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Rachel Glen Nov 2019
do you remember what it felt like to be in that dark place
as it suffocated, choked, fell like inky black tar,
we felt like we would never be able to surface.

do you remember what it felt like to hold hands for the first time
as you reached out into that endless space,
your hands so very rough against mine.

do you remember what it felt like to end up falling
as the gravity reversed around our hearts and the light exploded,
and i could finally drown in those warm brown eyes.

i loved you with all the butterflies that were inside
as they would sing your name and spin and spiral.

i loved you with every heartbeat that left me weak
when it would flutter and try to catch flight.

i loved you with every sundrop that fell between us
as we made love out by the tall grass that warm night.

i guess what i am trying to say is that good things
can come from broken hearts and when i forget
i can look into our stitched hearts
and remember that
i love you.
Rachel Glen Oct 2019
i try to bring myself peace
in the tall grass rippling like waves
a sea of greens, purples, and yellows
i dream that i am floating
running my hand along the bottom of the flat clouds
holding a ray of sunshine
like a warrior, conquering all the lands
until i've created a home among the wildflowers
somewhere for you and me to finally be
a slice of paradise in a very large world
where everything makes sense
and i don't feel quite so alone
Rachel Glen Jun 2019
one by one, two by two,
you pulled those creamy petals,
threw them into the wind and screamed.

this is what it feels like to be alive,
your hand in mine,
standing tall and wide over the edge of the world.

i was entranced, living in a dream,
where the dust settled and i could see,
your smile painted in hues upon my lips.

"don't you see, this is for you and me,"
every stupid thing leading to this,
an adventure for our hearts to be free.
Rachel Glen Jun 2019
you tore my soul wide open,
pale blue eyes held wide,
and you peered inside.

you were the catalyst to my downfall,
with everything laid bare.
Rachel Glen May 2019
when do we lose our imagination,
our curiosity and lust for life.

is it during the first heartbreak,
where our souls are left scattered in the remains of something beautifully haunting.

is it during the death of our loved ones,
holding hands, burning eyes, tight throats,
whispering our last hello and goodbye.

is it during the realization that our age comes finality,
generations before us falling to their knees,
back into the earth that bore our footsteps.

is it during the times that test our strength,
foreign words of sickness, a prognosis,
cancer burning in her chest, chased with poison to eradicate.

when do we lose everything,
our hearts built around familiarity, family,
the loving smiles and tears that brought us into this world.

i find it hard to sleep at night, as i toss and turn,
thoughts haunting the corridors of my mind -  
wondering where i lost my imagination,
my curiosity and lust for life.
Rachel Glen Jan 2019
peace twirls around my mind in ribbons,
    while your lips move silently by starlight.

how can i tell this foolish heart that you're gone,
    when you still sing sweetly to me in the dark,

i've lost myself in this deep velvet sea,
    where your memory is going to be the death of me.
Rachel Glen Jan 2019
it's one of those nights,
where the lights don't feel right,
and the darkness mocks me.

my heart beats in time,
with your fingers on my temples,
telling me it's all in my head.

your face is a pale stranger,
eyes a despondent wanderer,
two hardened brown orbs.

you tell me it will be okay,
that it has to be,
and i know that it is a lie.

because the glass fogs,
and here i am,
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