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  Nov 2016 Raf Reyes
keep talking
keep remembering
say the names
of the ones
who fought
with paper and pen
say the names
of those who protested
say the names
of the ones who
were tortured
the ones whose deaths
were written out and fabricated for them
the ones who
were taken from their families
never to be found or buried
say the names
of the ones whose futures
and lives
were taken away
under the rule of a dictator
who got away with it.

we won't let it all fall
into their bloodied hands.
we won't let them rewrite
our history for their pride;
say the names
of the ones lost, the ones who fought
until our voices are loud enough
and our words are visible
in the name of justice.

we will keep remembering,
we will never forget.
Marcos is not a hero. Marcos is not a hero. Marcos is not a hero.
Raf Reyes Oct 2016
He said
That he wanted to explore the uncharted unknowns of space
He wanted to fill its vacancy and float away with a sense of purpose, discovering the stars and wonders it held along the way

If only he wasn't blinded by the bright lights of the gleaming stars above
If only he realized that behind the facade of  constellations lies an endless, empty void of darkness

Maybe he could have saved himself all the trouble
Maybe he wouldn't have had such a hard time breathing
I really enjoyed this concept. It's a poem about the things that we fall in love with, the effort we exert for it and the aftermath of what happeneds next, leaving us to discover how toxic they really are and how foolish we really were
Raf Reyes Sep 2016
As he stands infront of a reflection he no longer recognizes, his body begins to tremble
Anxiety seeps into the cracks of his troubled soul and he is left stiff
Wrapped by the cold, rigid fingers of fear

He begins to settle
He fills his lungs with deep, steady breaths and slowly gains composure
All while he lies to himself
"I'm okay, I'm okay"
Until he finally develops the confidence to believe it

He buries his inhibitions
He bottles up his fears
He masks the truth with his best fake smile as he prepares to come out on stage and put on one hell of a show for the world to see

The audience applauds his performance
But at the end of the day, when the cheering dies down and the curtains are drawn
When the stage is cleared and the spotlights cut to black
It's still just one big act

And everyone seems to love it
It's hard to live with facades
Raf Reyes Aug 2016
and then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
I Love You*

**** it
Sidenote: I've been falling in love with old songs lately. The italicized portion and words are actual lyrics from Frank Sinatra's song "Something Stupid"
  Aug 2016 Raf Reyes
I am living, fighting,
some even say I am surviving,
but inside I'm dying,
inside it smells of death.

Where are my flowers?
Thorns now burst,
I've lost count of the hours
spent crying, wishing for death
and being teased endlessly by it,
only to be told death
had no room for me.

I've thought about scissors
in non-artistic ways,
I've discovered that paper is
not the only thing you can cut,
I've tried teaching my lungs to breathe
Father, they give up on me
and every breath stings,
But you specialize in rebirth,
so hand me a pair of new wings.

I'm tired of fighting,
I'm tired of this war,
I'm tired of wondering what
I am here for,
I'm tired of existing this way,
I'm tired of these chains
I wear everyday.

If I am a free temple,
then why do I feel encaged?
Encaged in my own mind
where light you won't find,
locked behind bars,
wishing on stars,
begging scars to disappear,
hoping nobody witnesses my tears.
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