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I was born in Selma
My younger sister ,
Wichita Falls ,Texas
The oldest sister in Orlando
My only brother in Spokane , Washington

There was always a distance between the members of the family

Lightyears reflected in our eyes . With no tears spread .

Nor no affection for the
place of the dead

Now I write about the past
For there is not much future ahead

From Texas dust , to the clover fields of Alabama ,  to the mountains of Washington , the seas of Florida , and Birmingham

As a child I slept at night in the back window of the Plymouth from Texas to Selma with the thump of my heart for company

I thought it was the monster taking one step at a time following me to Selma to **** me

Now I know when I hear no more footsteps he has found me
6d · 368
The Past
The past is a novel I'm working on , revising , rewriting , and discarding .

The future is a perfect Haiku I've yet to corrupt
The first stanza is a haiku .
Nov 30 · 19
I am the well of light
I am the well ,
a fountain of life
a satiator of thirst
for hollow souls

I am the winds of change
that brings the destruction
that makes way for the
coming new age

I am the promise
on the tongue of salvation
that liberates the persecuted

I am the words
that will last forever
long after the sun grows dark
and the moon and stars disappear

I am the joy of the
whose faith are the eyes
that sees into the soul of creation

I am what you may think
But I am not your vision
to be judged or to be destroyed

My promise is rooted in faith , patience and grace . There are no shadows standing in the light of truth
Nov 28 · 69
Flame and Gasoline
A mausoleum of pain
sealed for perpetuity
hidden behind the eyes
in chains of DNA burn the slow after effects fueled by  choices made in ignorance

Once upon the road
of infamy , in the footsteps made in sacred dust , millions of years beyond and older than the thirst for knowledge that you choke on . . . you've become consumed in flames ; illumimating the path before you as you go , so you don't stumble over the errors of the past and fall into the future upon the stakes of fallacy
coffee coffee coffee
nothing to eat
throw in two weeks of no sleep

You keep knocking me down
Even though you're not around

All this time I wasted
after my world
came to an end

All the wasted I was in time
Stumbling over amens

I can hear you
I can hear you

Gotta feeling you knew
All my hopes turning blue

Gotta believe that there was nothing
All the time I thought you were bluffing

Veering off the blinders
I was lost to
my emotional grinders

I can hear you
I can hear you
Nov 27 · 65
There's the mechanical scrape of the belt on the fan's shaft that sounds like a cricket in the night

. . . it no belongs

The soft shuffle of shoes on cement sidewalks late at night reminds me I tread lightly alone

. . . and it no belongs

The late autumn breath chills my bones as I envy the stars from where I once roamed

. . . I no belongs

See the armies of leaves vanquished , brown and blown ? They are my kindred spirits in arms

. . . that no belongs

Shadows dancing desperately in the night , find no sanctuary in the light . A question of balance is added to the scales ,

. . . I no belongs
Nov 25 · 60
Clap your hands
Electro swing , dub step dreams
Clarinet , solo , licorice wails , reedy schemes
In black rooms , no clocks nor windowsills
No reasons to turn back
Trumpets throw down muted will
Trombone collars , paper parachutes , striped shirttail girls taking dollars
Give and take , elabrolate
Bass bop , strings hop dancing on keys
C'mon . . . please !
Nov 25 · 62
The Ways
I'm tired of the way the ways tire me

I reversed the current on my fan . Now it turns the way I think

I have a radio . I use it to collect the dust of passersby , not passerbys

Why do I like scotch and Irish music when I am English ?

A little fae told me sidhe is pronounced "Shay" . I thought that strange .

If Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso had been novelists would they have illustrated their books

Wine is like crime and punishment . It is plucked , crushed , bottled up , and put into solitary confinement for years , then poured out and ****** away .

All poets are crazy , anyone who disagrees is crazy .

Stock futures are yesterday's indecision

The last in class in medical school is called doctor
The last to class is called tardy
The class in being last is never having to look over your shoulder to see who is following you
Nov 24 · 118
We are
"We are the breath of winter on the glass of life." said the fool to the magician .

