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Sep 2019 · 269
Best Friends
Dhaye Margaux Sep 2019
I have been waiting
For someone to understand
My pain, my flaws
My weird and wild sides

I have been searching
For somebody to fill
The gaps, the empty spaces
The longings of my heart

I have been asking
For a friend in this lifetime
My company, my comrade
The one who will be like me

Like me, yes same as me
The light, an angel
And now we feel the same
Now and forever we are
We have the same eyes, same heart, same wings...
Jul 2018 · 684
Somewhere In The Broken
Dhaye Margaux Jul 2018
I try to smile and laugh 
But my lips turn numb and dry 
I try to sing a song 
But I can't and all I can do is cry 

I cannot tell, I cannot shout 
And my tongue seems tied 
I cannot show my love for you 
It will remain a mystery I hide 

Somewhere in my broken heart 
I see all memories that passed 
I see your face, I feel your skin 
Somewhere in the broken there's us
For the broken-hearted ones....
May 2018 · 639
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
I was wondering why
I can't get out of my door
I thought I was locked
And I couldn't get closer to you
I was looking at you from my window
A perfect soul I have ever seen
One more try and I have found out the truth
I was not locked
But it was you who was inside a cage
The walls around you
Set the boundaries
Of how far my eyes can look
Upon your soul.
May 2018 · 757
No Song To Sing
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
Tonight I am not in the mood to sing
I lost the interest for now
Where are the words I need
Where are the tunes I love
They were gone
And if ever they echo back
Somewhere at the window of my soul
I may no longer hear them
As the melody I used to sing

So tonight there will be no song to sing
I will just lay down to rest
And hear your voice
The records I keep for years
They are the ones that never fade
Here in my heart.
Not in the mood tonight...
May 2018 · 489
Not Giving Up
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
Oceans and seas
Days to years
You were apart
Yet still one
In heart

No one gives up
No one leaves
Holding on
Until your
last breath
May 2018 · 667
He Loves Me
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
He loves me like sunshine
The light of his day
He never forgets his words
Even when he's away

He loves me like the moon
The lamp of his night
He never thinks of anyone
Even if I am out of sight

He loves me like a baby
The baby girl of his life
The only one he dreams
His forever lovely wife

He loves me like the sea
Tide never leaves the shore
I always come to him
I love him forevermore.
To my bffah
May 2018 · 440
No One Has The Right
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
No one has the right
To hurt others feelings
Play games with their hearts
Or insult them like
Caring is a big crime

I am so sorry for such acts
When I have cared so much
I didn't know it would be painful

For loving today means
You have to be hurt.
May 2018 · 443
She is a Rose
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
I do not like a rose
It is thorny

I love to be just
A simple Daisy
May 2018 · 331
I Love Myself
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
The greatest gift
I have to give
To me
Is to
Love myself
May 2018 · 287
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
You will know that
you were dreaming
When you are already
It was a bad dream!
May 2018 · 351
Magic Carpet
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
He said,  "Baby,  let's go
Let's explore the places we do not know

Don't worry 'bout the waves and tide
'Cause on magic carpet we will ride

Mountains and trees we will see
Standing strong just like you and me

Don't ever look back at the ***** space
Here in my heart is the safest place

There you will no longer feel sad
Come, let us feel the wonders of God."
At the beat of love,  anything is magic.
May 2018 · 214
My Light
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
He told me,
"Do not compare yourself
With others
For if you change
You won't be my light"

I told him,
"You are the real light,
My forever light
For you did not change
Even a little since
You showered your light
Upon me

For that,  I no longer walk
In the dark."
Always and forever
May 2018 · 219
Toss in the Wind
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
You came like a breeze
And I was amazed
By your touch
So comforting

I surrendered to you
Undressed myself
Then embraced you

At first it was warm
The kiss
The hug
The touch

Then suddenly
You became cold
Freezing as ice
That almost everything in me
Became numb

And as I close my eyes
I feel you leaving
Like the wind
You just passed by

So I opened my chest
And take my heart
While you are moving away

I tossed it to you
Hoping that you will feel
How I want you to take care of it

But you just looked at it
With a cold stare
And continued leaving

I tossed my heart at the wind
Now it is broken
And I don't know
When it will be healed.
For the cold-hearted...
May 2018 · 186
Ice on Her Lips
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
I tried to kiss her once more
But I was surprised
By her coldness
No warmth at all
For ice is what I see
On her lips.
Apr 2018 · 305
I Cry
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2018
The music plays softly
Into my ear
A lullaby of heart
I always want to hear

