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5d · 81
हर्फ़-ए-लिबास पिरोये,
एक ख़्वाहिश-ए-ख़िताब लिखूँ...
रूह-ए-स्याह बिखरे जो,
तो तुम्हे नूर-ए-आफ़ताब लिखूँ...
It seems like I'm contemplating the concept of identity and its relation to moments. while a person's identity is not reducible to individual moments, those moments can still be indicative of their experiences, beliefs, and choices. being a person identity is formed through a complex interplay of various factors over time, including moments, relationships, and personal growth. and each moment contributes to the broader narrative of who a person is, rather than defining them entirely.
But, being an actor, I'm envisioning futuristic moments that can involve immersing myself in a role set in a futuristic scenario. For example, I have imagined portraying a character in a fictional set, in a distant future, where my thoughts have colonized other planets. and my character may grapple with my futuristic setting. I might need to imagine societal norms, and cultural shifts that define this future world, allowing me to fully embody the character and bring the futuristic moments to life on screen.
5d · 33
Hoping, distance would dull the pain,
Yet, those memories surprisingly rain.
Sipping my day to day with the sorrow,
Despite flow fares, filings are on tomorrow.
5d · 24
*******, moments are spelled,
Practically, THE THEORY failed.
She's lying on the heavenly bed,
I meant She's near around dead.
Fluid forced, flooring of her vein,
She's breathing like artificial rain.
I found her when she rose in the case,
In those days I was busy winning the race.
Now, I'm running out too far, to the betelled,
She left me a note, I think, it has to be settled,

The Note:)

