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KW Jan 2019
With the moon still up
Under the starry night
In my rambunctious mind
Between each thought
On dreams and nightmares
Across the twilight lit lake
Between loving and crying
Beyond caring, calling, and ripping apart love
In not fighting for fire
Without you and me
Against no odds to call you mine
Among mesmerizing lucid lights
From looking astrayed and losing contact
During the lows and lies of this so called love
Over this thought of us
Except expressing my inner thoughts of you
Past the depressing and anxious images
By the jubilant memories
Of witty wonderful pictures
Of you and me
Beneath these radiant stars
Above the beams of the moon
In a night not quite like ours
Upon the story of love and lust  
Onto giving up on this fight
Without the stars, it’s a jet black night
KW Dec 2018
When caterpillars are born
They just, they all look the same
Just like how babies are born
Coming out of their mothers
Womb, they cry, scream,
They feel helpless.

But we were taught at a
Young age that we need
To be independent, but how
Can we be independent if
We don’t feel like we are
In our own body
Just like how caterpillars are
Colored to to resemble their
Surroundings. We hide behind
A mask, we pretend that
Everything is okay
But there are teens out there
Reaching for that blade or
Another bottle just one more

But that one time
May be their last breath

Caterpillars make
Cocoons just like
How teens hide in
Their rooms,
They say I’m fine
But if you look into
Their eyes you
See darkness, there’s
No life left in them

It’s hard, we say we
Don’t need help but we’re
Screaming for it

We hide in our cocoons and
We comfort ourselves but it’s
The wrong kind of comfort
We rely on that bottle or
That blade rather than someones
Ear or their shoulder

We hide who we are
We want to fit in so
We pretend to be beautiful
We pretend to be happy
We put up that wall, just like caterpillars

We don’t see our true
We don’t see how
Beautiful we are

The darkness is scary

But we...we give up
Until we see that light,
That light saves us
It cracks open a new

We put down that blade and
We put down that bottle
And we pick up
Our journals, and our pencils

Caterpillars come out on the
Other side, they bloom
We bloom, we open up our
Wings and take off
We become butterflies
i hope whoever reads this will understand the beautiful message that goes into my poem. this means so much to me that i would love to share with anyone who is struggling. there is always light that will help us when we are down, just remember keep going
KW Sep 2018
it happened at night
December 20th 1969, my first ****
two kids in their car
you'll have to wait till

April 30th, 1967
i wrote my letter
bates had to die
nothing will get better

now take it back to 1969
last day of July
San Francisco Chronicles first letter
I bet everyone wanted to cry

it's now the 70's
still haven't been caught
i did talk to two police officers
maybe they didn't think of the distraught

i like the attention
and all the fame
to bad you don't know me
i wonder who you'll blame

I've killed a lot of people
I'd say 37 about
you still don't know me
are you losing all doubt

today will be my last letter
1974 in the middle of April
i wonder who will play me in my movie
whoever it is will be shameful

my case is unsolvable
no one cam believe it
they can't find me
i could always go back if i could commit to it

i hope you enjoyed my story
keep my case on track
everybody keeps on wondering
i am and will be the Zodiac
KW Jun 2018
His voice, his smile, his laugh
     was dancing around her
                                     rambunctious mind
she remembered everything about him,
          but his smile made her fall in love
                                                          with him.
    The way his lips parted and the corners  
curled up
                        her stomach fluttered when          
             she saw it,
    but now, when she stares, she feels
                         she can’t breath
  He’s gone but her mind, oh her mind,
         keeps racing
                           She just wants it to end
             why won’t it end?
KW Dec 2017
if these walls could talk
they would tell you how many times she has been hurt
if these walls could talk
they would say depression took over her life
if these walls could talk
they would tell you her thoughts at 2 a.m
if these walls could talk
her secrets would be told
if these walls could talk
you would be crying with her
KW Dec 2017
woke up
one day thinking
you loved me how you
would always be there for me. i  
realized that it was all a dream.
now i sit here wondering
if you ever truly loved
me. you said i was
your forever but i
guess forever
was just
KW Dec 2017
My tears watered the flowers in my
heart. It held them in and kept them
safe from the world until I met the

At first he made me feel alive like
I was worth something but he left me
and those flowers in my heart died.
they died with every dignity I had
left and my heart shattered.

It still is and I don't think it
will ever be the same. Those flowers
will forever be dead.
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