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 Jan 2016 naila
The Dedpoet
If you were poetry
Then I don't exist,
And if I don't exist then
Neither did you and this
Is a lie.

We are only lovers,
The flesh of the lips
Tendered together for hopeful kisses
But not to be alive in
A melancholic grace of days.

And there is the other,
That which is the world
Of two lovers in the grinder's
Days together in this struggle.

And another which speaks silently
From the ears of a listener
And takes refuge in
Something else away from love.

And the other
Which is the word written,
So that you know you are not poetry,
Only the verse of words magnified
From a hopeful wound.
 Jan 2016 naila
Paul Hardwick
Never seen a onion cry
so why do I?
each and every time
I cut you so
am I of the mark
or do you make me feel your pain
so I do not do it again
the onion is so hard.
How true is this?
Happy New Year.
The people who I love       P@ul ***.
 Jan 2016 naila
 Jan 2016 naila
Once upon a time she believed
with every ounce of her heart
in the myth and legend of better.
 Jan 2016 naila
The Iron Rod
 Jan 2016 naila
It's hard to hold on to the Rod

When the Iron burns my hands
The concept from the LDS doctrine of the iron rod.
 Dec 2015 naila
Abie Ghivari
 Dec 2015 naila
Abie Ghivari
When I see your smile,
I feel happy and sad.
I'm happy to see your smile.
I'm sad,
If I can't make you keep smiling for me.
For a while, it seems some of us are forget what that meant.
 May 2015 naila
There are
 May 2015 naila
times when I feel awfully low
and all I want to do is embrace you
and bury my face in your shoulders
and feel your nape
and your back
and the curve at the back of your waist.

Just the thought of your smell
and your touch
and the tingling I feel
when my skin meets yours
is enough.
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