"There's only supposed to be one rabbit in the hat !" ignoring the fool he thought was best .

"The sun rises once to the occassion and settles for nothing" the fool blurted out .

"**** where is that rubber duck ?" the distant eyed magi said . 

"The magic of life is not what is revealed or concealed ." said the tweed coated fool .

"What the Hell do you know about magic , fool ?" the irate impostor said .

"There is no magic in the light of truth ." said the fool standing up to leave .

As the fool in the tweed coat walked away the magician stared for a long spell at the magic in his words
Nov 24 · 54
The days sat on the hills
like a pumpkin patch in January . blackened , short , with no hope in Hell .
Nigredo - blackness , a process of putrification to purify .
Nov 23 · 25
Used to love poetry
Used to be more precious than gold

Used to be something to have and hold

To cherish and preserve
The honor they deserved

But no longer do they accompany me in the night

Nor bring forth the truth
Nor in darkness the light

I'm in chains
bound by the words

I'm in pain
crushed by my verbs

The sentences lash out
The nouns sting

All of it in vain
All of it . . . insane
Nov 22 · 123
If only I Knew
What do I say
when you ask of me
"Where are you from ?"

Do I tell you of the
moment the star was formed

Or of the moment it was blown

Or of my journey
across this tiny speck of eternity

Even long before
the mouth of creation
spoke the truth
"I am" . . . I was

I am from the North
standing on the cold truth

From the South wrapped in the equatorial arms of balance

I am from the East
spinning on the axis
of hope , love and dreams

I am from the West , South by Southwest , from the land of shimmering sand and golden sunsets and the thousand sighs of regret

I am from the words of the song , the last step of the dance , the ending of the book you never wanted to end

Keep the fire burning in your eyes
I am sure to be around
Jul 10 · 281
When it rains everything gets wet in the moment making puddles of memories that shrink in the heat of life
Jul 9 · 171
Steel Rust and Wind
The kiss of sea salt leaves
rouge the face of age

Youth drowns in the vacant eyes of the old man
as the flood gates release the sorrow of lost glory days

Each breath rises heavy in the memories of the one who is calling from the cemetery trying to raise dead dreams

When did the rust turn steel into crumbling dust that is now collected by the winds of time

Only the lost look of youth remains in the glazed eyes and the steely rust of time eroded by the winds
Jul 5 · 182
Hunter S Thompson
In life
he was full of death .
In death
he was full of life
Jun 27 · 514
9Electric Twang
Drawn taut
pic-ed n' plucked
Where have I
witnessed that before

Always two doors ,
front and back
Aways used the one
that lacked

All the pretty angels
come out at night
flick shake and hook
Tungsten heavy heights

I can't place the sound
All that
I can assimilate
It was by my hands
Now lost  , going down

The midnight's voice
of memory
Barred and shut
let it be , let it be

A dead phoenix
hangs from my neck
Like a curse , a ghost ,
or worse

time to let it be
Jun 25 · 898
Knock knock knocking
He's standing outside
my door
He's got guns in one hand
In the other roses
and he's knocking ,
knocking and knocking
and I am wondering what for

If I turn up the volume
will he go away ?

Knock knock knocking some more

Oh well !
Maybe if I give him an
axl or a rose
he will go away
Jun 24 · 571
My future-past
The slow deep breath of reciprocating remorse
The unforgettable we can't account for nor atone
As the warmth from time's tale
turned as cold as marble , the choir sang ,

"A Whiter shade of pale"
Jun 22 · 197
It's nature's way
I heard it in a song
I felt it in the breeze
It held me all night long
Called to me from across the seas

The spirits be unleashed
I hear it in their moans
Will their agony be released
They can't find their way back home

Never to be body done
Barb wire and reds for breath
From beginning of the bone
to the door of death

spiritually uneasy
just looking for a way back home
Jun 21 · 143
You have to make a hole so you can drain the pain

If it didn't hurt you wouldn't do again

Scars are your stripes and rank of shame

How can you love someone when you hate yourself insane

When it is out of control
can you control yourself

When deep in dark's depth of despair take a rope of hope with you

Depression is the mosquito that infects with suicide

Proper help required or the patient may succumb and die

Depression is the iceberg below the waterline of life
Hidden and unseem has taken many of the ships that pass

All those that you love will feel the pain for life . Then they will experience how you felt with every second passed

Suicide is a sunset on a cloudy day . If and when it sets it's surely hard to say
The greater gift you receive is when you give to others .