The music plays
While my tears fall
As the lines
Hit me so strong

I cry
For the unsung melodies
I cry because
There will never be
You and me.
About her, not me...
Apr 2018 · 189
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2018
Yesterday there was no way to the other side
Water flows with harshness
I can't even dip my toes
For I will be carried away
To the deepest part
And it was too dangerous

Then later this morning
I saw the bridge
I don't know if it was true
So I tried to see
Made a step
Then another step
Until I saw myself in the middle

Yes, there is a bridge
Now I can pass
A way to the other side
A way that will lead me

to you.
Inspired by the bridge at the nearby town where we had our outing this morning.
Apr 2018 · 228
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2018
When I hear you
I picture someone strong
Cannot be defeated
By any war or storm

When I see you
I witness someone bright
Cannot be fooled
By the intriguing norm

When I touch you
I feel someone gentle
Heart is soft and tender
Despite of her bruises

When I kiss you
I find someone loving
Soul is clean and pure
No cruelty and harshness

When I am with you
I discover life
And all the love
I have in me

With this love
I am alive
You freed my soul
Now, I am free!
You and I...we're just the same.
#for my muse
Apr 2018 · 249
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2018
I know you have fought a million wars
Made a million tries to reach the stars

But you see, a fight would always mean
Any of which either you lose or win

You cannot always get what you aim
Everything changes and won't be the

But the goodness of your soul will stay
Though you choose to take complicated ways

So stand up and fight the good fight, my dear
Love yourself and conquer all your fears!
Cheer up and fight the good fight, sweet slowrocker!
Apr 2018 · 223
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2018
K -  is for knowledge, I know you have it all
A - is for apple, to everyone's eyes, that's how you're called
Y- is for yesterday that you should not recall
E- is not for end or an escape from your fall

It is for each day you have to stand tall
Opening your doors to chances and not building walls...
For a special woman I admire...
Apr 2018 · 152
I Saw Your Soul
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2018
I do not look on pretty face 
Nor on gowns and fancy lace 
The day I met you in this busy place 
Was the day I saw your soul's grace 

I do not look on positions 
For positions set limitations 
The day I have seen your soul and emotion 
Was the day I found mine's reflection 

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul 
Yet I didn't look on yours once and for all 
I saw your soul through music, I fall 
Where special connection breaks wall 

I saw your soul and I found mine, my dear 
You are beautiful inside and out, its clear 
Shape that world you hold in your hand without fear 
Shape it into a better place with One Voice to hear.
To a special woman who shows her soul through music
Dec 2017 · 462
The Field
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2017
Green field is waiting
People are praying
The earth is ready for the day
The clouds are showing
The sun is rising
The wind is preparing the way
I don't have much time to see
But the heart is caring for thee
Lips are not prepared to say
In this field we will be free
From all worries to be
For things won't forever stay...
In memory of my grandma...
Sep 2017 · 724
Dhaye Margaux Sep 2017
Listen to the silence
It could open up your mind
Things inside your heart
Could be unwrapped and you will find

Listen to the raindrops
They could speak up a thousand words
How they could test your strength
You would catch a million swords

Listen to the wind
It could tell you a new story
A heart that makes a confession
Saying the mending word- sorry

Listen to my melody
It could be a song of pain
Seclusion maybe the best option
If someone dear will gain.
Everything speaks...

Word prompt: SILENCE
Sep 2017 · 494
The Waiting
Dhaye Margaux Sep 2017
I sit on the ground
Waiting for your call
To hear your voice once more

Holding my bouquet
My tears are ready to fall
I start counting one to four

Do you still remember
You promised me yesterday
You will never leave me here

I won't ever forget
Your words that light my day
To God we'll solemnly swear

Yet, I remain waiting
I know someday you'll be here
So I won't be alone anymore

I can wait forever
Until I see you, my dear
One day, when I open the door.
The promise
Mar 2017 · 1.5k
Summer Breeze
Dhaye Margaux Mar 2017

You were the breeze
The one that I once embraced
And imagined I can hold and keep
One night in that fine summer

Like a ghost you stayed for a while
I felt your kisses and hugs
I was in love the way we were
But that was one fine summer night

