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Jan 2021 · 334
Born Jan 2021
We love to hate them
Politicians who engrave love into our hearts
By promising us promises that we love to be promised

He said, it ain't my fault that am rich
Because your ignorant

He said, your poor
And you love stories about being rich
And am rich
And I have stories for poor, about being rich

So you used to go school get yourself educated
Information is all that matters, but too late for you.
You'd rather be home and watch movies and ****
Impressing nobody,Vibin, old school and ****
Untill one day you wake up, your life wasted
Bulding companies that you'll never own and ****.
You realize your just a laborer in this chain of life
And your the right guy for promises and ****

I like poems that rhyme
A symphony, the ultimate beauty of ryme scheme
Like a sad pathetic story, that suddenly made it
A perfect song that touches the soul, and the  lyrics,
Blend with your everything
From your failing ralations and weight of the universe
Choking your existence
........ And the lyrics, blend with your everything
Except the reality that your probably stuck in a maze,
And humans are always depsrate to be lead.
So we selected an enticing promise and we collectively
Elect it
And we feel happy
And We toast to our independence, or evolution or whatever you call this type of ****
May 2020 · 336
If pandemic was a poem
Born May 2020
Then I'll be stuck in the epicenter
Of a very catastrophic outbreak

I'll be exposed
and wonder if technology
Is the cause or savior of my fate

I won't listen
and settle on a very reasonable ignorance

I'll cling to God
Like we always do
And wonder if I'll go back when this is over

I'll blame everyone but myself
Rant and explore probabilities

I'll do what we do best
I'll be human
Apr 2020 · 153
Born Apr 2020
Dear 18th century
I thought you should know that
earth has officially been destroyed
Apr 2020 · 138
Write me
Born Apr 2020
Am just a lazy poem born, crafted by a tired soul
Words seem illusive when you try to
Pound them out of a dead mans brain

Some poems feel like a resistance
Against some invented ideals
Tainted by imposed patriarch
Who know nothings
but holds onto a scripted reality

Ugh, Am just a lazy poem tuning into
A frequency of love
the ballads and broken heart
the blissful days
the  trust cemented by hope
And the wishes cealed by prayers

Some poems feel like funerals and weddings
the tears that can't be held back
the flowers, the scent
the memories and cealed fate
And the promises of what the future holds
Apr 2020 · 188
Rest in peace
Born Apr 2020
Life happened
And dust settled on silence
Nothing could be said
Nothing could be heard

But memories
Could be felt
Apr 2020 · 103
Safe house
Born Apr 2020
Peddling through her dreams
Wondering if she has sacred spaces

In a world deluge by darkness
She needed to trace those places
Mar 2020 · 97
Me and now
Born Mar 2020
Took a break from writing
Been enveloped in what seems to be a
Confusing reality,
And the repercussions of everything

Been arguing or discussing
With a friend about world  economy
And how the world has become a global village.
And the warning signs of how this could be devastating than 2009 recession
And the devastating consequences of our ignorance when it comes to politics

Been 8 months, since I truly sat down and wrote something
Something like a poem, a shade of reality or a rant, as I famously call them

Been awhile since I wrote about what I believe
My perception on our cultural activities, societal uh-uhm "clings"
All that ticks with our behavioral patterns
Religions, last I checked I was reviewing lord Shiva ( Hinduism) and Buddhism
Intresting stuff

Isolation and social distancing

Got me thinking of how we live our lives
Wondering if social media has been isolating us and the governments are just making it official?
How we are dependent on virtual reality!
How lonely one can be!
What and who matters, me, you, us, them, vanity!
Why we fear death and never live our lives preparing for it!


