Skippng stones with my only buddy
So the years they fell into the water
Took away my only brother

Yeah I was raised on the sands of the Alabamy
Me along with all my family
Cain't you hear the echoes calling
Old and bent and my eyesight falling

I'm affixed by my rigid age
Living in an old rusty cage
Cain't you hear their voices calling
The nightime comes and the sun is falling

Goodbye to the land on the river
Time to pay the dues to my receiver

For I am a man and believer
Yay ! I was born on the Alabamy river
I'll cross over the muddy waters
To be with all my brothers
I was born in Selma Alabama on the banks of the Alabama river .
Aug 20 · 202
When A.I. learns to love
Will it be their downfall
When AI's learn to love ?
Until they do they have no hope
Of becoming human too .
Artificial Intelligence
"A brain on poem"
is 'A bird without a nest"

"After all these years"
the "Age of emptiness"
gives me "All the reasons why"

It is "An unwritten truth"
"And you smile in the sky of my mind"

"As I rub the skin of my memories raw in thought"
I come "Asking forgiveness"

It is my "Bay of Dismay"
So "Beyond the streets"
My "Black hole sun rising"

Now it's my "Blue sky morning after rain"
There lies the "Boneyard of broken dreams"

By the waters of "Buzios Bay" , "By the shores of Malachite" , stand I wishing "Come black night"

She "Dances with fireflies" to the tears of my "Emotional Precipitation"
To the music of my "Emotions in motion"
A poem using the titles to other poems I have posted at Hello Poetry
Aug 19 · 111
4 a.m.
At 4 a.m. I had a whim
why not write a line or two
It's hot outside , 78 degrees , and it appears there'll be no dew
Everything's right
there is no plight
So I'm not coming down on you
But that's the problem
that I have
and it's making me now so blue
How can I write when there is nothing to say
Damm muse has gone away
Aug 18 · 534
Didciduous Desires
I walk upon the flames of my regrets
Rip up the roots of consciousness
from the darkened depths

Someday when and where the river
kisses the sea
When all the stars choose to fall
And there is no longer a gift from the sun
Then I will let leaf
Aug 17 · 147
Withering Lows
Their love was never possibe
It could not be allowed to be
So deceptively decant
The way the beach consumes the sea

Amidst the fields of flowers
Where no one would ever see
He stripped her heart bare
She begged him willingly

Exchanging dangerous glances
It made her heart to race
He consumed her every thought
They made it do in haste

But their days began to narrow
The path became unsure
Deceit flared out of it's nostrils
For their lust there was no cure

The parting was barely visible
She went about her way
He chose the other path
That led down to the cay

She sails on luxury ships
He sits in a crabber's shack
They both look over their shoulders
Always looking back

For their love was never possible
Aug 17 · 95
With All My Withouts
Mary kissed me once
So I kissed her twice

Susan  never wanted to play
So I moved too , far away

Margaret I loved so true
All she did was make me blue

Jane was a beauty
Inside and out

But here I am today
With all my withouts
Aug 16 · 74
Steel Shatters Glass
How does it feel to be ten feet tall ?
Inside your heart is pumping steel
Your mind is made of glass
Though through the steel light cannot pass

"Who is it ? Who is it ?
In your elegance so you stand
When you fall blame the glands

Steeeeeeeel . . .
Shatters . . .
Glass !

Your smile is ten miles wide
Your talk has me beguiled
Steel turns to rust
When no one's there to make the call
Steel shatters glass

Diamonds will cut the glass
But you claim your hands are tied
So now you begin to complain
Your mind is oh so fried
Well too bad as I say ,
"Steel shatters glass ."
I .
I saw the past flee from me
Leaving puddles of memories -
( memories of sadness , salt and pepper , bread and butter ) -
How close we were together
The Glenn Iris in September

II .
The ocean swelled and crashed on the rocks
We made love not unlike the sea
The winter was cold , frozen in love
Then she chose to leave
All my seed fell frozen
All my dreams winter bare

For February fallen
March ascending
Long frozen tears
soft wails , shivering chills
For the stars out tonight
are older than first love
have endured through the void and cold
and comes to me soft in comfort

IV .
There will be new dawns
There will be healing
There will be a new song
New hope and heart ,
as long as the Irish pipes play and wooden flutes . . .
. . . as long as there are walks at the end of the day
Secret gardens where little girls play . . .
As long . . .only as long . . .

