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Dec 2017
He was a butterfly,
Lost in the darkest of nights,
But he came upon a light,
Shining from distance,
And in his rush he was quickly drawn to her,
And the closer he got,
The more gorgeous,
The more beautiful she became,
But even that light disappeared,
For the moment he touched her,
He got burned, fluttering through air,
He fell and died.

So love similar to the butterfly and the light,
We hope that it might be something.
We rush ahead with such excitement, drawn to something with a deep affection.
But each one is tempted by their own desires, they get lured away and enticed.
Giving it our all, the magic, beauty, the moments, what is that light, what is that flame and glow.
What is it that we want so much, forgetting it’s power to burn, to ****, to literally set you on fire..
Written by
Kawa  31/M/Sweden
   Imran Islam
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