Another summer has come
And I can do nothing but to trace
Where I felt your hugs and kisses
And when the love started

I came back to this shore
To find whatever has left
But it only hurt me,  just like before
Knowing that the breeze had passed
And won't come back anymore

Feb 2017 · 873
Last Cry
Dhaye Margaux Feb 2017
I don't want to cry again
I want that  cry in the past
To be the last one

You don't know how long
I have waited for this time to come
That I can face the world with strength
Even my walls are breaking

I will never stop loving
But I will never beg for love
My love is real forever
So I deserved something real
I just want you to know
How much I love
But I won't ever ask
To love me in return

I will never beg for  love
Because I deserved something real
So I will stand here alone
But I will never cry again
Inspired by a piece I just read
Feb 2017 · 1.7k
Dhaye Margaux Feb 2017
She got much gifts from open hands
Those golden hearts from foreign land
But though they came from farther place
Their hearts are closer, oh such a grace
Somehow it's good to take and keep
Yet there are hands that do not sleep
They are not tired of sharing gifts
Helping others with no buts and ifs
She loves to see herself like them
Sharing her gifts, her precious gems
Even the gifts she has today
Her skills and talents, that's her bouquet
And now she finds another dream
Like mending rips from hem to hem
She wants to share her open hands, too
With songs of hope for me and you
For those who came as blessings to others...
Jan 2017 · 1.1k
Dhaye Margaux Jan 2017
The feel,  the touch on my skin
Brings ecstasy to last forever
I feel your love all over me
Kisses so sweet and tender

The dreams,  the promises we made
Carry me to a wonderland
I see myself walking with you
On a beach walking hand in hand

This fairytale inside my heart
A prayer I always sing
Your words of love bring me to tears
As I look in this silver ring
Love always...
Jan 2017 · 1.3k
Blessed Are Thy Womb
Dhaye Margaux Jan 2017
Thy womb
blessed and gifted
What more to ask
What more to wish for
You carry your blood
You can sing a lullaby
put her to sleep
Your sweet angel
But you cry in disgust
for the gift you have
while others were deprived of
ungrateful woman
Didn't you know
I was wanting your place
Blessed are thy womb
that you cannot see
I hate issues about uncaring mothers,  unwanted pregnancy  and abortion. Having a child is gift... if only it is given to those who really wanted it.
Jan 2017 · 886
Keep The Faith
Dhaye Margaux Jan 2017
When you walk a thousand mile
You can rest or pause for a while
But never surrender to show
You will go and continue to grow

Sing your song to them all
Keep your faith when you fall
Stand and start over again
Reflect every now and then

This world would be unfair to you
Keep the good things that you do
Learn to adjust to the tests
Just be yourself and do your best

Never give up,  never stop
Keep climbing and make it to the top
Just keep the faith and do not fear
The right time for you is coming near
Assessment day.  Four out of twelve passed the test because of a sudden change in the standard.  We will never give up.
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2016
On the coming new year,  I won't make resolutions
No more promises that don't happen because of hesitation
No more plans that need too much time and attention
For resolutions are just a cause of failure and depression

This new year,  I will just dress the way I always do
Enjoy the company of the precious people like you
Accept that some things may go though some stay and stick like glue
Some questions can be answered but you needed a clue

I won't make promises that could cloud my day
Like what others do to me when on new year they go away
Not personal.  Just inspired by an FB post I read on my wall.
Dec 2016 · 783
Color Me
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2016
Color me with hues coming from your heart
Touch me gently as you hold your brush
Draw every memory you want to come alive
Put them gently and never do it in a rush


Leave traces of your hand all around my frame
Make me your reflection,  your soul's looking glass
Feed your spirit with creation you always want
Color me with shades of you,  make me your prettiest canvass

