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annh May 2020
I succumbed
To the habitual sound of obstructed truths;
Deceiving and deceived therein,
Abolished of conscience;
My penitence seeded with disavowal,
Your disbelief my credo.

'The liar's punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.'
- George Bernard Shaw, The Quintessence of Ibsenism
Rose Apr 2020
I believe,
                             that our world
                             has been corrupted by greed,
           that to live our lives we look on while others bleed.
                                     I used to believe,
           that our world wasn't broken,
                               that kindness came free.
            When i got older I realized
                        people have motives you can’t see.

     I don’t believe,
                                       that we need
                             to pull others to their knees
                                so that we may be free.

         When did a life lose its value?
                     When did crys start going unheard?
    When did we stop caring,
                  about all the people that we have hurt?

                We know the harm that we do,
                   but it only seems to matter,
            when it comes me or you.

                  All that is said will never get through,
              because everything is accepted at face value.
         We prey on the meek to provide a feast,
  then say it’s their fault,because they are weak.

   People shouldn’t have to be afraid,
  of the ridicule they'll endure,
                           trying to save and be brave,                                                           ­                                           
             or how they'll provide when they stop getting paid.
   I used to believe,
             when I was young and naive,
       we were all given the same chance.
             How can I believe that now,
         when the world around me shares the same chants?
         Chants on superiority,
                  over those whose lives have been shattered.
                                      In a place like this,
                      how can I believe,that all lives matter?

    I wish I could believe
                          That I could do something to stop
                                    all this chaos around me.
            That in all this madness,
                             there is something else to blame.

                   At times like this we are forced to look at ourselves,
                        at all the times you thought,
                                       "This is insane!"
    Or said,
                              "they should be ashamed!”
                       What was it that had made you change?
                           Are they really the ones to blame?

         I believe we allowed ourselves to become part of the crowd.  
         Just another sheep in the herd without so much as a sound.
                         Why did we allow ourselves,
                              to be pushed around?
                                I wish I could believe
              that we will change years from now,
               that all our mistakes are in the past.
                                How can that happen?
         If we raise each generation same as the last.
Ryan Hoysan Mar 2017
This is my credo
this is my dogma
this is my statement of belief
you can call this whatever you like
because the title is unimportant
this is my uncompromising doctrine
of which I believe in
to the utmost degree.
Everyone is important
Despite what they may think of themselves
Every single person has a life that matters
No matter how they see their life
I will be the person who is left
When everyone else has left
And you believe yourself to be alone
I will be the one who believes in you
When even you do not believe in yourself
I will be the one to remind you of your beauty
When you forget the beauty you possess
I will be the one who will listen for eternity
When you feel like you are worthless
I will see value and worth within you
Even when you believe yourself to be worth nothing
I will be the one to worry over you
While you worry over everyone else
Come hell or high water
Regardless of the burden it shall place upon my shoulders
I will undertake the task
Of lessening the pain and suffering of others
For I can bear much suffering
And my heart is warmed by the sight
Of suffering and pain being lifted from someone’s shoulders
I will do all that is within my power
Put forth all the effort I can
With mind, body and soul
I step forth into this world
To deny suffering a place here
And to lessen the pain
Felt by any and all
So bring me all the worst
Of your broken
Of your bruised
Of your supposedly insane
Dreams feelings and memories
Bare your soul to me
And I shall reply in kind
Welcoming you in to the depth of my being
And encompassing you within the warmth that I possess
I know that I may not save all
But that will NOT STOP me from trying
To save everyone
Because if I can save even one person
Then any sacrifice is worth the chance
So, if you've made it this far I thank you for taking the time to read this overly large write. Many friends of mine have suffered through many things or are still suffering. These things range from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts to abuse, family troubles, and a loss of meaning in life. Everyone has their struggles in life, who am I to add any more of a burden onto their shoulders. I try to make the world a better place by taking the burdens of others and placing them upon my own shoulders because I know that I can handle it. I do everything I possibly can to accept every single person, no exceptions, as a whole. People are the sum of their parts, but their parts alone do not define them. I do not expect everyone or even many to share my sentiment, but nonetheless, this is MY sentiment that I am putting forth. If there is anyone who needs someone to talk to on a rough night or if there is anyone who is just looking for a pleasant chat, I welcome both with open arms, please reach out to me through a comment or a message and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.
Aseh Jan 2015
for love in other
people to forget
our own

— The End —