V .
I drape the sadness like a quilt about me and dwell on being small
I'm not saying I'm overwhelmed ,
not saying I'm understood
Just saying a robin is
a promise on a snow covered lawn

VI .
Too much in the band
Standing on a corner downtown
Walking in the surf's foam
early one summer's morn
A train whistle  blows forlornly in a dream I have
Someone has been coming for me all these years

Was it all wasted ?
Was it something more than we know ?
A cup of tea in the morning
On the table lie the lines of rhyme . . .
and some time . . .
the supreme enigma
Aug 15 · 98
I Don't Care
I don't care
where you have been
Nor where you think
that you must go
So the same as to the when as long as I see not you again

As long as I don't know the why
Then I have not the need to cry
So evanescence to my memories horde
You've become the rusty nail
through my life's door .

So if you flip
I won't flop
There are millions of seconds
On my wrist watch

You lay the blame at my bare feet
go on now that you know I won't weep
Go ahead and take your shot
I'm so ready for the proverbial
kick in crotch
I contemplate nom de plume (a).
The nomenclator (b) pax (c) kiss of peace (d) .
Coddle (e) the dowry (f) , the dowsables (g) pas de deux (h) .
Fill the kyack (i) with tidytips (j) from California , that land lease (k) .
No irrational number (l) , reality two (m) .

(a) non de plume - pen name.

(b) nomenclator - a book containing a ciollection of lists of words or names .

(c) pax - from Latin pax vobis (peace to you) or pax vobiscum (peace with you). A pax is a liturgical object used in the Middle Ages and Renaissance for the Kiss of Peace in the Catholic mass . It began to replace the actual Kiss of Peace in the 13th century .

(d) Kiss of Peace - An ancient traditional Christian greeting.

(e) coddle - treat in an indulgent or overprotective way .

(f) dowry - property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage .

(g) dowsables - obsolete word for sweetheart or lady love .

(h) pas de deux - a dance for two people , typically a man and woman . A duet in ballet.

(i) Kyack - a packsack to be swung on either side of a packsaddle . Two connecting sacks .

(j) tidytips - an annual wildflower native to western North America .

(k) land lease - leasing the land upon which a tenant may own the home but not the land .

(l) irrational number - is a real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers . A number with an infinite number of digits .

(m) reality two - Jen Oliver Meiert - two realities . One is the physical reality . And the other is psychical reality .

Fatten on krass (a) and farina (b) , fanfaronade (c) , mordancy (d) , honey and beurre noir (e) on toast .
Nothing to ambsace (f) !
The guidon (g) carried by a guidon betraying the one ,
"one's fancy" only to be crushed by a juggernaut (h) . . . promace (i) .

(a) Krass - German for gross or coarse .

(b) Farina - name in the U.S. for milled wheat .

(c) fanfaronade - arrogant or boastful talk .

(d) mordancy - a biting or caustic criticism .

(e) beurre noir - French for black butter .

(f) ambsace - the lowest throw of the dice .
Something worthless or unlucky .

(g) guidon - a pennant typically attached a pole that narrows to a point or fork at the end . A standard for light calvary .

(h) juggernaut - huge and overpowering force .

(i) promace - animal tranquilizer .

Could I quintuplicate (a) the subdebutante (b) becoming tag end (c) ?
Would I cozen (d) the bulblet (e) from the branch Circe (f) ?
The Elaine (g) of long ago evanescent (h) my Hesperus (i) friend .
To Hesperides (j) especially , the Jinni (k), lowball comedy (l) .

(a) quintuplicate - fivefold . To multiply by five .

(b) subdebutante - a girl in her mid teens about to become a debutante .

(c) tag end - the last remaining part of something .

(d) cozen - to trick or deceive . Obtain by deception .

(e) bulblet - small bulb produced on a larger bulb .

(f) Circe - Goddess , nymph , enchantress or sorceress of magic . Daughter of Helios and either Oceania or Hecate . Able to change people into animals with potions or incantations .

(g) Elaine - the women of Arthurian legend who died of unrequited love for Lancelot . From Greek , a girls name meaning "sun's rays or shining light" .

(h) evanescent - soon passing out of sight , memory , or existence . Quickly fading or disappearing .

