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 Feb 2019 Jake
isnt it strange how many lives we enter
then leave, just to pretend it never happened.
i miss so many people in different ways,
and i miss who i was with them
how different and how much growing i didnt know was coming.
isnt it cool to see the timeline
it scares me, too
i thought letting go would be a release
i thought people lived, learned, then moved on in a way that allowed them to not miss their old lives
because the new ones are better, older, more mature
but what if growing up is just collecting dusty memories
i guess it is all about remembering the good things
i just dont know who i am - only what i've been
 Nov 2017 Jake
 Nov 2017 Jake
i don't even remember you, but when i was 17, i thought i'd remember you forever
thought i might know you forever
remember being that young
and having that naive buzz of finding out a boy thought you were cool too?
i don't believe in forever anymore
but it doesn't matter,
no one has that long
 May 2016 Jake
SG Holter
It's almost June.
Still got a fire going.

I don't see myself as one of those
Scandinavian poets who write

Almost only about the weather
Without reason.

The weather is a woman.
As angry as she is breathtaking

Around here.
Turned on and scared,

We brace for impact before
Every forecast.

Will there be a summer at
All, or dull, lightless skies of

Unblue until the rain comes
Down solid again?

I dip my pen in warm memories.
Sad that they are mostly

From abroad, I surrender the idea
Of truth in poetry.

Well, we drink around fires.
Cling to the military standard long

Underwear we stole when we were

See too much as potential

We notice that the sun never
Really sets these months,

But there's room for cold in
The light.

We pray for summer. Hoping
This year it falls

On a
 Apr 2016 Jake
A B Perales
From the heavens
come the

Where from
does the
waters come?
 Apr 2016 Jake
 Apr 2016 Jake
My dreams are full
Of open windows
Fluttering curtains
And a cool, peaceful night sky
the best place for an end
 Apr 2016 Jake
Joshua Haines
Money melting in a spoon,
let's shoot it into our veins.
Flashing Kardashian lights,
streaming into our brains.
Donald Trump! He's our man!
Mark Muslims is the plan!

Pile. It. The. ****. High.
When you walk or
When you talk,
let the words squeak out
like they're between
Your thighs.

Thighs. American thighs,
Dreaming next to our Calvins.
Our slacktivism, our regurgitated ideas
spitballing out of our McDonald's mouths
into our peers' ears, distilled by years
And years of "almost-knowledge"
that we quasi-ascertained,
if we knew what that meant --
but we've been left behind!
No child left the **** behind!
We were left behind and there's no
possible way we slacked off, that we're dumb,
that we aren't the movie stars destined for
Lamborghini cars, five-star bars, designer bodies
for designer you and designer me:
the most special of the unique, the
Pearls that have been made in the
darkest parts of the sea, the darkest parts of
origin. Origin. ******. ****.
American ****: virginal ideals sliding around
the muck of a marketable ****, fuckfest,
******* of the American mind, the
congratulations of the American ego,
the proud mother and father tears associated with
buying and lying, "trying" and frying our food,
our ideas, our friends, our neo-impressionistic
children in Jordans, skinny jeans, on tumblr:
the unknowing cousin of Fox News, surprised
by its own wit and wisdom: they're ******* twins.
Carbon copies, unknowing, unwilling, un-un-un.

The romanticism of mental illness.
The close-up of reality-tv emotion.
The manipulation taught to servers
from managers.
The manipulation taught to customers
from society.

All we care about is ****, image, and ***.
Self-preservation: **** Donald Trump
and *******.
 Apr 2016 Jake
Joshua Haines
Maternal French kisses
Mental illness defines her
Pretend to forget
 Apr 2016 Jake
i had a theme but lost it,
wish i was lyrically inclined
wish i had more and more time
even though these days i mostly waste it.

but idk whats wasting time, exactly
 Apr 2016 Jake
 Apr 2016 Jake
I crave for your lips on mine
I crave our bodies together as one
I crave our soul intimate with each other
I miss your touch
The way you take control
I want to feel your body burning with my touch
Because you start this fire inside of me
And it's flame only corresponds with yours
I can't help myself with these feelings and desires
I want the world to know about how our love could burn an entire forest
And at the same time grow trees out of it
Because together we grow each day
As your lips start from my mouth then slowly to my body
You tell me to relax
With that said my body hastily responds to it
Then you whisper to my ears
"Good girl"
Oh God, those two words together makes my heart melt
Me only being good to you and me being your girl
Is the best power duo out there
The words "good girl"
Seems to be a paradox don't you think?
Because at the same time what we're doing
Your hands on my thighs
Trust me I'm only bad for you
Once again his mouth on mine
I swear it taste like safety and security
And when he grips
It is painful yet so satisfying
He tells me
"I could bury my face into the nape of your neck and call it home"
Teachers, school presentations, my parents
Warned me about drugs and alcohol
But not a boy who could make me scream until my lungs runs out of air
I never knew what love bites were
Until he imprinted his on me to mark his territory
He said he's never been into exploring
Until he started his exploring my body with his
Together we could make our own country called love
Capital city intimate
And Valentines Day is everyday
A city filled with love bites and hickeys
But only where we can see
I've never truly met a gentleman
Not until he showed me how gentle he can really be
With the way he caress my body
If I could describe his entire existence in one word
It would be home
After a night filled with adventure
We lock eyes
A connection and bond so deep
I know that I'd be spending my next 60 years with him
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