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Jake Mann Jan 2016
Feeling the burning heat of this flame
I admire it's ongoing persistence to be
As it stands nearby, warmth it claims
Slowly burning I feel it next to me

This flame withholding so much beauty
As I watch it dancing, melting me away
But so gently that it doesn't **** me
Yet strong enough to bring life to my day

Breaking down this cold set upon myself
Not ever believing such heat could exist
This fire residing within someone else
O if it were to leave how it would be missed
  Jan 2016 Jake Mann
Yung Wifey
you were my whole ******* ocean
but you only loved me in waves
Jake Mann Jan 2016
As it scurry's down my face, scarred
About things and times in my mind.
When my eyes find a tear to spare
Searching a peaceful place to find

It rolls down stained, no longer clear
It wasn't created for this
Pushed by this overpow'ring fear
The burden of this dark abyss

Yearning for some security
But it couldn't escape in time
As it drops searching hopelessly
It finally finds peace sublime
Jake Mann Dec 2015
I didn't know you could do that.
Your perfectly shaped almond eyes
Filled with power and promises
Telling me we are forever

I didn't know you could do that.
Your reassuring, gentle touch 
Tightly, holding me so closely
Your precious possession to be

I didn't know you could do that.
Your unforgettably bright smile
Ever contagiously joyful 
Whispering I am all you need

No, i didn't know you could lie

— The End —