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EU EU May 17
Tila ako'y pinaglaruan ng tadhana
Nalulunod sa mga baka sakali
Bungad nito'y panandaliang tuwa sa una
At pangmatagalang pait at sakit sa huli

Unang yakap at halik mula sa kabiyak
Nagdulot ng pagluha dahil ang tayo'y malabo maging tiyak
Handa akong masaktan at bitawan ka
Mamahalin kita habang may oras pa
This is a poem I made when we decided to end our relationship in 5 months but now we are forever. ITS A CUTE AND LONG STORY HEHEHE
EU EU Apr 2018
I don't know what I'm feeling
I don't know why I'm crying
Just laying down all day
Wondering if this is pain

Always wanting to sleep
Then wanting not to wake up
Because of everything happening
That makes me feel like I'm nothing

So can someone give an answer and help me
Help me figure out what's in my mind
Because I don't know how long I can stand this
I feel like I'm leaving everything behind

I don't know what's inside my head
That makes me cry and makes me start to lose my breath
The cycle doesn't stop repeating
It's so hard I wish my heart would stop beating
EU EU Mar 2018
Shooting stars that are so magnificent
Even if they're just going to pass by and fall
Almost the same about ourselves and the people we suddenly love
They let us admire them, love them, then leave saying they just can't

All of the time you spent with her
Became memories that now made your heart break
The reasons made you feel like your stupid
Hearing "let's end this, it's for your own sake"

Your pillow became a tissue for your tears
Thinking everynight how you can still be that person's wish
Not wanting to wake up from the dream where we're together
Cuz my world crumbles when I see you love another
EU EU Mar 2018
Blaming yourself for everything bad that's happening
Is what we do when our heart and mind is collapsing
Living in a world with people not knowing why they live
And people that let others hurt them so they wont leave

Confusion made me so tired because of overthinking
Trying to know all the answers when I really can't
All the things that wander in my mind every night
Makes me feel like my heart is being ******* so tight
Not saying anything about what I feel because of fear
My fear that they'll treat me differently and ruin the mood
The scars that are everywhere in me and the tears that come out
Makes me scream but only in my mind because I can't say it with my mouth

I don't know what to do with this life and how to decide for myself
I just nod to everything and everyone so I won't be a burden to them
I'm confused if I'm a person or just a tool
Thinking it will turn out fine but no its just me again being a fool
EU EU Mar 2018
We are our biggest obstacle
Our biggest problem
A human being
Finding worth in living
EU EU Mar 2018
I don't have a clue with what's happening in your mind
Your mind that takes over and replays events that made you hide
Can't bear the pain that's eating my inside
I'll lessen the pain by hurting myself outside

Behind my silly laugh and smile
Is someone feeling incomplete
Behind my head
Is someone telling me it'll all be over when I'm dead
A simple smile can hide unbearable pain.
EU EU Mar 2018
You're the only one I want
You're the only one I need
The sun that gave me light
The moon that stays with me every night

Wanting to be beside you everywhere you go
Because of the my fear that you'll suddenly let go
I'm afraid of you letting go of me
But terrified of you letting go of yourself

If I ever run out of things I could say
Remember that I'll still be here to listen and stay
Even if you undergo any kind of change
My feelings for you will still be the same
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