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 Jan 2019 Ollie
My aesthetic is bike grease,
hands covered in slippery oil,
a night's ride full of fun,
adventure rolling like the wheels.
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Lady Misfortune
You're the reason I go to sleep happy
You still want to die
If a wish could come true
I'd waste it on you changing your mind
Its amusing because she did change her mind about wanting anything to do with me.
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Lady Misfortune
If you want me to love you...

Fly me into the sky

I'm just getting lost in your dark blue eyes

I resonate in the feeling knowing it's only for tonight.

The blue was the sorrow, and the sky was the hope in all that woe.
Created 11.24.18
 Jan 2019 Ollie
 Jan 2019 Ollie
I wish I wasn't such a coward.
I wish that I could end my life without guilt.
If I wasn't such a coward I would have done it by now.
I wish I wasn't so scared.
Of death.
If I wasn't so scared I could have died by now.
I wish I wasn't so unhappy.
Maybe then my family would want me.
Maybe then my girlfriend would want me.
Maybe then I would want me.
Live or Die?
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Sitting in a tub
Full of red water and tears
Waiting to see stars
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Though I wish it were a marriage
So it could all end
 Jan 2019 Ollie
 Jan 2019 Ollie
You have so much potential.
So, So, So, So much.
And whenever you put a blade to your skin,
I watch the universe leak from the scars on your wrist.
 Jan 2019 Ollie
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Endless stars in your dark eyes
Like streetlamps lighting up city skies
Drowned in a pool that's filled with lies
A shattered mirror while all else dies
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Ruby Nemo
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Ruby Nemo
coming up with ways
for us to be close
finding little moments for us
to be alone
your nurturing care saves me early
you don't know my habits
I want to learn all your thoughts
that you won't leave me lonely
or drunken or cold
savoring happiness like we know
days like these don't last
and feelings like these
don't stand a chance.
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Olivia W
i want you
 Jan 2019 Ollie
Olivia W
i can never let you go
no matter how badly i can get hurt
you and your love is addicting
i have wanted you since the day i saw you
i will always love you
i want you baby
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