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naila Jun 2015
If only you could look at me
They way i look at you
If only you could love me
The way i love you
If only you feel about me
The way i feel about you
If only i make you happy
The way you make me happy
If only you smile at me
the way i smile at you
If i only you want me
How much i want you
If only you desire me
How much i desire you
If only you were mine
naila Jun 2015
That moment when there's nothing to do except crying that moment when you cant hold your self that moment when you break the moment when you feel that no person in the world understands you when you feel lonely that moment when you feel like your life is gonna be over when you prefer dying than feeling this pain when you dont know what to do because there's nothing to do but stay in the bed cut and cry trying to figure out whats wrong with you why your feeling that bad but then you realize that your just a human you hold your self about everything that happens to you and that all humans have that moment in their life when they break
  May 2015 naila
harmony crescent
Don't worry
about those who
talk about you
behind your back

they're behind you
for a
  May 2015 naila
~The kiss happened like a dream.
The kiss was ours to embrace.
The kiss I had been waiting for so long was
The kiss that was mine~
I had my first kiss today <3
What a beautiful feeling this is~
  May 2015 naila
i've wanted to talk about
my feelings for you,
but deep inside i know
you'll never feel
the same way
for me
  May 2015 naila
Red Bergan
Darkness slashed my skin,
****** relief...

Darkness killed my heart,
Slashed to threads.
Torn apart...

This little girl,
Hath..* No fear.

Everyone went dark on me..
Destroying what I once held dear..

In the dead of night,
*Darkness slays me.
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