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Jul 2019 · 203
Madison Jul 2019
My family
The reason I stopped singing
My family
The reason I no longer get exited when the sky is pretty colours.
My family
The reason I bottle my anger
My family
The reason I stopped talking unless spoken to
My family
The reason I am graduating and moving as far away as I can.
Jul 2019 · 86
Show Me
Madison Jul 2019
Show me you scars.
Show me you bruises.
I need to see all the times that I failed to be there for you.
Jul 2019 · 69
Late Night Thoughts #3
Madison Jul 2019
Imagine someone deleting a long text detailing how much someone matters to them, how they love the sound of their voice and how they want to be with them.
Now imagine it was going to be sent to you, other people might hide their feelings just like you do.
Jul 2019 · 166
Late Night Thoughts #2
Madison Jul 2019
What if someone has internet stalked all your profiles and decided you weren't interesting enough to ******/kidnap?
Jul 2019 · 81
Late Night Thoughts #1
Madison Jul 2019
Chances are that at some point
in your life you have smiled
or brushed shoulders with a stranger...
A stranger who happened to be a ******, kidnapper, or *******.
This is why I'm antisocial.
Stranger danger
Jul 2019 · 47
The Very Last Time
Madison Jul 2019
Last times hurt because we never see them coming.
The very last time that you do something or see someone,
You lose a piece of your soul.
It's like breaking the **** of a door after it's been locked,
You don't get it back.
The only choice is to move on,
Or "chase the dragon", to no avail.
You can't return to the last time.
Jun 2019 · 341
Let Down
Madison Jun 2019
Don't love me if you don't
expect to be let down and for
the love of god, don't trust
me with your heart.
Jun 2019 · 124
Love is a Battlefield
Madison Jun 2019
If love is a battlefield,
Doesn't that make life war?
And what's war without casualties?
Jun 2019 · 47
Minds To Eachother
Madison Jun 2019
Can we spend our youth being crazy and losing our minds to eachother?
Jun 2019 · 264
Madison Jun 2019
If you blame me for being
a monster,
You must first know what made me this way.
I wasn't born into it.
Jun 2019 · 271
Next To Nessasary
Madison Jun 2019
You never needed me
Though you always used me.
I'm part to blame because,
I let you
You didn't even hesitate
when you left.
It was one sided love,
only more complicated.
To you,
I was expendable and replaceable.
Next to nessasary
Jun 2019 · 81
Madison Jun 2019
It's depressing really.
How you grown accustom
to despair .
The way you've memorized the trails your tears leave behind.
How you've grown to enjoy the salty taste in your tears.
It's sad that your sad
May 2019 · 198
Cross Fire
Madison May 2019
Caught in your crossfire,
A blow meant for you,
That I have taken,
You won't notice though,
You only have eyes for your foe,
I am caught.
Now that I'm in,
Theres no way out.
Caught in your crossfire
What's war without casualties?
May 2019 · 240
Madison May 2019
Don't be sad, depressed or lonely.
"Follow me!" they say,
Belivieve us we will show
you the way!
The cures just an arms reach away!

Well joys just a little sniff away, you can even puff if you'd like!
"Look at you, all grown up!"
Depressions easy!
Meet the lips of a bottle to your own, till you forget you're down!
"I think you're getting it!"
And if you're lonely,
Just find another body to lay with.
"See! You can take care of yourself just fine!"

Oh honey they never tell you,
The sniff becomes necessary,
The drinking nightly,
It's only lust,
Never love.
but it's just a little to late,
You drank their Kool-Aid.
does anybody get the kool-aid reference?
May 2019 · 242
Madison May 2019
I'll give you pleasure,
Then show you pain.
You'll never smile so wide,
Or cry so hard.
It's suffocating in silk.
It's drowning in daffodils.
It's a strange addiction
May 2019 · 187
*Finger Guns*
Madison May 2019
Can't walk out
If I don't let you in
*finger guns
Finger guns make everything a joke instead of depressing *finger guns*
Apr 2019 · 262
Never Before
Madison Apr 2019
I couldn't explain how you made me feel
Never before so anyone care,
Never before has someone looked
at me like that,
Never before have I felt it.
It was Love.
But I noticed a little too late.
Apr 2019 · 337
He is Hers
Madison Apr 2019
I am just trying to forget;
Your lips on mine,
Your hands on my waist,
Your name on my tounge.
You're on my mind
And I can't help but think;
Your lips are hers now,
Your hands are on her waist now,
And it's her whispering sweet
nothing's to you at midnight.
It's her, not me.
Apr 2019 · 668
Don't Trust Me
Madison Apr 2019
Please don't say it.
I can't return it.
You should run and hide.
Please stop, you don't understand.
I'm not a good person.
Don't give me that power,
I can't handle it.
If you love me,
Don't trust me.
Apr 2019 · 249
Madison Apr 2019
I told you I was fragile,
But you dropped me anyways.
Apr 2019 · 208
Liars Eyes
Madison Apr 2019
Look through a liars eyes,
See what betryal,
What pain,
What fear,
Has turned them into.
Only through a liars eyes.