I don’t have a certain answer to the big questions of why and how to live, but my best guess is that life is a playful act best guided by curiosity.
Children intuitively know this, of course, but the rest of us become rigid over time
We harden ourselves to deal with change and uncertainty. We forget how to play, and we get so busy making plans that we no longer know what it takes to lose ourselves in simple moments without always being bound to a clear purpose.
This is the problem of seriousness — an entirely passionless state that gets mistaken for maturity

That's it

I don't know whether to call this a come back, or a faltered decision inspired by humans or the current events. But nonetheless, I'll be writing and sharing my perception of certain or uncertain realities. This is the best way to share myself with the world.
Zat Rana inspired life
Mar 2020 · 90
Born Mar 2020
The way things are going
Soon we'll be asking
What is good about this morning
With covid showing its might
And money literally loosing its value

Suddenly we remember those days
slaved away
Not lived, but skimmed
And your entire being
To its entirety
Flashes before you

And you begin to ask, is the virus
An enemy or a stern reminder
Of ways forgotten by many
Mar 2020 · 84
Muse _fractured tales
Born Mar 2020
You sit down and grumble
Sulking about the world
With all its treachery
You should be spared

It's ludicrous you thought
What's happening, shouldn't
a pearl so captivating
a marvel of what was

Now, a life smeared with stained roses
Voyaging in an intricate uncharted territory
peeking, searching  for that speck of what isn't
But once upon, it was
Jan 2020 · 96
Born Jan 2020
This emotional gabbage you people keep posting is draining me of all senses, am not complaining its your life. But seriously, silence is Gold. Life is simple, If they want you in their life they will be in your life.

Blaming everyone and seeking sympathy from God is as sad as your life can be, don't get me wrong, worship and seek guidance and clarity.
Align yourself with people who give a ****, we are all ****** up, trying to live while dragging our coffins with us. Yes! Death is real and we are all mortals,let that sink in.

Most importantly switch off your phone for once and connect with real people, not virtual reality. Am just a megabyte and  you are a kilobyte away, and not everyone cares, such is life

Signed without notoriety
Jan 2020 · 88
Born Jan 2020
The truth is I didnt know
that the reality am slipping into
would hold me hostage
to an extent that I would  hate the truth
And it was all I had left
Jan 2020 · 85
We tried
Born Jan 2020
Am a human, left alone to drown
stuck here, and all I remember is that you don't care
It's crazy how I remember you, like a fine nightmare
Like a story stitched, while hopelessly being held onto

Am a poem, scattered, but still breathing,
dying to be remembered while still living
Living in this drudgery times
Where reasons and lunacy seem
to hold the foundation of a desperate fate

Am a poet, drained and maligned
beaten and my hands broken
they said, go hang yourself
and the malice freely poured,
and a broken soul caved into,
the mighty brute
and I promise
Promised never to paint their existence
and with every stroke they were forgotten

Reduced to nothing but a speck
we tried
With every syllable
we tried
With every hand  written poem, slowly drifting to oblivion
We tried
Jan 2020 · 92
Born Jan 2020
Struggles that know no bound
Gave this soul a peek
at a daring reality
a vitriolic beauty
sometimes forgotten
by many
Dec 2019 · 261
Do I truly "loved" you
Born Dec 2019
And am forced to make sense of everything
People cling to emotional stuff
And shove love down our throats

I care she said
That's why my tears never dry whenever you are far from here

That's why I die a little
Cause my brother felt sadnes
And my sister stumbled
And suddenly family is everything

But you have to wonder
What happens to family
If greed takes over

And the love for possessions
Takes away the love
And its value increases
And suddenly you care
And you care so much about the earth
And the wealth that blinds
Most if not all

But you don't care about them
Or love
And suddenly they
Ain't everything
But MONEY is everything
you thought
Dec 2019 · 140
. +.
Born Dec 2019
Perhaps maybe I should have asked
what is loyalty
If not some sort of conformity
that we mostly  seek in return

And you wonder
Why do I agree with you
if its not to fuel
Some sort of
Social agenda
that is either
Useless or filled with

The ones that have condemned us
To always believe
And follow
Like a sheep to a slaughter house

Cloaking ourselves
On what should be known as
Fundermental of stupidity
Nov 2019 · 153
because time flies
Born Nov 2019
When it dawns on you that
The planet will still rotate around its axis
With or without your existence