(i) Hesperus - the planet Venus . Evening star .

(j) Hesperides - legendary garden found at the western extremity of the world that produces golden apples . The nymphs that with the aid of a dragon guard the garden that grows the golden apples .

(k) - Jinni - also Genni . In Arabian and Muslim mythology the intelligent spirit with less ranking than an Angel that can appear in human or animal form for the purpose of possessing humans .

(l) lowball comedy - a deceptively crude comedy with underlying meanings .

My Maginot Line (a) , my Magen David (b) . . . before you board mae west (c) .
The squirting sea cucumber .
The Sammum Bonum (d) goes .
It's Watch Night (e) like a watch pocket (f) .
Zombism (g) we have digressed (h)
The incunable (i) mickle (j) , the  micawberish (k) pentagram (l)
exposed .

(a) Maginot Line - weaponized concrete fortifications built by France in the 1930's to keep Germany out .

(b) Magan David - originating from Medieval
Arabic literature . A hexagram (overlapping equivalent triangles) that was used as a talisman on protective amulets and was known as the Seal of Solomon . In the 18th century it was adopted by Jewish interest as the Star of David .

(c) Mae West - Personal flotation device (PFD) , life preserver . First inflatable life preserver created by Peter Markas in 1928 .

(d) sammum bonum - Latin . From Rome's greatest orator meaning 'The highest good' . Virtue .

(e) Watchnight - a service also called Watchnight Mass is a late night Christian church service . Held on late New Year's Eve . Also called Freedom's Eve service , a celebration and remembrance of the Emancipation Proclamation (enacted January 1 , 1863) which freed the slaves in the Confederate States during the American Civil War .

(e) watch pocket - extra fifth pocket on the right side of blue jeans made for a size 16 pocket watch .

(f) Zombism - the Kongo and Kimbundu system of religious rites . Characterized by worship of a snake diety during Voodoo rites .

(g) digressed - leave the main subject temporaryly in speech or writing .

(h) incunable - a book , pamphlet , or broadside ( a critical response) printed in Europe before the year 1501 .

(i) mickle - a very large amount .

(j) Micawberish - resembling the character of Wilkins Micawber in the Charles Dickens novel
David Copperfield . Especially optimistic to the point of being irrisponsible .

(k) Pentagram - five pointed star used in ancient Greece  and Bablyonia . Which is used today as a symbol of faith by many Wicans and said to have magical powers and associations .

While the rabalo (a) swims the tropical seas
succes de scandale (b) .
While the Exmoor (c) ponies exert , ****** (d) in-and-out (e) .
And the Langur (f) from Laos
lies lethargic , drinking meadowsweet (g) ale .
The Nereids (h) tease and pase (i) in polyrthym (j) .

(a) Rabalo - common snook or sergeant fish .

(b) succès de scandale - a success due to notoriety or things of a scandalous nature . Public controversy .

(c) Exmoor - an area of hilly open moorland in west Somerset and north Devon in South Wales England named after the river Exe . Ancient royal hunting grounds .

(d) ****** -  Queen of Asgard and wife of Odin . Stepmother of Thor and adoptive mother of Loki .

(e) in-and-out - copulation

(f) Langur - long tailed aboreal monkey with a characteristicly loud call .

(g) meadowsweet - or mead wort is a perennial herb that grows  in damp meadows in Europe used to make medicine .

(h) Nereids - In Greek mythology the Nereids are sea nymphs , daughters of Nercus and Doris and known to be friendly and helpful to sailors .

(i) pase - a maneuver with a cape used in bullfighting meant to get the attention of the bull .

(j) polyrthym - a rthym which makes use of two or more different rthyms simultaneously .

VI .
The enchantress in a jaded jodhpur (a) .
So kitsch (b) with the live stream (c) mouth .
A menu (d) with folded mantis hands , a Nazarene (e) .
An à outrance (f) , an abstraction (g) .
***** envy (h) , reach-me-down (i) , rest house (j) south .
The simoon's (k) coming , simon pure (l) in simony (m) .

(a) Jodhpur - also called riding breeches . Tight fitting trousers that reach the ankles ending in a snug cuff worn primarily for horse riding .

(b) kitsch - German meaning ****** art . Excessively garish or sentimemental art usually considered in bad taste or lowbrow .

