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Ollie Jan 2019
I am sorry I have scared your arm
And messed up in all sorts of ways
I swear that I meant no harm
I promise It will be
I am honestly debating whether or not I should be alive right now.
Ollie Dec 2018
They say I should bind. So sometimes I do. But not because they told me so, but because I want to. They say I need to act like more of the boy they want me to want me to be. But I am okay with the boy I know I am. I can wear push-up bras, and I can bind. I am just as much of a boy as he who wears Nike, though I may not seem as much of a man.
But I will be who I want to be...
Because I can
Sooooo yeahhhhh I hope you like this poem!
Ollie Jan 2019
Goodbye to the tears rolling down my cheeks
Goodbye to the bleeding through my sheets
Goodbye to fighting a battle I'll never win.
Goodbye to a world full of sin.
Goodbye to a hopeless night.
Goodbye...I lost my fight.
Yeah idk This just kind of came out of my brain. I hope you guys like it!
Ollie Jan 2019
If I could die
I'm sure I would
But not just yet
For this life is just too good
So yeah
Ollie Jan 2019
It does not matter whether or not I hold my breath.
They are putting me in water.
And expecting me to
Drowning in my own thoughts
ahhh I tried
Ollie Jan 2019
My mind is empty, and my body’s a host.
I’m a storage facility made for her ghost.
For the imprint she made has stuck to me.
I cling to her abuse relentlessly.
Is it okay that I said no? It doesn't matter, she didn't listen anyways
Ollie Jan 2019
I’ve tried for years to conceal my sadness. I know there’s no escape to this madness. There’s no reason on this earth left for me to stay. For three years I’ve contemplated this everyday.  And I know that the world will still go on. Because I’m not really something to be thought on. That’s what I know they said. All my peers at school. In the grand scheme of things, I’m pretty miniscule. And it feels like there is this hole in my heart. And my reason to stay alive is drifting apart. I still can’t believe today I’m gonna die; so this is it world...goodbye
I wrote this a while ago. More of a song but oh well.
Ollie Jan 2019
In one hand prescription drugs
Trazodone 50mg
And in the other a glass of water
I pour the pills into my hand
It should all be over soon
But something stopped me that day
And I'm afraid to say it's gone away
Am I dead
Is this the end?
Ollie Jan 2019
Life is like a choose your own adventure book
You make one wrong decision
And you’re ******
Ollie Jan 2019
I do not want my name in the stars.
I don’t want my name in the books.
I don’t want my name your mouth...
Ollie Dec 2018
And my lips were now
When I touched him
my hands
were the stars and he
was the sky
And what used to be the ceiling
was the clouds
I am learning to love myself by loving the way he looks at me
Ollie Dec 2018
“You’re early” death finally says.
Tears slowly but surely run down my cheeks. I tell him I know
and he asks me what brought me here.
I tell him I think he knows.
My Cheeks are now a weary waterfall.
the thoughts I’ve come to know as true
finally fade to black, as
I forget the life that I can never take back.
I wrote this a while ago Enjoy!
Ollie Dec 2018
If our love was a flower it would be a rose. A beautiful thing, but you must stay cautious, because if you got to close, you might just get cut by the thorns...
If our love was an animal it would be a lone wolf. Because she loves to travel alone.
And I love the moon
Ollie Jan 2019
TaKe Me To a PLaCe WHeRe We BReaTHe iN
aND We eXHaLe
I actually am pretty proud of this poem. What do you guys think?
Ollie Jan 2019
I wanna fly***
Ollie Jan 2019
This time I’ll be happy
This time I won’t hurt myself
This time I’ll love myself
I wish
Ollie Jan 2019
six feet underground
I want to get to know death
slowly getting there
Ollie Dec 2018
We give each others hands a shake
And sob until the tears make
The only other sound’s the break
Of distant waves and birds awake
The suicidal ideation deep
But we have promises to keep
Until then we must not sleep
For we’ll be in bed with tear ducts that weep
We will rise from our lonely bed
With thoughts of sadness in our head,
We idolise being dead.
Facing the day with hopeful dread.
Thanks Robert Frost for the inspiration and the underlying structure
Ollie Dec 2018
It was then that I realized My mind is like the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. Once I fell in, I knew there was no going back. Deeper and deeper I fell...Until I hit rock bottom.
Inspired by Alice and wonderland

— The End —