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Rose Dec 2020
The one thing I can promise is true...
no matter the distance,
I love you.
Rose Apr 2020
I believe,
                             that our world
                             has been corrupted by greed,
           that to live our lives we look on while others bleed.
                                     I used to believe,
           that our world wasn't broken,
                               that kindness came free.
            When i got older I realized
                        people have motives you can’t see.

     I don’t believe,
                                       that we need
                             to pull others to their knees
                                so that we may be free.

         When did a life lose its value?
                     When did crys start going unheard?
    When did we stop caring,
                  about all the people that we have hurt?

                We know the harm that we do,
                   but it only seems to matter,
            when it comes me or you.

                  All that is said will never get through,
              because everything is accepted at face value.
         We prey on the meek to provide a feast,
  then say it’s their fault,because they are weak.

   People shouldn’t have to be afraid,
  of the ridicule they'll endure,
                           trying to save and be brave,                                                           ­                                           
             or how they'll provide when they stop getting paid.
   I used to believe,
             when I was young and naive,
       we were all given the same chance.
             How can I believe that now,
         when the world around me shares the same chants?
         Chants on superiority,
                  over those whose lives have been shattered.
                                      In a place like this,
                      how can I believe,that all lives matter?

    I wish I could believe
                          That I could do something to stop
                                    all this chaos around me.
            That in all this madness,
                             there is something else to blame.

                   At times like this we are forced to look at ourselves,
                        at all the times you thought,
                                       "This is insane!"
    Or said,
                              "they should be ashamed!”
                       What was it that had made you change?
                           Are they really the ones to blame?

         I believe we allowed ourselves to become part of the crowd.  
         Just another sheep in the herd without so much as a sound.
                         Why did we allow ourselves,
                              to be pushed around?
                                I wish I could believe
              that we will change years from now,
               that all our mistakes are in the past.
                                How can that happen?
         If we raise each generation same as the last.
Rose Sep 2019
They say, all good things must end
forever in your breath
your memory is my only companion
the pain afflicts

I am only your memories.
Rose Jul 2019
Alone in the world,
Nobody knew me.
Nobody cared.
There was no one to hear my final prayers.
I wait here for God to take me,
The only friend I have known.
Cause I lived my life,
and there's nowhere left to go.
Left abandoned,
No i.d.,
No wealth,
No one by my side,
I had nothing.
I'm carried away to the fire,
An unknown flame,
Just another person without a name,
Buried in a pauper's grave.
They put my ashes in a jar,
They buried me with other broken hearts,
Left the world cold and unknown,
I've made heaven my  home and I'm no longer alone.
Rose Jun 2019
But life goes on
Have pity
I'm so tired
You cannot stay
Corpses around
Let them sleep
They're dead...
Wake up? Never!
Arguing with death but death had already chosen
Rose Mar 2019
You think im happy
but what a lonely night
One minute you're here and the next you're tormenting
You don't wanna be "happy" like me
Romancing and hoping and dreaming
Wanting more but not feeling worthy
Everyone is lonesome sometimes
You must think it's true
But I am scared and alone
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