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Like a nail i am rusted,
But alas, unto you i am trusted.
I am not the best mold,
But everyone says your work is gold.
The trees,
The stars,
The galaxies,
The flowers.
I'll heal,
When the birds will sing,
I'll heal,
When the kaleidoscopic butterfly will kissed the sun streaked sky,
I'll heal,
When the clouds will rain purity and tranquility,
I'll heal,
When the moonlight will caress my scares,
I'll heal,
When the dew drops will glimmer and settle on my palms,
I'll heal,
When the monsoon inside me will no longer snarl,
I'll heal,
When the white lines will break scattering colors in the sky to glorify lives everywhere,
I'll heal,
When the sun sets to  mark thee beginning of dusk,
I'll heal,
When i am me,
I'll heal,
When it is meant to be.
This poem was written by one of my friends named Meenal Khurrana and myself as a combined piece.
I wanted to post it over here to show the beauty that two minds can create even in the darkest of their days.
It is also a gratitude letter to  my friend for making my tenth grade a beautiful time in my life. Thank you Meenal.
Maybe i will,
Maybe i won't,
I do not know,
I want them to be proud of me,
But i still cannot let it all go,
I do not want to,
I have hurt them enough before,
It will last a life time and be enough,
But i do not want disappointment as a description on my epitaph,
Be like,
Walk into darkness with flowers as your shield.

Be like,
Grant your loyalty to nature.

Be like,
Dare to touch the skies.

Be like,
Always remember your duty.
It is not about what you see in someone,
It is about what you feel,
For everyone it is different,
Sometimes it is all light and it is all right,
But sometimes it is just a game.

But must they judge you for someone you have just seen,
What the society wants it should not always be,
Sometimes you have the right for your choice to be a mystery.

A mystery you want to follow,
You want it to be the cause that represents you tomorrow,
When love comes knocking at your door,
It never asks you if you are sure,
It can be a woman,
It can be a man,
But do not forget,
Sometimes only you can also be perfect,
cause love is never something that you can just plan.

Some will question,
Some will discriminate,
But they do not matter,
cause it is you,
Who has to make peace with where your heart is placed.
There is a fire within each one of us,
It is greater than the sun,
It is in our bones,
It is within the intricate pattern of our lungs.

If you let us then;
This very fire within us,
Will let us touch,
It will let us feel,
It will let us love,
It will make us heal.

If you let us then;
This very fire within us,
Will give us freedom,
It will make us escape from the boundaries,
Of this earthly kingdom.

Give us a chance,
We can try,
'cause there is a fire within each one of us,
That you cannot deny.

— The End —