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Rhyme a rhyme.
In this time,
Let’s go down in history,
As something divine
Our concept is abstract,
Like an empty snack pack,
We mix like paint,
But none of us are saints,
We lie awake in our beds,
With our dreams long buried in our head,
Lives as complex as the quantum theory,
We stand with the help of scaffoldings purely,
With every single breath that we take; we aspire for greatness,
But alas,
Our minds are shrouded with darkness
Everyone is a whole new world in themselves,
Some smiles have dimples,
For other's : their eyes crinkle,
Some have a splash of freckles,
While others are rich hued and a little reckless.
To the sunshine,
You seem so divine.
To the moonchild,
Your birth is the gift of the wild.
To the ocean tide,
You are the end where the world combines.
Today is too good a day to die,
I welcome a new me everyday,
Sometimes it is like sunrise,
On some days it is a hurricane.
Carry on,
Carry on, little bird,
The sky is your ultimate place.
I need to do something,
To stop feeling like i am dead,
Hoping to get out of my head.

I need to do something,
Cause i worry in vain,
I simply need to do some work to keep myself sane.
In one word is the happiness of every heart etched,
The meaning of which cannot be drawn in a sketch,
But the memory of which in your heart,
Will always be fresh.
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