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ARCH Jan 2018
A feeling of happiness
And always we are in stress
Thinking of our soulmate
But no place for hate
Love is feeling of heart
Emotions and attraction
And a beautiful reaction
Bend on knees
Or give her a rose
Tell her your feelings
Or hide
It will hurt you
Kills you
And you always miss
The joy of living
It's better to express than to
Be in stress
Pallestine beauty
ARCH Jan 2018
The moon stared the lady
Who was hiding and crying
She was a star to slay
By the god ,may
Deserted by all
She was not good ,human call
What is truth ,what is lie
She is different her own way
Let her expressed and say
'I'm a beauty of black night ;
You're a beauty of sun'
-we may different but our
Heart is one
Pallestine beauty
ARCH Jan 2018
I wondered I was one
I always gaze through mind
With great story of time

Eyesore of folks makes me weak
But flint of culture
Make me seek

I was a fledgling
Who just learn to flame
The fire of traditions

I learnt from folks ;
Nothing can fulfill human needs
But calmness is something
That you should meet
Pallestine beauty
ARCH Jan 2018
My life
Drives me away
Doping me every day
Kissing me , silently
Creeping me , blindly
Yea life is slaying day by day
Pallestine beauty
ARCH Jan 2018
Pallestine beauty
ARCH Jan 2018
She was lost in her mind
Imagining something real but fake
With thorns and roses

Lost in her mind of fantasy
She don't know coming through it
Is not so easy

She made a attic of imagination
She create her own world
It was not home ,it was a devastated dome

No one knows what was in her mind
She don't know that she was blind
In darkness of her own world

Where's real she ,she always try to figure out
Is she real ; she always shout
Pallestine beauty
ARCH Jan 2018
To remember that you
Don't have to remember the past
'Cause it will stir bitter memories
The last time when you hurt last
Look forward,towards your goal
The next step ,your aim
Learn,learn to love your soul
If no one else loves you , you are still the same
In life , if it is too dark
It's going to launch you with great success fast
Remember , you can plan to write a book everyday
But you living a book everyday !
Pallestine beauty
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