The love received is equal to the love you take

Tomorrow is the light of stars that died millions of years ago

You breathe in the breath of God , pray he doesn't cut it off

Your ship at sea is but a speck in God's eye

If there was no evil everyone would be running around naked

Starslight , the cold hearted manifestation we love  reminding us of our past

Resignation , the acceptance of the unacceptable

Love , the flickering match or scoarching sun and every lumen in between

Forgiveness is the ease when others forgive us of our unforgiveness

Goodbye has two wide eyed "OO's" looking into the past

Soul is the soil of Heaven

Nothing is the greatest gift you can have before you can have a thing

Farewell is the token to the toll bridge of our passiing lives
Jun 21 · 83
The Ways
I'm tired of the way the ways tire me

I reversed the current on my fan . Now it turns the way I think

I have a radio . I use it to collect the dust of passersby , not passerbys

Why do I like scotch and Irish music when I am of English descent ?

A little fae told me sidhe is pronounced "Shay" . I thought that strange .

If Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso had been novelists would they have illustrated their books

Wine is like crime and punishment . It is plucked , crushed , and bottled up , put into solitary confinement for years , then poured out and ****** away .

All poets are crazy , anyone who disagrees is crazy .

Stock futures are yesterday's indecission

The last in class in medical school is called doctor
The last to class is called tardy
The class in being last is never having to look over your shoulder to see who is behind you
Jun 20 · 79
I wanted to be Baptized in a birdbath
Overjoyed like the birds
who dipped over and over

Unlike the birds I was baptized behind the altar
I rose shedding water
and religion

The old man walked up and sat beside me
On  the city bench inside the park

"Whew !" was all he said and gave me a well worn cookie cutter smile

I nodded an annoyed smile hoping he would go away

Then he got up and smiled and said ,"I will come back later , I see you are not ready ."

Puzzled by his statement
I looked straight ahead
only turning seconds later
to find the old man had disappeared
Jun 19 · 582
The flames of change
consumed my past

Left no time to think
about what was last

No time to plant a life
Not while the clouds so raced

I said hello and goodbye
to all I faced

Like the tumble **** strong

Blown across Texas plains
I tumbled for oh so long

Remaining untamed

Now there is sand underneath
Not a reason to plant my feet

I never planted roots of relief
And now there are none to seek
Jun 18 · 345
Early in the morning
I collect my bag of worn out bones and  
raise up from amongst
my earthly grave
and stumble across the data page
knowing not what I have or have not made
Jun 12 · 1.4k
If God granted all my prayers how miserable I would be .
Jun 8 · 336
There was no bridge that was too far
No letter mailed that was too short
No message tacked to the back door
Or shouted out in front as a last resort

The open cupboard bears no fruit
The garden grows green of ****
There are no mountains , just a hill
And mutterings of , "it's all God's will."

The windows feel like bullet holes
The rusty nails tremble , weak
Wondering is it safe inside
Knowing there's nothing there that I now seek

So by ease the river flows
I sit and think and want to know
As twigs and leaves float on by
I'm asking if this isn't all a great big lie

You can always count on those pretty blue skies
Except those days it clouds
to rain from way up high
And the stores have not remained the same
when going down streets of first or main

I made a mistake we all will do
That something's stuck to the past life's super glue
There is nothing there that now remains
Except my foolish folly and
broken panes
Jun 6 · 127
Your Love
You love was cast down like the shadows from clounds racing by on bright sunny days .

