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Jul 10 · 50
Talking with the moon
Kawa Jul 10
Alone in my room late, I’m ruminating, the lunar light shines through the window, everything is illuminated, thoughts streaming, stimulus, rejuvenation, if I can not sit alone quiet, then I defy the human nature, there’s a window through which I view the matrix, a human cage, the principle was union, but like wild flowers, our limbs are getting cut, pruned and mutilated, maybe a few can make it, so I apply the knowledge that I’ve accumulated, too much civilization makes sick animals, now I stand under what Jung was stating, there’s is no future to which you can make it, all i see though this hole is human enslavement, but like birds, you’ve become resigned the monotony of captivity, servitude and subjugation, I sit back and watch how all of you behaving, but I’m accused of laziness as soon I say this, this illusion based world that I refuse to engage in, but the hatred that lies in the heart of my peers will never pierce my heart, the truth is sacred, why would I walk the path that you’ve paved me.
Oct 2021 · 43
Become Unnoticed
Kawa Oct 2021
Have no identity, this is the highest form of wisdom, not becoming.
Because becoming or being is a crystallization, and all types of labeling is connected to the ego.
So become not, die every moment, this is what theses so called “wise” people mean, to change, move, or you rot.
The moment you give yourself an identity is the moment you die, one has to become so egoless that you almost become invisible, unnoticed, because the ego is seeking visibility, form, become unnoticed and so you become part of everything else in existence. I’m sorry to say this but there is no focus point, life is peripheral, the idea of being special is wrong, you’re not special, there’s no standing out, everything in life is equal, you’re no different from an insect, an ant, a spec of dust or a grain of sand, or anything.
Oct 2021 · 227
Kawa Oct 2021
Heartbreak, the epicenter of mans transition into the world of poetry.
It is here his life is shaken, here he trembles and quakes, here the shock waves radiate.
Here man explodes and words erupt out of his core like lava through a mountain, here each sheet of paper is colored in his soul, here his heart burns and his true emotions are manifested.
Sep 2021 · 149
Kawa Sep 2021
We imprison plants to small amounts of dirt within vases, and when the plant grows big and branch out beyond our satisfaction we cut and trim them down, maim and mutilate them, that is the standard.
We were once connected to nature but now we’ve become too civilized, and since we can not be in nature we try to bring nature to us, we try to tame nature.
We do everything to make our lives more attractive, the ego is the tree that is decorated in all our desires, we need to be stripped of our embellishments.
We domesticate animals so that we can live with them, because w’ve been domesticated ourselves. We’ve lost touch with the natural ways, this is why we feel sick, our lives are artificial.
And so we do this with dogs and animals, we breed them to perform for us, disable them to help us when we’re disabled, or because we find them cute and desire these physical treats, so they grow up with health issues.
We feel imprisoned ourselves, that is why we try to imprison everything else. Everything we do, we do it with motive, we want to profit from everything that we’re doing, and so we plant trees to be in their shadows.
We grew sick the  moment we gave power to our thoughts.
And now we’ve imprisoned ourselves to our beliefs and doctrines, to our knowledge and understanding, not knowing that what we’re trying to follow is just ourselves, and like a dog trying to bite its own tail, we go in circles.
Mar 2021 · 74
Kawa Mar 2021
My dear friend, do not seek perfection, it is but an illusion, a man made mirage.
They say a gem can not be polished without friction, but a gem is already beautiful whatever form or shape it has taken, it does not need polishing or friction to become more alluring, and to who?
What are these standards, do not force yourself one way, when all ways are possible, you do not have to trim your branches, do not cut off your limbs, each petal, each leaf is beautiful whatever way they have chosen to grow, cherish these offshoots and do not be ashamed of them, these are not your flaws, they are part of your ever being, do not let the fixing become a fixation, there’s nothing wrong with you, only right.
Mar 2021 · 104
Be sad if you must
Kawa Mar 2021
Like some forests we generate our own rain, our own pain and sadness, but surely everything is in need of watering.

So be sad if you must, let these clouds gather, let them darken your days, let the drops fall, as it pours rivers shall form upon your face.

Be sad if you must, let these tears be of nourishment, for your mind, your body and soul, and over time these little seeds within you will be watered and start to grow.

Inside you all sorts of positivity will bloom, similar to flowers, to trees, to shrubs, and there you will lie within the garden of gardens, with peace and love.
Jan 2021 · 166
Kawa Jan 2021
Similar to waves or rivers, we can only move forward when we’re changing, or else there’s no progress... else we become stagnant and rot where we are clinging to everything we’ve been gathering.
