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Aug 2019 · 360
Back at it again ;)
Alexiss Aug 2019
Here I am once more,
Trying to grasp what I can’t comprehend.
You speak to me in strange tongues.
Lesbian? I thought you were American.
Mar 2019 · 131
Is This How You Poem?
Alexiss Mar 2019
you and i
in the car
the sky a bright baby blue gleam
trees and grass a fading deep green
the engine abuzz
road work ahead
i sure hope it does
Alexiss Mar 2019
I tried to grasp what remained of my love for you, but, like the autumn leaf dragged from the sky by the laws of physics, I found my way back to the heartache that I live in.
I tried to be happy but it didn't work out. Now I'm back.
Alexiss Dec 2018
I want to love you.
I want to give you the world,
But when I took my shot
You said "airball."
Alexiss Nov 2018
Sadness is a peculiar emotion
It is as swift as a coursing river
It has the force of a great typhoon
It is as strong as a raging fire
It'll make a man out of you
I'm super bored and this came to my head. I hope it's funny. Also please don't attack me for the whole "make a man out of you". It's from Mulan guys. I also have the ******
Nov 2018 · 328
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Alexiss Nov 2018
The temper of time shall corrode this lingering form,
While the softness of final breath carries the scent of life once more.
As the flickering golden light of the sun fades into silver dusk,
These melted wings shall fall into the deep silence of the sea.
I'm in my feels and Billy Eyelash is making my heart do stuff
Alexiss Oct 2018
My time is coming to an end
Thank you for being a friend

This must be my fate
Please, I do not wish to hesitate

For all emotions have slipped into the drain
And all that I can conjure is pain

May we meet in another life
Where I may become your wife
Alexiss Oct 2018
It was at the tender hand of darkness to which she fell.
And it was the cold lean body of death that held her for the last time.
Alexiss Sep 2018
You love me.
I don't love you.

Now I love you.
And I don't tell because you love her.

I hide my feelings.
And he is still loved.

I am alone.
Sep 2018 · 264
Poetry and Stuff
Alexiss Sep 2018
Our existence is limited
Our love is engraved in the lines of time
Mar 2018 · 1.0k
My flower
Alexiss Mar 2018
How am I supposed to water my garden
When you were the only flower I wished to plant?
Mar 2018 · 215
Return To Me
Alexiss Mar 2018
Like a wave to the shores of some far off beach
You will return to me.
Like some cosmic phenomenon only appearing by chance,
You may return to me.
Like the first rain in a desert dying in midsummer,
I hope you return to me.
Like the pleas for death to give mercy,
I beg for you to return to me.

— The End —