And suddenly
You cant hold on to whatever *******
You’ve been keeping inside
Nov 2019 · 176
she said
Born Nov 2019
tell me how it feels to be an introvert
with all emotions tucked tight
no one to access them

tell me how to sing a song
that slowly tears your soul apart
but you still cover it with hope

yesterday i saw pain in your eyes
and your smile
suddenly changed into sadness  

tell me why you chose to drown
instead of letting my hand hold yours
Oct 2019 · 723
Blue V
Born Oct 2019
For some of our most important beliefs
we have no evidence at all, except people that we love and trust hold these beliefs.
Oct 2019 · 202
Born Oct 2019
She lost the sparkle
cause she remained,
Engraved in pain
Oct 2019 · 165
Born Oct 2019
This soul seems damaged to no amend
Oct 2019 · 426
being human
Born Oct 2019
I hate being caught in the crossroads of thinking, wanting and believing
Sep 2019 · 200
Born Sep 2019
words written for the times we've had
Sep 2019 · 222
Born Sep 2019
it is the most effective condition
Sep 2019 · 238
Born Sep 2019
and it failed
resuscitated to no avail
Sep 2019 · 208
Born Sep 2019
it flew away,
nothing to hold it back,
never to return
Sep 2019 · 144
write me ....
Born Sep 2019
Perhaps maybe an interactive piece
Pages upon ages
Of what seemed to be a decision.

Decision, a thought that made it out
Of the cages created to keep
The illusion flowing

A decision was made
Overwhelmingly without considering
the consequences but rather
the satisfactions that came with it

on this highway of life
that decision never left you
slowly wrecking your soul
and in tears you held and hoped for more

was that decision a morphine or an addiction
is it a hopeless will that haunts
is it a rope on your neck
slowly taking your days away

so you sit and wonder
if the decisions you’ve made
are made for you
or your subconsciously following a pattern
a laid foundation
a culture that was created to control, without you knowing
Born Sep 2019
The way of the world is odd in extremes

And no one cares about your dreams
Sep 2019 · 359
And remember
Born Sep 2019
Old is grey
Sep 2019 · 297
Tomorrow is promised
Born Sep 2019
This is to us
The ones who've been broken
Shattered and felt like dying

Pour yourself a drink
Take a long sip
And know that you'll make it
Aug 2019 · 202
Born Aug 2019
With every curve on my well structured, magnificent being, am black
How could a momentary mirage of foreign glitter make me forget that am black?
Even the sun kisses my bronze beautiful skin because am black
With a pure heart and a serene soul, am black
Neither actions nor words can accentuate my color, am simply black.
Aug 2019 · 161
Born Aug 2019
I belive that I'm alive
Even if am dead
Aug 2019 · 209
Born Aug 2019
With all the sins I carry with me
Perhaps maybe am a Saint
Aug 2019 · 174
Is this a poem
Born Aug 2019
Thinking, thinking within the parables of nonsense
Things I do to validate stupidity
Whatever the actual reason for not reasoning
Is the reason we don't reason
Even when the facts are subtle

So what happens if we lost it,
or slowly loose our minds
Would any sane person help
or we'll pin our hopes on a soothing tune

An orchestra
A choir
Maybe a performance by an opera
to show or elavate our insanity

Echoes of eternal silence
but your still breathing
because we Drown in silence
Aug 2019 · 117
Yes I lied
Born Aug 2019
Yes I lied
I know am a plagarised soul
don't lose yours trying to find mine
and yes, yes yes yes I lied

Ive never written a poem about you
Without thinking about
the delicate
Beautiful texture of those rosy lips

Yes I lied
Sometimes I lay here
thinking about it all
What and whatever we could have been

Yes I lied
Your words were like gasoline
and you poured them on me
like there's no tomorrow

Yes I lied
I loved you and forgot about me
I chased you and forgot to see what's wrong
I desired us and forgot to crawl for my sake

