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Aryeh Oct 2019
Yes to everything
Yes to nothing
Yes to half
Yes to more than I expected
Yes to a burp
Yes to a laugh
Yes to sinkholes of fear
Yes to mountains of shame
Yes to stars made of fury
Yes to constellations of pain
Yes to a few hours of breathing
Yes to one to a thousand sighs
Yes to whatever waits for me
Behind the curtains of my eyes
Aryeh May 2019
Space-time is full of holes,
and that is why we're friends
I've got holes too,
fiery red one-way portals to infinity
Ripped through the fabric of reality
by the sheer weight of this thing itself

Space-time is full of holes
No longer stars, they hurl themselves
Across the body of the cosmos
Eating matter so fast
It burns red as it crosses
Into the event horizon

This particular bundle of star stuff
Has a black hole in its chest
Memories burn red
As they pass into the event horizon
Backward through isness
On a one way ride to infinity

Einstein balked
when he conceived of such malevolence
At first, he tried to deny it
And for this, I cannot blame him
I have done the very same
A hole in reality is no easy thing
Aryeh May 2019
This is for the seekers
The ones who meet
In the Great Big Nothingness
That has replaced our heads
I love you with understanding
And that is my favorite kind

This is for the ones
Who smoke and drink with gusto
After months in the cave
Who laugh as long as they cry
And do both so much of both
It all mixes together

For those who derive meaning
From the fact that there is none
Who set fire to their home
Just to see the moon
I love you with understanding
And that is my favorite kind

Let play a game
You plunge the sharpest parts
of your brain
Directly into mine
And I'll do the same
For you

Next, let's swap hearts
our darkest parts
We’ll tremble and sway
Groan but won't pray
Just hold space
Just stay

It feels the same when I'm alone
And when you are watching
It's more exciting than God
That's it, that I, the shine behind your eyes
I love you with understanding,
and that's my favorite kind
Aryeh Mar 2019
Dear guru
I see you
Pouring sugar on their wounds
I get it
But don't equate silence with salt
I'd believe you more often
If you'd admit you don't know

We may know who and what we are
But not why, and not how
We still do not know
What the **** is going on

I heard a story once
About an infinite love
That created a hole
just to fill it

I think that is a silly story
Beautiful, yes,
but not enough to be true
It scratches the itch,
but does not cure it

If we're ever going to meet the mystery
I suspect well need to learn
How to say goodbye forever
And how to sit with questions
for just as long
Aryeh Dec 2018
I met god, and she is a mushroom
She played the piano in my chest
Her giant Hammers hit my heartstrings
And never once did she let me rest

She played her frantic, tragic, magic, song
until I told her I was ready to die
I saw fireworks as she finished playing
I saw my shadow and started to cry

I curled up like I was before all this started
That's when she hit me with the love
I died that day and I didn't mind
Because It's done more than enough

I met god, and she is a mushroom
Or maybe it's just me that I met
Does that mean that I’m god
but I'm so terribly flawed
Well that is the best joke yet
Based on a true story
Aryeh Sep 2018
For now
my tears drop only
when the inside of my face
fills with a holy perspiration
that collects with a musical tension
right until the ******
when the drops become too heavy
to cling to the ceiling
of my mind's eye
they fall into the grass
that wiggles my toes
and that's all I can handle
For now
Aryeh Aug 2018
Pain came to mind
But not to heart
In my chest was only
The small still voice
Of unconditional Love.

I cannot believe they convinced me
That Awareness gets jealous
I cannot believe they convinced me
That God was someone else.

For the first time I worry
That I may have hurt my enemies
And I am surprised to learn
That I have forgiven them.

In the mirror
I see only that which sees
I like what I see
And so does he
So we set up chairs
Cross our legs
And behold in each other
That in which we abide
Within ourselves.
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