When we lost together, we can not be found,
If I'm lost alone, it will always be a remound.
Apr 5 · 47
Nitin Pandey Apr 5
Amidst the moon's tranquil glow,
echoes of a cacophony reverberate flow.
intertwining chaos with serenity,
In this delving juxtaposition of security.
I find solace in the harmony of contradictions only,
embracing the tumultuous symphony of my life's journey.
The approach integrates by emphasizing the contrast between the moon's peaceful presence and the soundscape that accompanies it, so I'm just exploring the deeper meaning behind this juxtaposition.
Apr 1 · 128
Splitting hairs.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
वो थी सुबह, सुर्ख-ऐ-लाल,
उनका यूँ मिलना भी, था कमाल.
बातें तो चल रही अब भी, आसमानी रंगों सी फिलहाल,
मुकम्मल हुआ भी तो क्या? सिर्फ इश्क़ के 'बाल की खाल.
Apr 1 · 50
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
that fair to me?
Burn me,
to your heart's-content.
only this much praise has to be set.
don't strip me down to my Shroud sheet.
Apr 1 · 42
My God...
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
If I have any relationship with my God,
Maybe, Is it my fear?
In the shadows of suffering,
My beliefs and hopes stand as an unwavering pillar.
after every storm, a little more happiness returns to the day, like golden rays breaking through clouds. May I wish only my journey to be adorned with endless blessings, and may the tapestry of my life be woven with threads of joy, that would be never seen as fade and guilt.
Apr 1 · 32
The God...,
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
A God who does not see darkness,
But, it has given light to our souls?
In the coloured threads' existence, where shadows dance,
A God, blind to darkness, brightest upon us a radiant chance.
Through the corridors of life, where sorrows may take a toll,
It gifts our souls with light, a beacon for every troubled soul."
Apr 1 · 39
Fiery Moon.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
The moon's soft, silken glows,
A canvas painted, that gently flows.
A whispering wind, his weaves untold,
In the nature's embrace, a story unfolds.
Apr 1 · 37
The sun...
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
silky on that day,
the moon fades away,
only, for the HAPPENS,
will return alone, on his way.
Reflecting on the transient nature of beauty and the cyclical rhythm of life, this verse captures the fleeting brilliance of the moon and hints at the inevitable return of events, despite their temporary absence. despite the moon's departure, there's an anticipation of its inevitable return, echoing themes of resilience and the enduring cycle of life.
Apr 1 · 22
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
If, I was on the air,
It's ok, crashes are fair.
But, I was trapped in between and something,
Now, I just want my peace, that I have been for nothing...
Apr 1 · 24
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
I assure you,
never let you go.
if, you made me gone,
trust me, I'll never be back.
"the first aspect of the originality is a new one for each prevalence on the same day to obtain the best"
Apr 1 · 30
Threaded Hearts
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
engaged with fire.
To catch the moon,
That rays was a liar.
Attraction, Attachment, Love, Trust, Worship, Obsession, and Death these scribble threads have kept me tied to you, till the day, and perhaps it will remain so for, and a long time too.
Apr 1 · 21
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
my mind overflows,
with the love words.
no matter what,
by the way. and,
how people treat me,
I just look at my efforts,
and the way, that I wanna see it.
Apr 1 · 29
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
In Death,
all I need's patience.
my Life is still drowned in Agnes-essence.
this way essential speeches are extracted, to literary words, in the above-mentioned names, ages, highs or lives for a minute or maybe a second.
Apr 1 · 19
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
As my life conclusion,
I shaped by my own decision.
I reap the harvest, it's a chapter,
Passing by day who's gonna be visitor?
why do people always try to define
death with his words and efforts?
while death can be shown in scrambled and half-dead flowers and also in his comforts...
Apr 1 · 26
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
flaws with the Supper,
mild and kind, 'Saucer.
Apr 1 · 20
Imagery faith.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
Obsessed appearance, let's be the dry run on my faith.
come on, forget me, this should also be my aspireth.
Apr 1 · 28
Qutest Proposal.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
Saw the picture, with the eye,
By the winds, Colours are fly...
Apr 1 · 18
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
"the body is just a soulful culmination process of emotions"
"rather than the mean of soul carrying it out to be a spectral-bed"
that's nature, and any scripture cannot prove that things such as guilt in one's eyes, in case vocal or mortal, connect with the power of ethos.
Apr 1 · 19
Fading Embers
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
How could I set up for those ****** rays?
I just gave up on Blazes, to my hand's raise.
"Fading Embers" sets a melancholic tone, that aligns with the overall consistency in tone and style throughout my moods.
Apr 1 · 28
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
a gentle touch,
Smooth porcelain find,
Incorporating fragrance,
Apr 1 · 17
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
She'd have been
gone, for so long
herself fragrance
like a mer songs
resides in my soul
but, a long-winded
and from afar, so far
But I have to cruise
To stop the rhyme
Cause, I'm running
Truth, no matter what happens,
Well, I'll always be looking for yours.
I have to be in touch with the same,
I was not able to do it in great fame.
Apr 1 · 26
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
As much as,
I'm imprisoned,
in your evils eyes,
the more you'll be free,
to me, as a sinner drivels,
Perhaps, we're trying to find,
It will be a moment when we're,
I don't know,
about her thought,
and what she wrote,
but, I know that,
her after-words,
moments have been dreadful,
and being affectionate is lawful,
Mar 17 · 206
Nitin Pandey Mar 17
Goodbye, buddy:)
I miss you as long as I'm alive.
today at noon I lost my nine-year-old dog...
Mar 2023 · 274
The end...,
Nitin Pandey Mar 2023
I simply sought the truth,
and made peace with people.

It will be attended by some of my dearest people,
and even-after some social portrayal.

But, I realised, the cycle of events explained to me,
Maybe, the truth was what I wrote myself.
I only think about the end, but for what? I don't know how long it will take me to get it back to my emptiness or something like that, so, I'm going to go with it until my mind resists doing something else with me and myself.
Mar 2023 · 248
Nitin Pandey Mar 2023
a winds arrived, from a far,
touched me, with own's war.
Mar 2023 · 131
Nitin Pandey Mar 2023
a women has no ability, or a class,
until the men cannot make any flaws.
Individual examples can change the meaning of words? or just a word can be thrown by the power of legacy.
Feb 2023 · 158
Nitin Pandey Feb 2023
I don't understand,
I'm in the love or hate.
Are the people's laid off,
Or, they down on my fate?
When I wake up all relevant things are clear, but when I going up the sun is not doing well...
Jan 2023 · 247
Nitin Pandey Jan 2023
no love:)

no words:)