Apr 2019 · 105
Hell Of A Week
Madison Apr 2019
Would you look at that;
I've lost sleep,
And probably my sanity.
What a hell of a week.
Apr 2019 · 72
You Are Enough
Madison Apr 2019
When those dark thoughts plague you,
Place you hand over you chest and feel that thump thump.
You are alive.
It is enough.
YOU are enough.
Apr 2019 · 168
I didn't
Madison Apr 2019
You went for it,
I didn't.
You loved,
I did too.
You confessed it,
I didn't.
You fell,
I did too.
You thought we could make it,
I didn't.
Apr 2019 · 88
Madison Apr 2019
You fight tooth and nail
Until your sitting on a throne,
On top of a monarchy.
Not only will Society fear you.
Society will surround you,
It suffocate you
And it will tear you apart.
Until finally,
You're a shattered soul beneath a crown,
Nothing but the luxuries you
****** yourself for.
It is the loneliest on the throne
Apr 2019 · 94
Thump Thump
Madison Apr 2019
I feel so dead,
The only way I know I'm not
Is the ringing in my ears
and the thump thump in my chest
Apr 2019 · 326
Madison Apr 2019
Save your happy endings for Disney
Apr 2019 · 155
Love Your Destruction
Madison Apr 2019
After building yourself up
so many times after being broken down,
You learn to cherish the pain,
And love your destruction.
Apr 2019 · 172
Enjoying the Emptieness
Madison Apr 2019
I've fallen into an empty void.
I have the will to pull myself out,
But I'm not sure I want to.
I don't feel overwhelmed,
I don't get hurt,
And I'm done crying.
Apr 2019 · 111
A Mess
Madison Apr 2019
If you think I'm a mess now,
you should should see me without you.
Apr 2019 · 230
Madison Apr 2019
Somethings are more
beautiful while they burn
A short one
Mar 2019 · 118
Madison Mar 2019
You are my dark side,
Mar 2019 · 296
Madison Mar 2019
You assumed the king was the threat.
That was your first mistake
The queen is the warrior.
Mar 2019 · 355
After The Sun Sets
Madison Mar 2019
After the sun sets,
I can lay awake for hours.
I take comfort in the night.
While the dark envelopes me.
My only company, the stars.
Mar 2019 · 445
Little Do You Know...
Madison Mar 2019
I say I hate you.
Little do you know,
I'm scared to say I love you.
Mar 2019 · 976
Near Death
Madison Mar 2019
I crave a new feeling.
That near death thrill,
The one that makes you feel so alive.
The falling,
But never landing.
The light,
Followed by darkness.
The knowing,
That you'll only be guessing.
I'm bored.
Mar 2019 · 524
Never Look Back
Madison Mar 2019
Our love wilted and died.
I left you behind.
I said I'd never look back,
I lied.
Mar 2019 · 332
Lips are for Lasting
Madison Mar 2019
We may have kissed,
But not the lips.
We didn't mean to last,
Just distract.
One rule,
No lips.
Lips are for lasting.
Mar 2019 · 744
Too Soon
Madison Mar 2019
I fell before I loved.
A little too hard.
A little too soon.
Mar 2019 · 587
Deadly Questions
Madison Mar 2019
Who can hear a tree fall in the forest?
Whats another slice in a ****** mess?
Another pill to ease the pain?
Another tear in the rain?
The answer to all of these is the same.
A single step, a step closer to the ledge.
A cliff, a window, a roof, a noose...
These questions are deadly.
If you start asking what's the name in easing the pain one more time, you will never stop. It's always one more.
Mar 2019 · 195
A Reason
Madison Mar 2019
I won't leave,
If you can give me a reason not to
Mar 2019 · 242
Every Tear
Madison Mar 2019
With each that falls,
I relive an old pain,
I feel a new sorrow.
The same suffering,
A different agony.
An endless loop,
A momentary relief.
Mar 2019 · 154
Madison Mar 2019
Every time I fall
I seem to brake.
Mar 2019 · 428
Care for You
Madison Mar 2019
Every time you frown
I feel the need to make you smile.
All you seem to do is lift others up,
even when it pushes you down.
They love you.
But I want to care for you.
To all those people out there you put others before themselves. I want to make you smile! And if you don't believe me, I'll show you
Mar 2019 · 283
When You Aren't
Madison Mar 2019
My demons are there for me
When you aren't.
Mar 2019 · 112
It hurts
Madison Mar 2019
Sometimes it hurts.
Sometimes there's nothing you can do.
Sometimes it doesn't stop.
Mar 2019 · 264
Ride or Die
Madison Mar 2019
I was a ride or die girl.
Now I'm a dead girl.
Mar 2019 · 224
Madison Mar 2019
I'm not afraid to fall,
I'm afraid to land.
Mar 2019 · 360
Not Falling
Madison Mar 2019
I'm not falling for you.
We don't work.
I'm not falling.
You keep smiling.
I refuse to fall.
You deserve better.
I won't fall...
Because I've already fallen.
Feb 2019 · 527
This Worlds Tragic
Madison Feb 2019
We need a little magic.
Our world's kind of tragic.
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