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  Dec 2019 Sophie
Chantell Wild
when i tasted your salt
the sea in me arose
i am an ocean unto you
i will water your gardens
you will be my budding bloom
and i will be your groom.
  Dec 2019 Sophie
Rose Diamond
They told me you were dangerous
The baddest of our kind
That with only a single look
You’d get all girls to sigh

You were quite the charmer
Of that i was quite sure
But what I didn’t really expect
Was to fall myself much more

I thought that i was different
That you’d also fall for me
For my attributes and laughter
For my smile on every eve

But that didn’t really happen
I got a wake up call
And while i was expecting a miracle
You didn’t notice at all

But its ok, i learned a lesson
And to you i bid goodbye
Because i realized I didn’t need your love
To make myself fly high
Sophie Dec 2019
I hide in the dust
Pretending that it doesn't choke me
I lay down with the wolves
Hiding the fear
The howling night is never ending
I have searched for the spring
For the love that dwells in it
I have been all that I should
And it has left me broken
On the floor, with the dust
It has left me numb
On the floor, with the wolves
I don't know how to fight
And I don't know how to get up...
I spend my days lying down, listening to my heart beat. It is melody compared to the brokenness inside me.
  Dec 2019 Sophie
Close your eyes
Count to ten
Take a breath
Find a pen
Write it out
Let it loose
Don't get lost
In these woods
For one day
You might get stuck
Way too far
In the muck
Sophie Nov 2019
You said I was beautiful
But I didn't believe you
I didn't know you that much to believe you

You said my eyes, that you could get lost in my eyes,
I felt it was a cheesy line, it didn't even rhyme
I didn't believe you
Because I didn't know you that much to believe you

You said I was perfect, my skin milk and honey
My lips melted butter
you touched me like I was clay

You said I was your blue flame,
"Don't pretend to be wild for me, don't try to prove your worth to me.
Baby you are beautiful, can't you see? You are more than enough for me"
Trying to get this teddy bear to write poetry
Sophie Nov 2019
We want to prove that we are hotter
than the sun,
We want to show that we are rougher
than everyone,
We want the world to kiss our butts
and let us be,
A form of rebellion!
A revolution that can not be tamed!

Excuse me!

While you're busy shedding skin
Breaking rules
and breaking hearts
Trekking further
and burning bridges

You should know that nobody really cares,
You should know that life is sweeter when you care.
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