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Heart of Silver Aug 2019
Upon those jewel-encrusted toe-tips
she docilely placed her royal-red lips

A boy not a king and yet she bowed down
to the ******* who tried to soil her crown
Heart of Silver May 2019
He called me an angel, and yet

failed to mention he wanted to be
My god
Angels are seen as divine to humans... but they're still the servants of God.
Heart of Silver Sep 2018
Down by an endless ocean, sitting on jagged rocks
Creatures entice with emotion, they sing but never talk
A lamenting in devotion, while Demeter cries and mocks

I cry out, “From my arms, away from me!
“Hell has stolen my Persephone!”

That’s not true, dear, I’m not yours to keep
So, please, you don’t need to weep
Some myths claim that rather than seducing sailors with their voices, the sirens sang to mourn the kidnapping of Persephone, their beloved friend, and call out for her return.
Heart of Silver Jun 2018
With your skin like the sky, and soft cloud eyes
I stare into your face and find myself mesmerized
Tilt my head back, and at the same time tug me closer
And then lay me to rest in a fluffy patch of clovers
Heart of Silver May 2018
"Most of my life I liked to play
with the lights that fell from the sky
though they died within a day."

Vacant eyes and a simple personality
"... I thought there was only ever me."
and she says it in a voice so flat
I pulled her body against my own
"Now you're not alone."
She asks, "what's that?"

Hey sir, you're so unusual.
Mister? I think you're beautiful!

My dear, you seem so magic
but, my love, you're just so tragic

There's so much you don't know
so much you've never been shown
..but you don't seem to care

It's something I've never seen
Now it's suddenly surrounding me
These lights are everywhere!

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Light fragments!
They're my stars (My affections!)
Gorgeous, I think they're so gorgeous!
Whatever they are
Excuse my corrections.

"Mister? I think this is kind of unusual."

"Well, yeah, but don't you think it's beautiful?"

All righty, bear with me, these might be some long notes.

First off, here ya go, Jeff. This is written specifically for you. :)

Bold = the sky-creature speaking/thinking/something
Italics = The young girl speaking/thinking/something

This is the sequel to Paper Stars! I didn't want to give them a star-crossed-lovers bit, so instead I elected to go with this type of story.

The young girl lives by herself, and therefore has no comprehension of love, relationships, or even loneliness. When the sky-creature arrives, she cannot feel love for him, or at least understand if she is. On the other side, because she is naive and childlike (not to mention a human while he is a creature of the sky) the sky-creature doesn't, I wouldn't exactly say respect, doesn't view her as his equal. He does love her, but in some ways he doesn't see her the way a lover should. He is subconsciously patronizing her.

Over the course of their time together, he falls deeper in love with her (and comes to see her as his equal, and treats her as so) while she develops affections for him (though I don't think she quite understands them yet).

They're not exactly lovers yet, though they have formed a casual relationship. :)

Ah, excuse my rambling. :P
Heart of Silver May 2018
I watched her cry
a puddle

she rubbed the salt
paper cuts

then drowned herself in it

not every smile is meant to be kind

when you grin with your lips pressed

I can't help but think softness
in your demeanor
and of the kisses
you sometimes place
on my forehead

but if you smile
and bare your teeth, I will be scared
I'm afraid of those
lips parting
and speaking ill words
I would much rather
you tear
my skin apart with those
teeth of yours
you're showing

My dear,
I will gladly accept all of it because
at least you're smiling
Heart of Silver May 2018
Close your eyes

Your world, not extending
beyond the soft quilt under
your skin, unending

Soft ripples of cloth, and picturesque seams
Nothing here but
You, me, the sky, and soft dreams

I'll reach up and take the stars from the sky
If only to lay them at your feet
to place them in your hands
to bring light into those glazed eyes
or give a glow to a world so bland

and each one would be folded
into a beautiful origami castle
I, the lord, and you, the vassal
Or perhaps me as the king
and you as a queen, whichever
My gentle playmate.. which one is better?

I'm a majestic creature of the sky
You're an empty-faced child on a quilt
Each star shall be used as a stepping stone
so I might meet you in the place I built

Let us meet, as lovers, or
at least equals
on this starry floor
And your body falls into each soft fold
It's here, right here, that I can hold
you close, keep you safe and warm
so you, from the rest of the world
I'll withhold

Consider this a "romantic poem".. but not about me! Actually, this is a story I've sort of written. :)

Hmm, let me try to describe it. A little girl living in a world all her own, a world that's nothing more than an empty quilt with an endless sky. Above her, lives a sort of "sky-creature" and he happens to be in love with her, so he builds her a castle of stars.
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