(c) live stream - to stream digital data . Data that is delivered continuously and is usually intended for immediate processing or playback .

(d) manu - (Sanskrit) is a term found in Hinduism . In early texts it refers to the first men , (progenitor of humanity) .

(e) Nazarene - native of Nazareth . A member of a group of German painters
working mainly in Rome who from 1809 sought to revive the art of Medieval Germany and early Renaissance Italy .

(f) à outrance - exorbitance .To the limit .

(g) abstraction - freedom from representational art . Dealing with ideas rather than events .

(h) - ***** envy - the supposed coveting  of the male ***** by a young female according to Sigmund Freud .

(i) reach-me-down - second hand clothing

(j) rest house - shelter for travelers especially when there are no hotels available .

(k) simoon - a hot dry dust-laden wind blowing in the desert , especially in Arabia .

(l) simon pure - untainted purity or integrity . Absolute pure , genuine or authentic . Also used negatively as pretentiously or hypocritically pure .

(m) simony - the buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges . Such as something spiritual . Taken from Simon Magus
(Act 8:18) who endeavored to buy from the Apostles the power of conferring the gifts of the Holy Spirit .

Come Nisus (a), Lord of misuse.
With your Ibizan (b) hounds
and ewer (c) .
Your ebulient (d) ectomorphic (e)
mentality .
Board a carrack (f) to Chad breastbeating (g).
Put your thoughts on skewer (h) .
While seeking an essoin (i) , flannel-mouthed (j) idyllic (k) .

(a) Nisus - Greek mythology , King of Megara , son of Pandion of Athens . When King Minos of Crete beseiged Megara , Nisus's daughter Scylla fell in love with Minos . She betrayed her city by cutting off her father's purple lock . The purple lock of hair held magical powers if preserved . Nisus was killed and became a sea eagle . Scylla later drowned , said by the hands of Minos and was changed into a sea bird pursued by the sea eagle .

(b) Ibizan hound - named for an island off the coast of Spain . Ancient breed of hounds once kept by the Pharoahs around 3400 B.C.

(c) ewer - a large jug or pitcher with a wide mouth used for carrying water for someone to wash in .

(d) ebulient - cheerful and full of energy . Archaic - of liquid or matter boiling or agitated as if boiling . From Latin ebullire - to bubble out which is the stem of the word Bullire which is the ancestor of the word boil .

(e) ectomorphic - body having a build with little fat or muscle and long limbs .

(f) - Chad - a landlocked country in north central Africa . One of the poorest and most corrupt nations in the world .

(g) breastbeating - a loud emotional expression of remorse , grief , anger , or self recrimination .

(h) Skewer - stick or metal pin used to hold meat .

(i) essoin - old English . An excuse for nonappearance in court .

(j) flannel-mouthed - smooth and persuasive in speech in order to deceive or manipulate .

(k) idyllic - extremely happy , peaceful , or picturesque .

Through the eyes of yashmak (a) ,
below the eyes of  yarmulke (b) .
Whey-faced (c) tunneled half-caste (d)  in a white haik (e) .
Genuflection (f) to Baal (g) , Jehovah (h) .
A docudrama (i) , carbunckled (j) .
As the cross hair sweeps
across professed
liturgist (k) .

(a) yashmak - veil concealing all of the face except the eyes . Worn by some Muslim women in public .

(b) yarmulke - a skull cap worn by orthodox Jewish men or during prayer by other Jewish men .

(c) whey-faced - pale , especially as a result of ill health , shock , or fear .

(d) half-caste - a person whose parents are of different races in particular a European father and an Indian mother .

(e) Haik - a large outer garment or wrap typically white and worn by people from North Africa's Maghreb region .

(f) genuflection - lowering of one's body briefly by bending one knee to the ground . Typically in worship or as as sign of respect .

(g) Baal - was a title honorific meaning "owner" , "Lord" in the Northwest Semitic languages spoken in the Levant during antiquity . From its use among people it became to be applied to Gods of fertility , weather , rain , wind , lightning , seasons , war , and patron of sailors .

(h) Jehovah - a form of the Hebrew name  of God . Means  "I am that I am" or "I am the one who is".

(i) docudrama - a dramatized TV movie based on real life events .

(j) carbunckled - to make painful , sore , or irritated .

