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Andrew Mar 2020
I understand that you are shocked
I know you are confused
But say something
Say something

When you say nothing
Just get out and shut the door
A million possibilities go through my mind

Will he tell everyone?
Will he ever see me the same?
Does he hate me?

I had expectations for your reaction
Blaming me for something I have tried to change
But your reaction is silence

And trust me, I have tried to change it
Tried to starve it out
Cut it out
Deny every feeling

Until i felt nothing

Just like your reaction

I cannot answer questions you do not ask
I cannot reassure your concerns if you do not voice them
I can do nothing if you give me nothing

My sense of self was put at your feet
But you walked away
True, you didn't stomp on it
But you did not pick it up
You left me on the ground
Now i'm here.

Just please

Say someting
i came out to my brother this morning
Andrew Jan 2020
Perfection is an illusion.
Dont hold back,
Waiting for the perfect word,
Because you know that word will never come.
Why do we strive for perfection?
Its true that we get better-
Not through patience,
But through patience and failure.
We must stop holding back,
Knowing that progress cannot exist
While perfection pressures on.
Andrew Jan 2020
what is an ocean?
why do the waves crash?
what makes the tide come in?
why do the rocks and the shells change in that way?
The effect of the water is clear.
Moving at its own pace
With no regard for how much each movement
changes what surrounds it.
And changing itself in the process.
Andrew Jan 2020
Look around for a moment,
Nothing will ever be the same.
The light will never hit her face like that again.
The breeze will never blow quite like that.
Enjoy the uniqueness of right now.
Andrew Dec 2019
he called me prince
when he said he loved me
the day he started his game
of manipulation and fear

i never loved him
never even cared
but he kept pushing
the word prince scared me

but one day you came along
you were different
kind, funny, sweet
i started to fall for you

then we kissed
in the heat of the moment you whispered
"my prince"
into me

and the word took on a whole new meaning
ive been dealing with someone harassing me, but some people have a way of making everything better
Andrew Dec 2019
P u s h i n g .
The further you go the better you are.
If you stop
you are
n o  t   h    i     n      g      .
You’ll never get into college
You’ll never be successful
You’ll never get out of where you are

You will
N e  v   e   r
be happy.
Andrew Mar 2019
something feels off
not wrong
but tonight will be rough

my chest hurts
so much
i feel trapped in this shell of myself

dizzy, shaking, afraid
laying on the bathroom floor
nobody can see me

ive started to cry
too dizzy to stand
cant open my eyes
my body is wrong

it will never be over
drying the tears
time go back
be who they want me to be
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