I really miss painting... (:
Dec 2016 · 483
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2016
I miss my smiles
Somehow I just need
To accept my failure
So that I will learn
To smile again
failure is part of life
Dec 2016 · 465
If Only
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2016
If only things are not complicated so I can put them in words as easy like a poem
If only hopes stay with patience to comfort me in this room
If only dreams are not stars so I can easily hold them closer to my heart
I wish the present and future smiles will be one and never be apart
Sorry if the title is clichè
Dec 2016 · 1.1k
A Star Not Far Away
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2016
I painted my dream on my wall
and everytime I open my eyes,  
I see a star not that far away...
Dec 2016 · 9.1k
A Woman's Gift
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2016
Never ignore a woman's gift
For it's the best thing she could give
Do not underestimate her offer
Never take it for granted or leave
She could give you a slice of cake
But she will choose to give you a whole
Her gift could be little in your eyes
But it's the total of her heart and soul
A woman's gift is not for the eyes
But for the spirit of those who feel
So never ignore a woman's gift
It is for you if you are real
My second piece chosen for the Daily.
Thank you so much, dear readers and co-writers.
Nov 2016 · 675
Dhaye Margaux Nov 2016
Like a flame blown by wind
Sometimes we resist 
But oftentimes we sway
We follow the flow with eyes closed
Tears roll while hearts pray
That in time we'll be back 
To where we want to stay

You left,  I was alone
I searched only to fail
But I never gave up 
Until you came back
With bigger heart and more wisdom
Like sailors we tried to sail 
While I still believe in fairytale

Days passed,  years gone by
Lines on forehead appear
Veins on shaky hands
But our hearts stay younger
With an old,  great story to tell
Our song,  nothing can replace
The best love song ever played

Our love,  our story
It's the greatest fairytale
Thanks to the holiday,  I have time to write this time.
Nov 2016 · 751
Dhaye Margaux Nov 2016
I believe there is
For it gives me strength and hope
And the will to stay
in our dream
Dreams give hope...
Nov 2016 · 1.1k
Dhaye Margaux Nov 2016
I do not just listen--
I analyze,
because the story might have
a real different ending

I do not just glance--
I observe,
for the view might be different
on the other side

It is not wrong to be careful
on what you should believe in
Be smart. Don't just believe in hearsays.
Nov 2016 · 1.0k
Dhaye Margaux Nov 2016
No matter what happens
I am still the same person
Standing on the ground
Though I have learnt to fly

I know when to use my wings
While I love my feet
Yesterday,  today and tomorrow
Oct 2016 · 1.3k
Third Party
Dhaye Margaux Oct 2016
Why I always have this feeling when I enter this room
I smell the scent of cologne which is not from yours or mine
How about the color of curtains, it's not my favorite
And there's an extra empty glass beside your glass of wine

I feel like I am no longer welcome when I enter your room
I don't see the smile on your face like what I saw before
The music that you play is no longer my favorite one
Everything I see and feel reminds me that you care no more
Inspired by the title of a movie about an unusual love triangle (a man,  a gay and a woman).
Oct 2016 · 7.1k
Kung Ikaw
Dhaye Margaux Oct 2016
Kung ikaw ay isang senador,  ano ang hakbang mo
Paano mo aalamin para malaman ang totoo
At kung alam mo na, isisiwalat mo ba ito
Kung ang madidiin ay isang kaibigan mo

Kung ikaw ay isang mambabatas,  ano kaya ang gagawin
Kapag nalaman ang totoo,  paano ito sasabihin
Kung ang kaibigan o pamilya ang siya namang madidiin
O patutunayan **** ang batas ay nababaluktot mandin

Kung ikaw ay isang mamahayag,  paano ka magsasalita
Doon ka ba sa totoo o kung saan ka may mahihita
Lalo na kung nais mo ring sumikat sa pagbabalita
Basta ba may narinig ka'y isisiwalat mo sa madla

Kung ikaw ay isang pari o kaya'y pastor ng simbahan
Ang puso mo ba ay malapit sa taong naghandog sa 'yong kawan
Utang na loob mo ba ang iyong isasaalang-alang
Dahil ang kawan na hawak mo ay kaniyang natulungan

Paano mo ihahayag kung ikaw ay isang ****
Sa mga kabataang sa harap mo'y nakaupo
Naghihintay ng liwanag,  ng dunong na isusubo
Kung ano ba ang nais mo sa kanila'y ituturo

Kung ikaw ang presidente,  makakaya mo bang lahat
Ang sugpuin ang problemang sa nuno pa natin nag-ugat
Ibababa mo na lang ba ang ngalan ng Pilipinas
Upang laging mayrong tulong sa ibang bansang ngayo'y sikat

Kung ikaw na karaniwang mamamayan na tulad ko
Nag-iisip,  nangangarap ng mabuti sa bayan mo
Ang makita sa 'sang sulyap, paniniwalaan ba ito
O pag-aaralang mabuti kung totoo ang narinig mo

