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I wanna feel her heart
Beating inside my heart forever.
Inside Our Hearts ❤️❤️
A precious heart stopped beating today
Lord Jesus Christ took you away and
It broke our hearts to see you go and we'll never stop loving you and
Lord Jesus Christ only takes the best.
My Heart ❣️ Will Forever
Beat For You. ❣️❣️
My love for you
Is so powerful and
True so take my hands
And listen to my
Heart beating just for you
And our hearts entwined forever to be
Together we are better in every way
Forever and always it's just you and me
Holding hands and kissing every day.
Real Love 💓💓💓
I'm just a lonely
Palestinian boy
Crying all night
With no education in life
No school today
It was blown away
And I'm starving tonight
But don't cry for
Me I'll be in
Cold dark grave
Palestinian Little Boy.
I built an 18 billion dollar robot Amazon Factory
In my loving arms
You find peace
A love that will last
And a love that will never cease
A bond so touching and always true and
My heart beats just for you and Lord Jesus Christ knows it's so true and
With every kiss from you my heart skips a beat and
Our love is forever deep and true and
Forever and always my heart belongs to you.
True Love. ❤️❤️
I'm tired of fighting for a we that you don't seem to ever be in the mood to fight for deep in your core
I'm tired of working on a we just to have me thrown in my face till I surrender and hit the floor
I'm tired of having to be perfect in order for me to be worth you sticking around for
I'm tired of being in a single topic argument just to have you bring in dozens from the way back store
I'm tired of being held fully responsible for these issues I have but am not even remotely responsible for
I'm tired of working on us issues just for you to shrug them off 'cause I have so many more
I need you to want me to be part of your we, otherwise what the fuuck are we struggling through this fire for?
I'll be waiting for your answer by the exit gate but only for a couple minutes more

Everyone thinks,
"It'll get easier when I get older"
Then you get older
And you find no one's there,
No one to share,
No one to say,
I stay because I care"
"Let's get through this together"
Making it harder than ever before
Not wanting to remember
Not even a single chapter
Though at one point,
When I was younger,
I think I use to matter
I don't know why
But those are always the memories that shatter

 Apr 19 Nitin Pandey
Birthed my own happiness
Making life worth living
My day, my night, my everything

His laugh
His little hands
His sparkling eyes
His unbiased curiosity

Consumed by expectations
Worried about my imperfections
My sun, my moon, my world
I've been a mom for 8 months now and it makes me feel all types of emotions. Sometimes I'm lonely, frustrated, and sad but through it all I've been the happiest I've ever been.
As our hearts melt
Together and our love
Grows stronger with
Every heart beat and  
We are two hearts that
beat as one no longer
ever apart and it's
Love's sweetest design
And our love is so pure
And sweet and it will never cease.
True Love 💝💝
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