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Aug 2019 · 127
Tyro Aug 2019
She is love and
She is forever
Aug 2019 · 352
Haunting memory
Tyro Aug 2019
It’s time to free your memory from my mind
Now your memory will not haunt anymore

It’s time free my heart beats from you
And now it is capable of beat without you
Aug 2019 · 185
Twinkling star
Tyro Aug 2019
She was twinkling star
In my dark night sky
Adding glory to my darkness
Just by her single spark
Aug 2019 · 426
Tyro Aug 2019
She was star in my dark night
Making  my life more beautiful
Jul 2019 · 424
Love War
Tyro Jul 2019
From Losing the first war of love
To  never fought a war of love
Jul 2019 · 1.1k
Drop of love
Tyro Jul 2019
Your  drop  of  love  will
even make  barren
Heart fertile
Jul 2019 · 242
Love fire
Tyro Jul 2019
Fire of heart
Never turned in words
I never told her that
That i love her
My love for her
Was hidden deep down
In my heart
I thought she will
Understand my love one day
But that day never came
Jul 2019 · 551
Hell vs you
Tyro Jul 2019
Hell is far
Beautiful than you
Jun 2019 · 248
Love vs lust
Tyro Jun 2019
When she was gone
Lust ended and love began

— The End —