All that we carry holds us down, in life there’s nothing to hold on to, this only adds to our weight, not allowing us to move on, we become heavier and heavier.
We’re here to experience, to see and touch but not to claim anything for our own, because nothing belongs to us, not even ourselves.
When we put back everything that we have been carrying, each day we become lighter and lighter, thus like a feather we float through life unencumbered, and then living would not be as harsh as we think it is.
Nov 2020 · 156
Kawa Nov 2020
There are layers to life, from a membrane covering a nucleus to the skin covering our bodies, or to earths own atmospheric layers protecting our planet.
Each part of another body of work, but all part of the same one.
Circles within circles, these are our homes, each enveloping the other.
We’re but mere atoms within this universal body, part of another movement, where you think you live depends upon the level of your ignorance, there’s but one home.
Oct 2020 · 118
Kawa Oct 2020
We’re too zoomed in, too obsessed with details, our vision is microscopic, it’s concentrated, tense and without any relaxation.
Our field of vision is narrow, there’s no observation outside the central area of focus.
But from time to time even the artist and painter must step away and see his work from afar so that he does not get lost in the details.
We never see things a whole, this has always been a part of the doctrine, everybody is seeking for their own, focused on personal identity and autonomy.
You’re taught to be self reliant and assertive, independent, but all this is keeping you away from seeing the bigger picture.
We lack human qualities, or characteristics like being kind, being self sacrificing, dependable and generous, people’s self image is defined in terms of “I” or “me”, this is not you, it’s your ego.
Oct 2020 · 232
Kawa Oct 2020
The whole of life is a miss understanding, to see the world afresh as the moment we were born, all self conditioning must expire, and thus must be quelled.
The true beauty of life like a fog has long been blanketed by our own perception, restricting us from seeing life as it is, naked.
Oct 2020 · 80
Virtual place
Kawa Oct 2020
An so a time came where the social media became our digital playground, a place where we used to hang out, where everybody was in touch with each other’s, yet not.
Oct 2020 · 75
Who you are
Kawa Oct 2020
My fellow atom within this universal body, within you exists an innate intelligence that is connected to a source from which all knowledge streams.
Admire but do not become a product of the societal or the social influence, do not reflect the image of the other or he whom you gaze upon and deem beautiful, for you’re beautiful yourself.
Tap into your inner genius that lay dormant within the core chambers of your heart.
There are enclosed spaces within you and like caves within a mountain contain gems that shine with a light like no other.
Dig deep into these cavities, there lies knowledge that has been forgotten, knowledge that has been repressed and hidden from you by the outer world, scared that you may some day find them and become who you truly are.
Apr 2020 · 118
Kawa Apr 2020
Funny how i feel blue,
yet all i see are grey clouds,
There’s no sun beaming through the canopy, only rain that falls.
Apr 2020 · 118
Met A Soul
Kawa Apr 2020
I met a soul, beautiful,
No matter what, she matters most,
So everyday I send her letters to let her know that I won’t let her go,
My love for her, I let it flow and let it grow,
Let it slowly expand within me explode and throw me at her like stones in catapults, my home is the heart that beats under her flesh and the corral of bones, so let me die there, bury inside a tomb in your catacombs.
Apr 2020 · 107
All that we know
Kawa Apr 2020
We’re everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve touched and everything that has ever touched us.
Through every adventure, every escapade, each experience is defining, all that we we’re is all that we know.
So what are we if not an accumulation of our memories, an agglomeration of all our knowledge.
Feb 2020 · 201
Kawa Feb 2020
I guess things are only complex because we’re superficial.
This universe is only big because we’re small.
Life is only hard because we’re weak.
Feb 2019 · 1.0k
Kawa Feb 2019
Why would I bring to you dead flowers, when I can put you among living ones.
Jan 2019 · 12.9k
“Falling” In Love
Kawa Jan 2019
“Falling in love” is a contradiction in itself, because in love there is only the rising, the ascending, not the falling.
You can not fall in love, but rather, rise.
Nov 2018 · 216
Sweet Flower
Kawa Nov 2018
Handle a woman as a bee does a flower, extract her sweetness but do not damage her.
Jul 2018 · 840
Her words
Kawa Jul 2018
She said after all maybe i am a gold digger and you’re the mountain that I chose to ascend, maybe I am here to explore and delve into your hidden inner world, so tell me, what treasure lies within your deepest caves, how far does your emptiness reach and what is it that I shall find in the end.
