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Garry Nov 2018
Don't go losing your mind
to a devious mouth
and a full moon,
It's usually a lie
to bring up the sap
and clear the tubes,
Another life won?
Another life lost?
Take care
Garry Oct 2018
Sometimes I can't tell
if the things I write
are poems or just sentences
with somewhat
arbitrary line
Garry Aug 2018
What did you do?
What did you see?
How did you end up
inside a tree?

Were you a spy?
A harlot? A witch?
Or the victim of a mad-man
scratching an itch?

Tell me lady,
what was your story?
Who was after
your Hand of Glory?

Why were you taken,
from this mortal realm?
Who put Bella
in the Wych-Elm?
Inspired by a local legend.
Garry Aug 2018
The warm summer air
hangs heavy in the night sky
Keeping me awake
Inspired by a bout of clammy insomnia
Garry Apr 2018
Sometimes I imagine you
cold in the ground
Not because I hate you
and want you to be
But because I love you
and don't want you to be
And it makes me appreciate  
that you are alive and not
And this mono-no-aware
will be with me until I am
Garry Feb 2018
Her auburn hair and pale skin
Fire on winter snow
My heart and my hopes burn there
Garry Feb 2018
Sparkle in your eye
As you walk by
I smell your scent
And feel your intent
Honey on my tongue
Genetics in my gun
Loaded and locked
Never half-cocked
Flesh full of blood
Mind full of mud
Harder and stronger
Slower and longer
Lie back, open wide
Guide me inside
Just one night
Hold on tight
Coming undone
Together as one
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