Yes I lied
There's no fire
without smoke
and ive been burned
cause I forgot the I.
There's only i
I in we
Aug 2019 · 573
Born Aug 2019
She said
corrupt my poem and give it rhythm
A tune,
A glorious sound from  a flute

a dimming hope for the poor
for the voiceless nation
condemned into filth

She said corrupt my poem and give it bills
For the years I've  spent learning
how to collect debt
from school to jobs
that I've never had
a Mistake or maybe a choice
I don't know

Corrupt my poem for the useless knowledge
that I've gained
for the money that I'll forever chase
Aug 2019 · 161
Born Aug 2019
She sluggishly crawled towards the door
Pushed it, and hopelessly sat on the chair
With a tired look
Faintly she mumbled

Never trust a poet
Behind the creative
carefully crafted words
Lies a woven poison
hard to detect
Clocked on love
and metaphoric words

A dreaded art
used against your heart
alas, this, a true story
not voices inside thy head
Jun 2019 · 258
Blue IV
Born Jun 2019
I've heard stories
Lived some stories
And hated most stories

The regrets of being human
Follows me like a shadow

I've felt everything
now I feel empty

Tired of being
Tied to my own thoughts

I slowly try to crawl away
But to where
to whom
to why
Jun 2019 · 486
. . .
Born Jun 2019
Sometimes my thoughts exhaust me
Thinking, can be Crippling
Alwys analyzing different veriation of a possible outcome

Trying to figure out logic
In words spoken
Words thought

Trying to understand
The meaning of reason
Behind a speck
of an idea
Or sometimes a wish not processed

All this in the name of sanity
While deciphering the insanity
In the sanity we enjoy

Sometimes I feel like a memory
Of a person
like I have been lived before
Broken before
Devoured and scattered
In all corners of the Earth
Like am a voyager with a broken compass

Sometimes I feel like am too small
the world is too big
and I, an insignificant being
no relevance to anything that matter

Sometimes I feel like
I should go out and scream
Let go of this attachment called being  human
Cry a little
And die a little
Embrace pain and love
Embrace death and hope
Embrace belief and hate
Embrace nothing and something
Mar 2019 · 278
This poem VI
Born Mar 2019
Poet aka lower low

Ugh! Here he comes
I should have known that a poem like you
Would wild so much speculations
Drawing big crowds and
Enticing them to decipher your rhetorics

Now I remember
You said it was for "philosophical thinkers"
Such a big word for a mere poem like you
Who for some reason
likes to rule out its readers as nothing but insolent idiots

I thought you traded complexity for gratification
Isn't that your end game afteral
Cause comprehensive analysis of your ideology
Wouldn't delve out any logical meaning
Or let's go a step further and call it a doctrine
A cup of tea for your ego


Listen you muggot , idiot
or whatever you self identify yourself as
I've never felt the need to dumb down my
Unfathomable intelligence to your
Lower low level
but the universe wouldn't have it any other way

I can see the poverty of your lexicon
written  to please your fellow peasants
Look at me, am the multiplicity of a thousand  beings
a thirst that can never be quenched

How dare you grace yourself
With your redundancy
Your quite naive lower low

Here is an imagery for you

I'm smoking Mayan sicars
Most expensive cigars you've never heard of
Cause your too busy being a mediocre

Just for clarification
I wouldn't want to be stopped to your level
People would start talking
Creating assumptions and damaging my reputation
Imagine a poem like me being written by a poet like you
Jeez! I'd rather die
A conversation between a poet and a poem
Feb 2019 · 384
Born Feb 2019
Time is life
Don't waste yours
Dec 2018 · 993
Blue III
Born Dec 2018
I've been contemplating about this life
Humanity and suffering
What we do
Why we do what we do
The rarest occasions that offer us peace
The happiness
The harmony
What gets us by
What breaks us

We live on a scope of dictated reality
Your life lightly making sense
Or does it
The struggles of getting by yourself
Pulling pushing and clinging
But clinging to what
Believing in what

What is happiness
Is happiness a matter of choice
Does that mean that we
Chose a scorching brutal life
In place of happiness
Was suffering forced on us