Tayong lahat ay malaya,  malaya kang magpahayag
Malaya kang maniwala kung kanino ka mahahabag
Kung kanino magagalit, kung sino ang nililiyag
Ngunit isipin mo sana ang bukas ng ating mga anak.
Paano nga kaya?
Sep 2016 · 832
When The Time Is Right
Dhaye Margaux Sep 2016
You might fail a thousand times
But you can always stand and walk
Move on from things that made you cry
From those that block and mock

You are young and carefree, I know
You sing and dance, you play your game
I see your smile, I hear you laugh
Do not lose your hope and flame

Today might not be your time, my dear
But just move on, hold on to fight
Always keep the light to get your prize
Somehow, someday when the time is right
For my son...I love you. I am always here to support you.
Aug 2016 · 579
Dhaye Margaux Aug 2016
Is eternity
Like my love
For me
Aug 2016 · 628
Song For Me
Dhaye Margaux Aug 2016
It's been a while I didn't write me a song
For all those chances,  I have written just for you
This is just fair,  being fair to myself
That for once I sing a song for me

I've learned to see and feel my pain
That once were hidden or I was blind to see
It was not fair,  been unfair to myself
I've sang more songs,  but nothing was for me

Oh,  I've been waiting for this moment
That I see myself in the mirror
Standing tall,  smiling alone
Full of hope and love for myself
Let me love myself,  let me be free
For once I need to be alone
Let me see the beauty of freedom
Let me sing this song for me

Tonight is the night I'll sleep with peace
No heartache,  no pain within me
For I let them go, those tears and fears inside
So I can sing this song for me

Oh,  I've been waiting for this moment
That I see myself in the mirror
Standing tall,  smiling alone
Full of hope and love for myself
Let me love myself,  let me be free
For once I need to be alone
Let me see the beauty of freedom
Let me sing this song for me
No tune for now but hope I can do it on the next weekends...
Aug 2016 · 923
Never Too Old To Dream
Dhaye Margaux Aug 2016
Dreams are not just for youth
Hopes are not only for their future
We may be old but we also dream
And it is never too late to dream a dream
And hope all the hopes left
After time had been unkind to us
Dreams are like wishes
We can dream more
We can dream big
As long as we are still standing
And willing to move on
We are never too old to dream
another dream.
Dream.  Wish.  Hope.  Move on.
Aug 2016 · 2.5k
like coffee
Dhaye Margaux Aug 2016
love is like coffee
better to drink when
it's not too hot or cold
or it's not too much to get bitter
with not much sugar to be too sweet
Too little or too much are both not good...just a thought while sipping coffee.  Lol
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
Dhaye Margaux Aug 2016
This heart of mine
Is chained forever
We are bound by laws
And special rules of love
I will always keep this
Tangled to yours
No matter what
Always and forever
Aug 2016 · 641
Dhaye Margaux Aug 2016
I will always be your baby
You will always be my honey
Our sweet hearts will always be connected
I will love you always
Forever,  my love
Always my words
May 2016 · 633
The Artist
Dhaye Margaux May 2016
My skin  is now ready for your eyes
Not for a stranger in the night
I know you are waiting for a rhyme
Like a rainbow that's out of sight

I painted birds and  chickens on canvass
I know you'll remember this day
Spend time calculating the hues
To create a piece all the way

You may fall short of  time and chance
Sometimes you may pause and then hurry
But that's how we  create like we explode
Be obedient if you don't want to feel sorry.


She's an artist. She paints.  She write songs,  poems and stories.  Even a stranger  could prove that. Her skin tattoos speak so well.  You can see flowers and animals on her arms,  neck and shoulder.  So funny that even chickens can be seen once you closely look at those marks.  

As a poet,  she mostly observe rhyme and meter.  She would always spend time calculating the syllables in a line.  She always remember her mentor's teachings even when writing short pieces. There was no moment that she's not obedient of the rules she had learned from him. She won't forget that anything should not be done in a hurry.  

She is an artist,  and her  creativity is like an emotion that is going to explode once properly set.
For the 10  Words I Give Contest...
The given words:
Apr 2016 · 1.0k
Out of Place
Dhaye Margaux Apr 2016
I start to over-think again
When I see things between us
Like in a Tug-Of-War
I feel like
I am out of your world
I am out of place
Like a small ****
In the midst
of beautiful flowers
Out of your world
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