Words are always relegated to conclusions, but the love intention snares on only the way where I step up, there can never be salvaged...
Dec 2022 · 150
Nitin Pandey Dec 2022
At any time,
To earn a valid reason.
There will be a knock,
On the threshold of time.
For people, to leave,
Yes, to just evacuating.
That time, as memory,
And they will be gone.
All Constituencies only be yours, not mine…,
Even, after you left I did not set you free, it was easy for you to cross the threshold of time, but equally difficult for me.
You know, I tried my best to forget everything.
But, still I remember all happens that imposed by you, that rough moon, that thirsty river, that bundle of wood, that screaming flames and that restless night, it was very difficult for me to accept that…
Oct 2022 · 108
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
I often lose myself, in coitus deals,
I always fall in love, with people's.
Then suddenly a thought,
Comes, in my mind...
My search is still incomplete,
Why? I'm so blind…
That person is initially not mine,
Someone else is there, would be fine.
Oct 2022 · 88
Potentially viable…,
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
I want to be a skilled potter,
But, upset at some Social-Sculpture.

I want to change them,
Want to fill with the colour, as I selected.

"then how can I forget the law of potency"

Without destroying the existence of it,
I can not give the shape I want, and can't fill colour as I expected.
Oct 2022 · 198
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
If the moon disappears,
I'll break my every stars.
For the unpeaceful appearance,
Will ensure her smooth attendance.
Oct 2022 · 83
So for…,
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
The night still waits for,
****** moon, A drunk car
Coming soon, Uncertain star
Take a way, So far, So far...
Oct 2022 · 117
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
Hiding in the clouds,
A moon and her smiles.

She always stares at me,
Like watching my all actions.

Of course, my friend:)
She may not know about my floors.

But, I get the sight,
Of her soft and calm imaginary drivels.
Sep 2022 · 98
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
As long as I am alive,
I’m able to cover myself.

Please, just be able,
To cover my corpse bluntly.

You covered my head,
But, my legs are left open.
To the
Sep 2022 · 84
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
Changes are the primary rule, or just a complement? of this society,
No one not sure about that, but sure about it:)
If, you are part of the change, you are ****** accused of this activity.
Sep 2022 · 92
Rain drops...,
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
Those drops of rain,
kissing the lips of the earth.
Fragrant smell, scattered all around,
after a long time ago, my smile is there.

But, it prevailed commendably,
it was also imprisoned in the walls of glass.
Now, doesn't take a long time to smile anymore,
just a fair price to be settled with the way to pass.
Sep 2022 · 118
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
for the love:)
life is so cruel…,
to the love:)
death is so humble...!
Aug 2022 · 83
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
In the missing journey,
Who should be searched?
On the ******* ways,
Death should be scratched.
Hi, I'm still at the end of the day, but I'm on my schedule for tomorrow…🧎🏻
Aug 2022 · 76
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Is this the end?
It place, just for a compliment, wherein I was going to lose my own emotions, my mind under the ages of the queries to be burned out.
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
only one hope is there,

Let the caravans
of these words,
just stop.

In the end,
of like this.

Stop breathing,
with any passive,
a single heartbeat,
as my simply wish.
Aug 2022 · 90
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Such a round, I will often knock,
When I leave myself, in a dark-clock.
May Be, these passing days, will take a similar turn,
Will ****** me away, to mix up with soil, after the burn...
Aug 2022 · 195
Just for the fight...,
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
From the streets-dust of the village,
to rites of the big-cities have existed.

Then why do you confuse me with your questions?
and why do you cut the wings of my golden dreams?

Maybe, you don't know:)
"It is too difficult, to know, You can't win,
still, for a fight, repair Your broken legs."
Aug 2022 · 90
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
I have a way to go,
without any problems.
But, my search was,
kind of sophisticated initially.
Where I appeared dumbfounded...
Maybe, everything depends on the situation, and the situation never changes according to me, "only one I'm able to find what I want" does mean the situation never make a road, a point, and that way where I have to go.
Aug 2022 · 93
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
When I will destroy you,
What suspicions will happen?

How many characters,
Would you like to keep up with me?

And where we occurred, in this case,
Is it happens, are to be seen?
Aug 2022 · 204
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Words are so slavery for me,
Just write, what I want to see.
Aug 2022 · 222
Me & my life...,
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
"In the coffin, of the ranges.
the spirit's breath, into a corpse."
If I rise, for life's sake, to get the exact meaning.
She just consumed herself, that moment, for self-killing.
Aug 2022 · 84
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
The journey,
Of my own life.
It will be perfect,
On a gloomy night.
Still, the destination,
Intentionally be the one.
A moment spent with you,
Just, for any peaceful fight.
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