Jun 2018 · 189
Kawa Jun 2018
Expose yourself to the natural radiations of life, the cosmic waves of energy, so that even when you’re in darkness, you’ll still be emitting light, become phosphorescent.
Dec 2017 · 1.1k
Kawa Dec 2017
Maybe she is a butterfly among your garden of flowers, collecting nectar from the sweetness of your beautiful heart, maybe you’re not supposed to catch her because that would render her wings useless and prevent her from flying.
Maybe your purpose is to let her be free.
Dec 2017 · 241
Our Hearts
Kawa Dec 2017
A flowers true beauty is revealed in the process of its blossoming, and so similar to this must our hearts be broken open so that we can unveil the depth of our truest love.
Dec 2017 · 832
Light Bulbs
Kawa Dec 2017
Our bodies are like incandescent light bulbs,
That spark of electricity, that spark of heat and energy that is generated to light us up from the inside is love.
In its absence there is no light and so the world around us becomes dull, sombre, and lightless.
Suddenly we become purposeless, since our purpose is to shine, to emit light.
Dec 2017 · 176
Kawa Dec 2017
In somber silence,
Im wandering through this world,
Through this life,
For i am nothing but a shadow with a body attached to it
Dec 2017 · 272
Kawa Dec 2017
There are flames powerful,
Burning deep within me,
At the core of my heart,
Equivalent to the fire,
Burning inside of a hearth.
Dec 2017 · 623
Kawa Dec 2017
My eyes became caves,
And from them sprung roaring waterfalls,
But the ever expanding deserts of my heart and of my soul where life once flourished could still never be sustained or nourished.
Dec 2017 · 224
Paper Boat
Kawa Dec 2017
And so I told her, dear, push me away gently,
like a kid who loves his paper boat,
let me drift ahead alongside this pavement and I shall find my own course.
Dec 2017 · 331
The Butterfly And The Light
Kawa Dec 2017
He was a butterfly,
Lost in the darkest of nights,
But he came upon a light,
Shining from distance,
And in his rush he was quickly drawn to her,
And the closer he got,
The more gorgeous,
The more beautiful she became,
But even that light disappeared,
For the moment he touched her,
He got burned, fluttering through air,
He fell and died.

So love similar to the butterfly and the light,
We hope that it might be something.
We rush ahead with such excitement, drawn to something with a deep affection.
But each one is tempted by their own desires, they get lured away and enticed.
Giving it our all, the magic, beauty, the moments, what is that light, what is that flame and glow.
What is it that we want so much, forgetting it’s power to burn, to ****, to literally set you on fire..
Dec 2017 · 179
My Home Is Out There
Kawa Dec 2017
What is this thing that we are holding in our hands, this creation, put a finger on a small screen, is this how we get in "touch" with the world..or is this how we lose touch with it, lose touch with reality, the nature of life, the actual social activities, the talking, the conversations, no..really getting in contact, face to face, not Facebook to Facebook, go out, feel the air, listen to the wind, the rustling of the leaves, run barefoot on the grass, connect with the earth, feel it moving, breathing, listen to the waves and the fluctuation of the seas, to hell with artificial lights, go outside and feel the sun that nourishes you with nothing but health, lay awake in the night and gaze upon the beautiful stars, shining, glimmering across the sky, feel the rain drops hitting the earth, the smell of wet dirt, recognize the beauty of the snowflakes as they gently expand and gather upon one another, admire the beauty of the regrowing plants in the spring, become one with the universe, this is not who we are, this is not where we belong, everything has become artificial, cold, rigid, dark, sad, we are told how to live, how to talk, how to walk, how to die, where is the home is out there.
Dec 2017 · 126
Nobody Like
Kawa Dec 2017
What do you know bout my life,
How do you know what it's like,
To know that nobody cares bout you,
Nobody kind, nobody like,
But no buddy I'm like nobody,
So i nobely write, they said no to me,
But know this one day every note’ll be noticed,
And for every word a Nobel prize..
Dec 2017 · 127
Kawa Dec 2017
Enjoy the minutes, the hours, the days,
Enjoy it with our families,
And the friends we make,
Enjoy the seasons, the snow and the rain,
The flowers blooming in spring,
And the hot summer days,
Ejoy the nights under the stars,
The moon and the space,
Enjoy it with your soul mate,
With whomever you love,
Because love is the way,
Enjoy the mornings,
To hell with the stress of getting to work late,
To hell with technology and the internet i say,
I might be gone tomorrow,
No more sorrow and pain,
To hell with staying home,
Im going out today,
To hell with all the worrying,
And all my past mistakes,
To hell with the future,
To hell with the anxiety,
And feeling of being useless and fake,
To hell with what people think of me,
To hell with the hate,
No more thinking,
I will live my life the way i want,
And that is my own way.