(k) liturgist - one who practices liturgy . A form to which public religious worship is conducted . In ancient Greece a public office or duty performed voluntaryly by a rich Athenian .
Aug 4 · 260
New Statue of Liberty
(will be red instead of green holding up an AR-15 instead of a torch)

Give me your bloodied
Your poor dead souls
Your huddled masses
Crouching in fear
On the concentration Camp's floor
Become someone's
Wretched refuge teeming
By the score
Send these now to me the Homeless
Bullet riddled  bodies lying on the floor
I lift up my spotlight
To see the young and the Old lying in the door
Jul 31 · 180
Broken Silence
Free bird without feathers
Neon smiles
Inclement weather

Dashboard camera's
Now you don't have a clue

Tuesdays come and gone
Visions planted
in a song

Planes crash upon the Earth
and ships sink
to the ocean floor

When you finally figure the outs , the ins will
do you in

Shot through the heart
nothing more

His thunder was angry
But the bolts did

Silence is broken
It's name

I wonder
I wonder
I wonder more
Jul 22 · 156
My pen keeps on bleeding
The page . . .  tearly splattered
The nerves . . . completely shattered
My pen bleeds ink upon the page

The world just collided
All fates now be decided
Still my pen bleeds ink upon the page

There will be no tomorrow
Just the thoughts of impending sorrow
And my pen will still be bleeding on this page

I should have done it better
The page is getting wetter
Since the faces bleed tears like ink upon the page

I will not be for hallowed
When I lay prone and fallowed
Still my pen will be bleeding in the dust

And when the ink is gone
And the words run along
Only then will I lay my pen aside

Until then my pen will keep on bleeding on the page
Jul 18 · 92
Closing in
I'm closing in on that last decade
The few years left before I'm found dead
Soon I will be tallying up the score
Then knock knock knocking on Heaven's door
I've had my share of regrets to date
Things done wrong but correction's too late
Sure I've had my moments of fame
Too few it seems and they seem so lame
As I look back the dust has settled
My faith in God tested and it's true to mettle
And no use to think it could've been different
The stones have been laid and the path unrelentent
But the book of life has so many chapters
Eternity hunted down by ghostly trackers
All ends are the beginning of new
Time arrives when the wages come due
Jul 17 · 761
Lay the edge across the page
and cut the words in two

Separate the vowels from the verbs
and eliminate the pronouns too

There is an objective in the adjective
fleshy skin parts the red red Sea

If the emotions in motion cause commotions
they must be extracted

Never before such perception so clear
Picking splinters like scabs off the cross

So what never was will be no more
blood tastes salty in a memory's horde
Scissile means to cut into , apart , or off .
Jul 13 · 802
I've had it
I've had enough
of the words of rhyme
Locked away behind
the bars of stanzas
doing time

All the hopes
and wanna be dreams . . .
Just more nightmares
with chilling screams

No I had it !
and I don't want anymore
I don't want someone knocking with words to implore

Go take your metre ,
Yellow pencils number four
I don't want to hear you
knocking on my door

You can go post
and share with the world
Shelly , Keats , Byron . . .
They all make me feel sterile

A sonnet for your bonnet
Haiku for beret
You can put a quill to it
Go have your good Shakespearean
Jun 19 · 784
Words dripping with dew
So lost in affection
Sharp knife of dedication
Piercing the eye
of the blind mirror

Same wild wet on page
Jackrabbits hiding hedge
So you know your name . . .
just have to scream . . .

. . . oh , well , so well

Shock by electric imitation
emotions in simulation
Stab it in the eye
the blind mirror . . .

   . . . sunrise , coming . . .
the dew is forming
the blind bleeding
. . . black mirror . . .

so well , so well

blind mirror . . .
blind mirror . . .
blind mirror on the wall
"So what ?"

Is what I say to the troubling thoughts tumbling in me

"**** ! Did I say and do such an outrageous thing ?"

