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The old  clock doesn’t work!!
I missed its sound !!
Tic tock tic tock
Time is running ,it’s not a joke ...!

Slowdown please ....why are you so  quick?!

Tic tock, Tic tock
Stop this sound , it gives me a shock !!

I woke up at 9 o’clock...
I glanced at my phone clock..
The screen was very dark ...
It seems anarchy !Sorrows !Miserable!!
That  very hot day in September when
my body was hot  ....
My eyes got wet!

I wasn’t able to see anything,
Just black and white like a dim light at a dark night..!

The lights  of the house, where have you been?

Tick Tock  tick Tock
That day has opened my destiny book ..!

My home was surrounded by cars , and
he has left by a big car,
The doors were opened !!!
My mother’s face was very sad..!

I fell down , I couldn’t stand
Empty handed ;hold my hand
The light of the house was concealed by sand ..
He passed away!!
He passed away!!!

It is a somber day ..A day without him.
And I still remember, that  Monday ;the  mid of September!!
I lost my mind and I lost my temper,
You know why it’s hard to forget and l keep remember..
Cause on that day I lost my friend and I lost my father..!
Beautiful moon, crowds, White dress

In that cold winter night, it’s raining..
oh it’s not , it’s tears of happiness..!

Music ,flowers and a little girl  in that cold moment she’s dancing with innocent smile,
Oh she is staring at me !!!

Can’t understand  what’s wrong with me ?? Why am I so shy tonight !!

My heartbeats are increasing; no control not at all , is it real ??   I’m thrilled!

And you?
Dear sweetheart,
You are the star of the night

Just look at me,you are my light ..!

I love you  more tonight ..!

Which ceremony can express our love
you’re  my immortal love..!!

Can’t remember the song ,
it makes me strong
I wasn’t  sober , I was drunk
Yes believe it or not ,
Your perfume , your fragrance, your beautiful eyes make me drunk..!

I remember every single moment, every action ..

I can’t forget my reaction!!!!!

When we decided to leave the hall, we took the wrong direction..
We thought we are at the main door , but we were at the kitchen ...!

You touched my hand , but I felt it in my heart , yah I believe in love, I believe in us !

Words disappeared that night
I forgot what I said , I forgot what did I mention..!

You are my everything , you are my remedy ,  you are my reflection !

I’ll write our love story.. I’ll add some fiction ,

for my other half , A white dress , fascinated smile , for the unforgettable night , and beyond that  your impressive black eyes .
The most fascinated thing in this nature is your smile..
It took me a way within a while..
It’s natural not artificial not fake ..
Unlike others when they looks ambiguous

Your smile is my inspiration...
This is  a fact it’s not exaggeration..

You are supporting Youth, sustaining the nation..
Unleash their minds with motivation..

I’m writing for you without any hesitation
With my own words , and with some imagination..

I learnt to smile when I see you  smile
In every step and every mile  

To see the green and enjoy the breeze

flying to sky with Sheikh  Abdulaziz ..
I grow up and everything was done!
I wake up and everything was gone!
If you ask me who I am ,
I remain a man with a dream!

I'm good and bad
Always happy, never sad
I used to play with the sand
I was very glad
At that time I didn't have IPad!! I grow up and everything was done!
I wake up and everything was gone!
If you ask me who am I?
I'm my father's man
I like to be in the sky,
Don't ask me why, sometimes I'm shy!
That's all goodbye!

If you ask me who I am ,
I am  a dreamy man
A dreamy man, I am...
I used to say , yes it’s ok , don’t worry, no problem,  i am so sorry ....
It’s my heart, it’s a fire in the ice
                   Is that nice ??
Explain it with mathematics and science..
It doesn’t work , but try that twice !!
                 Why am  I nice ?
Silently, listen to my story ..
I never said to someone No
I follow them wherever they go
In the rainy weather even in the-snow
        Why always yes , why not
                       No ??

Being too nice is a door to hurt your soul
allowing anyone to enter and attack you Without control.

This is  my advice , don’t be too nice
Because you’ll pay the price ,
And it won’t suffice
This is my advice...
Be nice , but don’t be too nice ...
It’s about very personal experience..
An old man and I know that , I have WhatsApp and  Snapchat  Yes I am wise and so nice .. Listen to my advice, You don’t need to pay the price.. Enjoy your life , don’t put your hand under the knife... Reading Encyclopedia , is better getting addicted to social media.. That’s my advice ,  Live and feel the moment enjoy your life... Don’t miss any quality time with your family and your wife .. Can’t you live without mobile phone  It’s in your hand from early morning till noon.. You’re only Showing off I have Samsung , I have I phone .. Wherever you go , you’re looking for Wifi, Under the ground even in the sky ... Do you know that ,one day u will cry And your eyes will get dry ... Nobody will say to you hi  Because you’re ignoring them by focusing on WiFi .. An old man and I know that  Honestly  getting tired of using Snapchat..                                    

Written by :Mansoor Albalushi

— The End —