I learned to wear sunglasses even in the rain
Jun 5 · 220
I fell asleep
and slipped into a dream
And found myself
on the white hot sand
of the Coptic seas
Where the wind
filled my soul
and brought back
life to me

I still hear the foreign
words so strange
The frustration of existing
The unique smiles that are so real
The mistrust in every handshake
Never any rain

I've been dreaming a lot lately all about my past
Like a ghost it haunts me
everytime I close my eyes

More like a resurrection
A raising of the dead
that I am not sure about

Like a train that's run out of track
A shooting star kissing Earth
A one way ticket as far
as it can go

Can't you see what those dreams have been doing to me
Jun 4 · 221
Seasons of love
When the spring
of love is over

Summer's heat and love
drags on

By fall
more than the leaves fell

As for winter ?
Oh whale !
Jun 4 · 247
Great !
I will never
be great ,

but ,

That won't stop me
from giving . . .

a great effort !
Jun 1 · 127
How can
How can those moments
timeless in time
sweep through your soul
and bring a smile
to your lips after
the years have been overlaid in pages past

The aches casked in heart
have aged into the deliicate vintages
of love , companionship ,
and fellowship
whose sweet taste on the
lachrymose memories brings a soothing loss
and peace of mind

Every smile remembered
Every soul searching embrace
Those unforgetable kisses
The last goodbyes
The funerals attended

As I sit in the silence
bleeding invisibly
swallowed in sorrow
wondering why was I
cursed to live beyond so many so much better than

To all those Fridays since my birth
the then and the now
let me gather no more
than a bouquet to fit in my hand upon the chest of my last despair
May 30 · 183
The tendrils of chords
climb wearily

Sparkling molecular envisions

Cadenza , with dedicated backing

Thousands strong star struck

vibrato reverberating

encompassing compassion

the chills and tears flow

as another star explodes

in the tyranny of

vacuous  silence
May 28 · 91
What ?
What ?

Turn it back around

Yes you can

You could , or drown in alcohol

I'm really not into being a red rubber ball today

So don't bounce your agony off my ears

I'm leaving , again , yes I know

The morning  , I guess , good as any time

Let me ask  , would you , I mean if I lost my head would you remember me ?

Huh ! well that's better than a stick in the a'. . . I mean eye

I wonder what was in Jesus' head the day he died

Yeah , probably so , it helps to be devine

Yeah I wonder about that too , how would I stand up

I'm sure I would fold like a dead man's hand

That's true , I guess all of us has a cross we have to bare in someway

Well I better get to bed , it's after two and I have to get up at daylight and hit the road

Yes , it been great to know you too , I won't forget

Maybe the fates will make our paths cross again

Sure man , see ya

Bless you too
May 20 · 884
Only fools
can be fooled

Everyone has time
But few
can recognize "The" Time

All things are made
manifest by light

The night will shine like the day , for darkness is as light to you (Psalm 139:12)
May 19 · 253
So we articulate somber
Lay faceup in the watery dew
It is no longer our concern
Whatever it is you do

The cycles of sun are fleeting
They no longer enthrall us so
The moments per eternity go leaping
But we have no will to go

All of the last tears fell
Upon the grass or snow
All of the goodbyes sail
all of the memories let go

Long after the stones have crumbled
When no longer the names you see
Perhaps then you will have stumbled
over an uncovered bone of me

So enjoiy the flowers of life
before the winter's chill sets in
Just savor the scent  of  life
Before it comes crashing down in an end
May 18 · 138
It's not that I have
nothing on my thoughts

It's that my thoughts
lead to nothing
May 17 · 109
He worked his whole
life for nothing
Often twenty hours
plus per day
Saturdays and Sundays were included
and every holiday

All he had for his efforts
was the money
given out on every
Often coming home to shower , handing over the check , and he was on his way

The days turned into decades
They flashed by so fast
Now all he has to show for it is a broken down
body that will not much
longer last

Believe me when I say this
Believe me because it's true
Believe me because
my finger is pointing straight at you