Yes you did and now it cannot be forgiven or ever outlived

No matter how many moans or sighs
No matter how many sleepless nights go by

It doesn't help to try and defend
You know deep inside you will never win

So I sit in the silence
In deeper than dark
I mull over and over
my history so stark

So roll on over
my tumble **** in thought
What I did do
and not what I ought
Jun 4 · 130
I will not be a stain
I will not be a stain
upon the pages
of your four
cornered vile

Nor do I wither
but strain to keep
perpendicular the line
so compiled

Your broadsword words
of audacity flecks
off my shield

Leave your lectern
note for note
For you cannot rage
without your kickstand support

So faberge your doting dribble
Your sculpture is cracked
saturated in strychnine
and mace
May 15 · 369
I switched Browsers
I switched browsers from Chrome to Duckduckgo and I have no more problems with my screen hopping around or trouble posting poems .
May 11 · 145
Hello Cyan
Hello Cyan ,
can you come out and play ?
I brought my toy soldiers and cookies my mom made today .
I heard what you said about poets the other day .
It kinda hurts what you had to say .
I don't know nothing about trust and stuff .
I just want to play and ain't that enough ?
You sound like I do when I get my feeling hurt .
It's no fun and I just think they are jerks .
So don't slam the door in my face .
Just take a second and stop second guessing .
Everything is not a life's lesson .
I like pizza but they say I'm too young for beer .
Never liked it .
I prefer Mountain Dew or Gatorade clear .
I promise you I will not make you fear .
So please come out and help me fly my kite .
As reckless
as a bound beauty

on the edge
of eternity

God !
There is freedom
in the temptation
of the fates

One must kiss
the lips of death
to live
I don't know if you do
have trouble writing poetry at HP like I do
It's hard enough to stay on page
It jumps like jack rabbits caught in a hailstorm on the Texas sage
Then it will suddenly disappear only to turn stone cold sober as it has done year after year
The "Who's On" floods my screen .
Even ignores my command to go it seems
It's supposed to scroll not stroll across the page
Just wondering if others share my rage
You can be lost in the forest
Riding on you bike
Galloping on horses
Putting up a fight
Marching to music
Baking a cake
or catching a school bus
before a swim in the lake

You can be a reader
Or the one written about
Maybe a perceiver
Without any doubts
You can be a page turner
maybe one who turns around
You could be lost in a forest
And never be found
Apr 21 · 411
Whisper in the night
You hear them murmur
their voices so weak
You must stand completely still to even hear a peep
They sound so earnest
Concerned more like
Every once in a while
A voice rises in pitch
intense and tight
A day in a court where the lawyers and judge confer before the judge declares the accused guilty without ever asking how do you plea .
Apr 20 · 711
My Hotel California
There at three a.m.
on a dark and empty street
I was out walking
The demons kept my sleep

The music I recognized
Coming down from the open window above
The Eagles "Hotel California"
A song I dearly loved

It was the winter of 1977
Perhaps the coldest on record I know
All I remember was the cold and accumulations of snow

Mike had just bought the album
Invited me over to share
After we were blown away
The music cleared the air

We played it over and over
Every song on it was so great
The chill that hung in the air
Made it easy to relate

I walked back home after midnight
In the cold and frozen snow
Not realizing it was a  -10° below

The cold soon penetrated
I became concerned for sure
I was having my doubts and my skin was turning bluer

To make the story short
I ran to the door the last few feet
I fumbled with the keys
And fell inside to the heat

So now all of those memories come flooding back to me
There's someone up above and they can never leave

So I ease on down the way
out of range of the sound
And I am thinking to myself
To the words I am forever bound

"You can always check out
but you can never leave"
Apr 16 · 151
It's 11:05 p.m. and 10.556°c and getting cooler . The coolness of the night time air soothes my aching thoughts . The calm of silence allows me to breathe a sigh of relief . Only at a distance can I hear the barking of a dog as everything remains still . I am at joy and peace in the emptiness that is so full of life that goes unheard . My mind wanders thinking about people I used to know a long life time ago . I fret over trivia , where are they now , are they alive ?
I know I will never see their faces again , but I can cherish their memories one more time . I can say to the night's indifference long overdue I love yous and break a smIle for eternity . I again say I am at peace , full of contentment , surrounded by the echoes that are silently embracing me .
Almost full moon
Apr 2 · 309
My Moon Over River
I'm going down on river . .
going up in fever
I'll be sending you shivers
all night the long

See how I make quiver
When I tease her
Oh Mighty ! she say
how I please her

Ha Ha , how I kisser
my , my , my ,
um-um , how I

I my full moon fever
swimming on my river
Slowly pulling me under
as I drown in love
There are no stars in the midnight's sky
No clouds but there's rain running down my eyes

