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I talk to the moon
And tell it all the things that I can't say to him...
He always used to call me his sun
 Dec 2020 Anais
Mansoor Albalushi
Weymouth, Weymouth I'm coming soon
To kiss the sky and hug the moon
Weymouth, Weymouth I am okay
I crossed the oceans to be in the UK
Weymouth, Weymouth, I love you more
When I touch the grass  in higher-moor
Weymouth, Weymouth I am here
To meet my happiness
And fight my fear!!
Weymouth, Weymouth you are my vaccine
Beautiful like you I've never seen.
Weymouth, Weymouth I'm coming soon
To kiss the sky and hug the moon.
 Aug 2020 Anais
Carlo C Gomez
Maybe Dracula

was a phlebotomist.

In which case,

he was only doing his job,

and pretty well, at that!
 Aug 2020 Anais
Carlo C Gomez
technological mother
wi-fi our blood vessels
to your eternal link
make us passionate machines
symbiotic connections
programming a love
continuously on update
in lieu of heartbreak
in lieu of heartbreak
in lieu of heartbreak
in lieu of...
 Aug 2020 Anais
Chris Saitta
These clouds of Italy are grown on vines,
Infidels of skies, fruit bearers of wine-veined
Marble, fertile in spite of its own lifeless tableau,
Here thrives the succulent garden of the alone,
Where turns aside the burnt nape of the plowman,
Voyager of the cool midnight seas of the mind,
Up to this arable vine of sighs from outworn gods,
And hears his heart once more give up its throne.
 Aug 2020 Anais
Imran Islam
Look up to the blue sky
with some tears for me,
and find the happiness
O Mom, look up for me!

Mama, if you feel hurt
Forget all the pride
Forgive me as your son
for breaking your heart!

It's the truth of my youth
to stay on the right path
I will overcome the fear
with confidence, O Mom!

May all your prayers
be granted by the Lord
Wipe away all of your tears
Just smile, smile for me, Mom!
 Jul 2020 Anais
Imran Islam
Today, in this heavy monsoon rain
I've walked with you in the green grove,
In solitude,
I couldn't restrain my gaze
from your walking in the rain.

The monsoon rain has touched
upon your beautiful face
How do I tie my drunk mind
after looking into your rainy eyes
I've lost myself in monsoon floods.

Your clothes have soaked
and eye polish has washed
In these heavy monsoon rains
You're walking along a long path
What's wrong if I follow your steps!

Stop monsoon rain, please!
My darling has wet through
and she's melting with shyness
Maybe there's still a long way to go
and my happiness is to win her heart!
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