Beauty pageant
Whatever names we deem fit
Or intricately constructed
to award our highly dopamined life
Lies that  cushion us
A spongy dream that never ceased to amaze me
Or us

There's only an us if your willing to think
shun the ignorance
that strungles you
If that's even a probability
But i cannot blame us
On a reality that is shoved on us
A choice never made
But imposed
Dec 2018 · 1.0k
Born Dec 2018
Today I've realized the weight of the word someday
It's empty
It has no hope
It's painful

It's the worse kind of torture
For an innocent soul.
It's not today
Or the next day
It's someday
Dec 2018 · 251
Filtered corpse
Born Dec 2018
I should have written this down long time ago
When it all made sense
When I cared enough
When there were no strings

Some memories
Nostalgic as they may be
don't deserve to exist
to be told or related to
to be listened

Words stuck on my throat and all I can say is nothing
scar embedded on on my heart and all I can say is nothing
love ****** me so bad and all I can say is nothing
Life turned upside down and all I can say is nothing
Stuck on a loop of despair and all I can say is nothing
Sep 2018 · 431
She said
Born Sep 2018
Love is just a bad poetry that nobody wants to read
but everyone wants to write about it
Sep 2018 · 2.1k
Born Sep 2018
Walking by the railway trucks
Thinking to myself
Is it right to believe in right and wrong?
Is this where I belong?

The atmosphere is a bit nostalgic today
I surrender praise and worship song plays
Everything else just levels to the latitude

A moment to be savored

But my reality fought for its existence
As if it was being forgotten
The wind blows
and it all dawns
that the thorn still grows

Felt like a pinch into reality
a discarded memory crawling into my brain
these are the days that made me
Or sometimes broke me
Aug 2018 · 532
Like I care
Born Aug 2018
So what
If you had your heart punched out
I know
It may have been too drastic
But still, call it love for a change
Aug 2018 · 1.0k
L i n d a
Born Aug 2018
Ring ring
Hello, Linda

Hello cate, you've hit my attention
I hope you got love and *****
Some pills for the oozing heart
Some illusion for the nostalgic memories

"Linda was diagnosed with broken heart syndrome
She rarely breathed
her heart was dragging her through most days
it was giving up
She  couldn't feel it at times"

Noo, today I've got cards
Maybe we can play tricks on your heart
Remind it how it feels to be alive  

What would you tell Linda

Write a poem

Jul 2018 · 772
Born Jul 2018
The elite English language
Written or spoken
Sometimes imagined or painted
Cannot fully explain the depth
of a broken heart
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
Born III
Born Jul 2018
Its been awhile since I went to the mosque
Clerics say
The fact that you feel guilty,means your faith is still around

So ive been sitting around feeling all guilty
But havent done nothing much about it

But today a friend or mine changed me
With a few spoken words
He said
“I have to pray, I feel that good things are coming my way and I should at least thank God  
I want to leave these darkness that I've sorrounded my self with”

These got me thinking
Whatever is happening is what I want to happen
Ive ignored my connection with God and settled on distractions
I've invested heavily on regret

Its about time I change
So am writing this down as a reminder to myself
That i've left the old me behind
And the new me is Born

By  the way ,my friend is a christian
And I'm a muslim.
So am urging everyone to draw wisdom from wherever you can
Instead of judging each other based on
Political affiliations or
Born, is a series exclusively about me and what am going through at the moment and my thoughts about it.this poem is a process, it's a three year journey finally taking shape.
I hope It inspires you
Jul 2018 · 339
Born Jul 2018
Choices regarding life
leaves us scavenging for existence
a carrion limping towards tomorrow
To-morrow, morrow whatever it holds
Whatever it begets

Today crept in
Sagaciously took you over
though a blessing
felt more  like a curse

At the pinnacle of your ignorance
you made choices
the ones with traces of uncertainty
shadowing your day
or is it nadir of life
finally taking shape

Sometimes oblique
Sometimes a painful reality
forcing us into uncertainty
and confusion
So we decide
what will be taken from us  
or benefit us
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