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Rachel Glen Jan 12
you are my sunrise,
peaks of gold coloring those liquid eyes
  burning fire caressing my pale skin
   a symphony of sensations that tease and amaze
    stealing away into a numbness that opens its maw to yawn
     leaving me stranded, panting, and even more in love.
Rachel Glen Jan 12
keep a light on in your heart,
i'll come find you and give you my hand.

to lead you out of the dark corridors
where the blank bulbs hang heavy,
swinging in tune with your broken heart strings.

past the pieces that roll around,
fragments of a lost childhood,
shards of contempt and regret.

to a place where there is warmth,
and solitude will not bury you under memories.
Rachel Glen Aug 2020
i bite down to taste blood,
ground myself in this plane of desolation,
  to feel anything other than numb.

i share in your suffering,
where you are lost and afraid,
  broken before you begin.

i put my hands out into the stillness,
but it is hard to reach you,
  in the dark alleys of your mind.

i close my eyes against the change,
selfish, scared, swallowing every regret,
  where it resonates in the notes and chords.

i would trade places with you,
if only i could see your light shine,
  beautiful smile and hazel eyes.
Rachel Glen Nov 2019
do you remember what it felt like to be in that dark place
as it suffocated, choked, fell like inky black tar,
we felt like we would never be able to surface.

do you remember what it felt like to hold hands for the first time
as you reached out into that endless space,
your hands so very rough against mine.

do you remember what it felt like to end up falling
as the gravity reversed around our hearts and the light exploded,
and i could finally drown in those warm brown eyes.

i loved you with all the butterflies that were inside
as they would sing your name and spin and spiral.

i loved you with every heartbeat that left me weak
when it would flutter and try to catch flight.

i loved you with every sundrop that fell between us
as we made love out by the tall grass that warm night.

i guess what i am trying to say is that good things
can come from broken hearts and when i forget
i can look into our stitched hearts
and remember that
i love you.
Rachel Glen Oct 2019
i try to bring myself peace
in the tall grass rippling like waves
a sea of greens, purples, and yellows
i dream that i am floating
running my hand along the bottom of the flat clouds
holding a ray of sunshine
like a warrior, conquering all the lands
until i've created a home among the wildflowers
somewhere for you and me to finally be
a slice of paradise in a very large world
where everything makes sense
and i don't feel quite so alone
Rachel Glen Jun 2019
one by one, two by two,
you pulled those creamy petals,
threw them into the wind and screamed.

this is what it feels like to be alive,
your hand in mine,
standing tall and wide over the edge of the world.

i was entranced, living in a dream,
where the dust settled and i could see,
your smile painted in hues upon my lips.

"don't you see, this is for you and me,"
every stupid thing leading to this,
an adventure for our hearts to be free.
Rachel Glen Jun 2019
you tore my soul wide open,
pale blue eyes held wide,
and you peered inside.

you were the catalyst to my downfall,
with everything laid bare.
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