He never spent a dime
He never had the time
So others took it
upon themselves
to empty out the mine

One day he woke up all alone
Except for all the pains
The physical ones were excruciating
The mental ones the same

His once proud
Now stood for nothing more
But that may be how God wants it
when found knocking on his door

Believe me when I say this
Believe me because it's true
Don't waste you life on nothing
Or for nothing will you show
May 16 · 976
I was always infused by the quartz of time
I balanced love in separate hands ; cut , aching , refusing to heal

Happiness was measured out one grain of sand at a time
My measuring cup runneth over

My thoughts are bleached  bone white .
But I have preserved the marrow of my ways

I am the walking cacti
that push rocks in the sand creating the trails of tears that never reach the ground

I am desert
Full of the emptiness
that exists on the face of clocks and time

I am one grain of sand
The silence of the wind
I have no foundation
I'm tendered to my whims
May 11 · 450
I race
I ran the race so I could win
But only lost before I won
I crossed the line to be the first
But came in last in every way
You don't have a clue as to know about what I have to say
Just remember that when you have done it all
There's nothing left  
except to pass away
May 8 · 141
Jesus love
How great is the Love of Christ ?
It's not limited to the four corners of the cross
For his love is rooted in a rocky foundation
And it reaches around the world in both directions
And is always reaching up in  a Heavenly direction encouraging us to follow
May 7 · 496
secret sorrows
Tucked away

   down deep

    buried under pages of memories

under folds of aging grey/gray cells

where we put them when no one was looking

then we piled days upon days on top of them

until one by one they became forgotten

like the names etched on stone in the forest of monuments

such are the secret sorrows that go to the grave with us
and only God knows
May 5 · 303
Freedom of Love
The freedom of a sparrow
is the air under it's wings
The freedom of the wild horse
is the plains that recede
The freedom of a choice
is the choice not made
The freedom of love
is knowing you had no more to give

Winter is ending
and I am looking ahead
Even when winter has
one foot in the grave
It's not to be a stave

A sparrow without love
is a bird without feathers . . .
and cannot fly

A wild horse without love
is a horse without a plain . . .
and cannot run

A choice made without love is reckless
and bound to be wrong

Love , knowing you held back ,
leaves you little to hang on
May 1 · 158
the purpose of light is not to cast shadows
but to illuminate the path before us
so we do not stumble over our faults in darkness
Apr 23 · 365
Burnt Popcorn
Whack the h off humbled
"And he umbled in the eye of the thorn."

Bomb the n off moon
" And he lived so far out in the sticks the cows had their moo shipped in .

Split the a and t
"The da ta was ta da'ed
The things that happen at night will stay in the night
Apr 17 · 278
That other name for dusk
Look at that sunset !
Looks like an artist
spilled all his paint
on the sky . Look at how the rays of light have turned the wheat to gold .
Not even a rainbow
could add to the beauty before us . A gloaming grandeur .
Apr 9 · 273
Depression :
A. The depressing rememberances
or recollections
of the ultimate
black hole
before the
big bang
B. The conflict
of a body
that wants to live
and a mind that
wants to die
Apr 9 · 206
God's Love
Even if one inherited eternity of what value would it be without's God's love . It would be Hell .
Apr 4 · 264
No Perfect Poem
My labor of words
My words of labor
Far into the night
looking for the common denominator

Like a sculptor
and his chips of marble
Words fall from my thoughts
Off my tongue they
will tumble

Envious of those whose words can progress
Eloquent in manner
their efforts so blessed

I only dream of a maybe ,
some day
But it seems all of my efforts only change
straw into hay

Perhaps no such work
will ever exist
Still I move on
I endure , I persist
Walking hand in hand
Long wet kisses in the night
Laughing over nonsense
Reading love letters by candlelight

Breathing in the salty ocean air
Walking through the pastures
with wild flowers

Holding the love that holds yours back
Making future plans
without a future
Sort of like the life
of the trapeze *******

Back and forth
until one day you fall
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