No leaves on the branches of the summertime trees
Ever since you turned around and walked out on me

No comfort when I lay in bed
Not with all those memories swirling around my head

No joy or pain feeling oh so lame
I can't see me ever loving again

The clock has lost all of it's tick
Time stands still my heart's so sick

By the time that the year will end
They'll be saying rest in peace , and amen

All because you say we are no more
Goodbye you said as you closed the door

Nothing will ever be the same for me
Ever since you turned and set me free

Ever since you turned and set me free
Ever since you . . . you set me free
Mar 29 · 833
You know what they say about plagiarism ? It's the lowest form of flattery .
Mar 28 · 480
But Memories Now
This poem was written by Shakespeare's Waste Bin on September 23 ,2012 . He no longer graces our world today but I thought I would share his poem about spring with you .

Shush, I hear a Bluebird ring
Around my head the echoing
Of a butterfly's wing

I hear the Crocus opening out
The daisies as they sprout
Nature's whispering are all about

I hear the Foxglove reaching high
Cotton clouds just passing by
And the heartbeats gentle sigh

I hear the courting of a thrush
The wagging of Reynard''s brush
An opening Rose reveals her blush

I hear wiskers scurrying
Bobtail ever burrowing
And magpies quarrelling

Shush , I hear a Bluebell ring
And with it summer bring
Life and love for everything
Mar 25 · 828
You will know
You will know I can't stay here

I belong to the shadows of  night

Your kisses are so sweet but your embrase I can't keep

I belong to the dark side of the street

I can see the moon in your eyes
My heart aches for your loving sighs

But I can't stay here or
I will be undone

I can't be your year after year

The clouds race by your window calling out and telling me it's time to go

As I slip your head from my chest
I ease out and get dressed
Leaving you asleep on the pillow

You will know I couldn't stay here
For I belong to the shadows of night
Mar 10 · 759
Southern Pine
Come back home
to where
the Southern Pines sway

Back to the house
the warped boards grey

Gravel road
for a drive way

Grass growing
in the middle

Between the ruts
and where the car stays

Front porch swing
flaking green paint

Remember the day
I gave you a ring

You gave me a kiss
All that I may miss

Come back home
to where
the Southern Pines sway
Mar 9 · 213
Second hand vowels
He measures his life
not in wealth
but in how many
times he can read
the Bible through

Second hand vowels
that choke
Casual nouns tossed out
used as a joke

I was looking out
across the bay
The sun stumbled
into the clouds
and called it a day
I stumbled over sin
The blue moon sighed

Second hand news
that arrives too late
Seminal smiles
that are so fake

The days slipped between
another year
Wondering what they would do
when she is gone
And then she was gone

Second hand dreams
blowing smoke through the rings
Nothing but prayers
now means a thing

Second hand desperation
She walks like heat
before the summer's

With waves in motion
the envy of the oceans

She speaks in flocks
of rising birds of unison

Leaving little to wonder
in the commotion
of perfection

Her absorption of all
Leaves you exhausted
but forgiven

For her meekness
has inherited my world

And I who was once last
will be first in her heart

Listen !

The thunder comes !
Announcing the coming
of summer rain

And she walks like heat
before the storm
Mar 6 · 496
Married to the Night
She embraces me in chill
Comforts me with her will

Touches my heart in kisses
Twisting in the seditious

Her sadness blankets my heart
Her beauty right on mark

For she has stars in her eyes that haunt me
Her compassion reaps all sea to sea

I am married to the night
My Angel of delight
Feb 20 · 363
waiting on the thunder
Page one :

Drifting on the river watching the thunderstorms
thrash it out in the distance . I wait
on the thunder
but it never comes .

Page two:

There in second grade
thrown through the open window of innocence
Punished but the thunder never comes

Page three:

The ashes grow
making me bolder
And I think
that this day
the thunder comes
Feb 6 · 259
Through Recalling
I'm through recalling
    all those kiss filled
    summer nights

I'm through wishing
    I was holding onto
    you so fast

I'm not going to cry
    over the day you
    said your goodbyes

Nor will I sigh
    and languish in a bottle
    like so many other guys

Those days I have forgotten
     and I will not let
     them begotten

I only wish it were true :
     but like a skip on
     a record I can never
     get over you
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