Dec 2017 · 136
Kawa Dec 2017
There is life..
And then there this life that is shaped by our thoughts and the way we think, hampered and held in snared, manipulated and played with by our own imagination.
Dec 2017 · 210
Precious Stones
Kawa Dec 2017
In The Middle East women are getting rocked, Here women are getting rocked as well, but with diamonds, precious stones and pearls.
Dec 2017 · 191
Little Flame
Kawa Dec 2017
And so I sit and look into that tiny little flame,
And I see myself, because in this world I feel like that candle, surrounded only by darkness,
Alone, flickering, struggling to stay alive.
Dec 2017 · 175
Kawa Dec 2017
Imagine life as a movie, the sun as the flash of a camera, earth as a scene on which you perform, and the stars the eyes that are gazing upon you, do your best, and expose the beauty of your artistry, the whole universe is watching.
Dec 2017 · 191
My Mother
Kawa Dec 2017
My mother is planet earth and I am the little seed of flower planted within her.
She is the dirt that keeps me growing and the soil that nourishes me with health. With the strength of her arms, she pushes me out of the darkness and into the light. She is constantly guiding me towards my destination, and thus helping me as I come into full bloom. As I enter the universe, I am reminded that she is both my light and my darkness.
Dec 2017 · 140
Kawa Dec 2017
Love is like water, you can not grasp hold of it,
By that I mean you can not control it or be in command of it.
You can only move and flow with it, whatever depth, you dive.
Whichever way it streams, let it take you.
Dec 2017 · 866
The World Within
Kawa Dec 2017
Everybody is trying to conquer the world outside, but who has really conquered the world within, there are dimensions deep inside, universes, galaxies unexplored and unheard of, become an astronomer, a scientist of your own body, of your own mind, of your own spirit,
For it is there the real truth lies.
Dec 2017 · 631
Life Inside Boxes
Kawa Dec 2017
How do we ever feel free,
When we live inside boxes that are inside other boxes, my thoughts are inside of a box, my heart beats inside of a box, my soul exist within, yes inside of this ****** box, I am manipulated by a box in the corner of a room, constantly telling me what to believe is real, I am in "touch" with the world through a box in my hand, my home, my apartmant is box, and as we were born inside of a box, "the womb", well so shall we be buried inside of a box.
Dec 2017 · 220
Cliff On The Coast
Kawa Dec 2017
She was the beautiful sea that i always gazed upon, through the days and nights, ever moving, fluctuating, and me I was just a cliff on the coast, gradually destroyed and eroded by her heavy waves, constantly clashing against me.
Dec 2017 · 1.3k
Kawa Dec 2017
You are The Sun,
The moon and my stars,
In this vast universe,
Illuminating the darkness,
A gorgeous mural, the purest of art,
The flower that has deeply rooted in my heart, created a garden and purified all of my parts, the beautiful tunes of the music,
Soon as it starts, soon as it’s caught,
Fuel to the spark, the fire that keeps growing, at no time in the present or the future it stops, the food when I starve, to whom should I go, when I feel down and gloomy in thoughts, in this world I’m lost, you be my compass.
Dec 2017 · 206
For You
Kawa Dec 2017
For you my love is a universe,
A sky luminous with stars,
Vast, ageless, and ever expanding,
Every celestial sphere lambent,
Is a thought of you, blinking,
Shimmering in distance,
Some of them are bright and other dim,
But to me they are all equally alluring,
Equally beautiful,
And when the sun goes down at eventide,          
There I lay watching the night skies,
Smiling deeply as I slowly fall asleep.
Dec 2017 · 978
Every Being Is A Star
Kawa Dec 2017
What if I told you,

Every star represented a human being,  
In this vast space of eternal darkness,
It is we that are lighting up the sky, 
And it is together we are doing it,
Shining hand in hand, quietly and peacefully, while the whole universe is smiling at us.
Dec 2017 · 794
Rays Of Light
Kawa Dec 2017
Break open the curtains, let the light shine and enter within, let it penetrate through the windows and reach through the corridors of your soul. The truth will be revealed to you just like the rays of light exposing the dust particles that are glittering in the air.
Break open those curtains.

— The End —