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I come here to become undone
My words like fingers pulling at loose threads
Until its all out there, in ribbons and shambles
A relatably undiscernible mess.
As I find myself in pieces
I fail to see
How I amount to anything.
Short but never sweet
I've tried all kinds of ****
Lord knows I'm an addict
But nothing quite hits
Like you
But no one talks about those that drop her class
Because its much too difficult
Until it's far too late
Rest in peace Apollo Legend. You will be missed. 100%. Glitchless.
Your lips are like ***** on ice
I'll sip on your bitter disposition
For as long as you make me feel warm inside
Caterpillars evolve into butterflies
And my pen will soon stop writing your name
Life is hard but the one constant
is that nothing ever stays the same.
"Sometimes you have to be cold in order to be safe"
And that's just what I'll do
Cloaked in snow
Memories in tow
I'll forge this path anew
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