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Toppled off their feet
Does a slow motioned float come
Before arrival
Only in one hand
do specks and flecks mix about
among grains and dust
Leaning all the way
Toes pointed and an arched back
Caught far in the sway
Offers herself as a snack
Sang sweetly that day
Just past the doorway...
world is screaming
throwing things around
breaking our windows
scratching at doors
burning down dreams
stealing the past
threatening to sue
spitting its venom
clawing in dirt
stalking the dark
howling to come out
coughing in our face
tossing spite about
pounding its chest
bearing its teeth
spinning many lies
shouting at children
scolding our smiles
denying the young
ignoring the old
scalding one’s skin
loving their crimes
faking the future
disrupting our sleep
breaking our hearts
killing us slowly...
Really why we stay inside
Longing so lonely
Remembering touching you
With my dream-like eyes
Plucked from a low branch
From where a serpent had been
Ate from her open hand
To his mouth it all began
Married by first sin
While in their kisses
Turn the sheets into a twist
Drenching both in bliss
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