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The weight of my love
Is not your burden to carry
Just as you are not obligated
To be burned by my eternal passions flame
But I wish you would anyway </3
My lover is a day
No, its a cold winters night
Walking aimlessly through the city
With your warmth at my right

Its the way you reach for my hand
As you go on about your day
Pointing out the places that you've been
As we pass them on the way

My lover is a day
And a cozy train ride home
Your head resting upon my shoulder
As you play games on your phone

Its the breathlessness of our first kiss
And the way you called me your "Sun"
Its in the way you reflected my light
As the moon had always done

My lover is a day
But time quickly moves on
Now I find that my lover is
A memory that I had once...
We will never be satisfied
When we get what we want
Always longing for something
Just beyond our reach
Building bridges out of bloodshed
Just to get to the other side
Only to find that another
Lost, greedy soul
Made it here first

And now you want what they have too.
Now carry your heart
For its apart of our time
A mosaic of parts
Made from peices of mine
They tell us to be brighter than the darkness that surrounds us
But what of the ever encroaching darkness that lies just within?
Depression is the gateway drug

Because I'll try anything
Absolutely anything
To make this feeling stop
When we die before a star, do you think they too make a wish?

Are we lights that can be seen in the vast darkness that is our galaxy?
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