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night shade Jan 2020
The blood on the floor
Stained the concrete
The blood on the floor
Pooled around your head
The blood on the floor
Pooled around the gun
The blood on the floor
Stained my hands
As I hold your lifeless body
The blood on the floor
Washed away by tears
The blood on the floor
Never to be forgotten
As it was burnt into my memory
The blood on the floor
That bore a hole into my heart
In the shape of a bullet
The bullet that you used to escape Hell
  Jan 2018 night shade
Rebel Heart
You built me up
Just to shoot me down
Breaking me past shattered
Shattering me beyond broke

Like Humpty Dumpty
Doomed to never recover.
Except the walls were my own
And you gave me the push

You made me feel
Like I was the Queen
But I was nothing more
Than a pawn
In your sick games.

How naive I must've been
To believe in the illusion of love
Your poisonous words
Like honey on my skin

Now I cut off the poison
And distanced myself from you
The feeling of losing a limb
Along with my mind

My heart aching,
My body shaking,
My lips yearning for you
Yet there's nothing left
For anything
Or anyone
So I scream
And scream
And scream
And scream

Till there's nothing left
But the lost tears of my childhood,
Your tainted things crashed against the wall,
A Shadow,
My demons,
And **I
Something stuck between the lost memories of first heartbreaks and losing innocence... Leave your thoughts, especially on how you interpret the last stanza I'm curious... ~BM
night shade Nov 2017
I tried to hide the love,
I tried to hide my feelings,
I tried to hide the truth,
My lies unveiled themselves,

Under the stars,
The truth revealed,
The feelings released,
Now I just have to wait,
Wait for the hurt,
Wait for the pain,
Wait for the inevitable,
Wait for death,
Alone, I will be,
Till time has ended me,

I just want you to know I tried.
I tried
night shade Oct 2017
The pain in my head,
The pain in my heart,
The pain that ruins my pleasant day,
The pain that brings the dreaded rain,
I cannot bear it any longer,
night shade Sep 2017
You can't recycle wasted time
You can't fix mistakes
You can only make amends
Mistakes come with time
Mistakes come with love
You write your future
Mistakes rewrite your future
You can make amends over time
Mistakes will last
Time will not
Time is limited
But there are infinite possibilities on how you use it.
Just something
night shade Sep 2017
Forever broken,
Never to be fixed,
Love is the destroyer of man,
Man is the destroyer of love,
Created by accident,
Destroyed on purpose,
My heart,
Never to be repaired.
I dont think it's very good.
Tell me what you think about it.
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