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Vina Jan 1
Everything is blank
Vina Nov 2019
A strong heart
A strong mind
Deep inside
It is a broken heart
A Confused mind
There is something that bothering me and it is situation where your heart and mind is fighting
Vina Nov 2019
I wonder if I could

Hug you?
Kiss you?
Pinch you?
Love you?
It is really sad when you have someone who can understand all your thoughts but unfortunately you can't be with them.
Vina Nov 2019
Time can't heal all wounds
It will hurt you forever
You will remember everything
Every words he say
All the memories you been shared
The day he was left
His name make you cry every time you heard it
I know it's hurt
Because even wounds can last forever
Vina Nov 2019
He is tall
Charming and smart

He got beautiful eyes

He makes me laugh
He also makes me cry
I was thinking to write part 2 for this
Vina Nov 2019
Strangers to classmates
Classmates to friends
Friends to best friends
Best friends
Just a best friend
Nothing less
Nothing more.

— The End —